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NEW PROJECT: Old School Goa Trance live videos

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New project playlist created: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkAqGLhQtsJ32najDKbzsmiqfNYNX6Se3

I would like this playlist to contain as much OLD GOA LIVE VIDEOS as there are available on YouTube.

It should be a LIVE VIDEO collection - not a "live set" collection ... there are many recordings of live sets out there, but for this I want videos, i.e. moving pictures - I want to see how the DJs looked like, what equipment was there, what people were there and what they wore. (This is not so much important right now, but in a few years down the line it'll be all the more interesting for everybody, I believe... ;) )

It's a bit tricky as to label what is old when it comes to live videos ... in my terms I'd be thinking pre-2000 but I find it seriously hard to dig up such old videos, that's why you find a System 7 one from 2009 in there for example ... and Son Kite from 2004 ... I was not sure whether to keep them in there, but at the moment it's so few videos that I leave them in ... and if you have stuff up to 2005 or even later, hell, just recommend it, I'd be thankful. I can separate lists if we get enough videos - but I'm not gonna do that if we are still under 30...

Maybe you know more stuff? Help me extend the playlist, post your suggestions here and I will include them and be thankful :)



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18 minutes ago, staffan said:

Maybe something like this?


Magnificent! Thanks a lot - all of these are going in ... except the last one - I love Triquetra, but I'll have to make a newschool list first ... probably going to be the next project B)

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