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  1. Check this out.. https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/77490-nervasystem-underground-culture-double-vinyl-album-crowd-funder/#comment-10028789
  2. Good luck with this Drezz..! 😉 I've opened a thread in Discogs, for non-psynews members.. https://www.discogs.com/group/thread/994718
  3. I was just expecting files ripped from DAT / masters, instead of vinyl rips. But considering that in this case we are talking about music composed almost 30 years ago, the rarity of the release and quality of the rip (it is very good, as I wrote above), I am REALLY HAPPY with this digital reissue..
  4. As for the KoxBox, it is indeed Vinyl rip.. A very good one, but still vinyl rip..
  5. Hi Airam, The track you are lookin' for is " 100th Monkey ~ Spiritus (Unreleased Mix) " from 1995-96. It was released in VA - Phoenix.
  6. Thankfully, it looks official ! https://www.facebook.com/rastaliens2020/posts/1666551270177209?__tn__=-R https://www.facebook.com/KoxboxMusic/posts/10158537137173077?__tn__=-R https://www.facebook.com/KoxboxMusic/posts/10158494695818077?__tn__=-R Me either.. I was afraid of fake lossless music, converted from MP3.. Pay attention to Frank's comments here: https://www.facebook.com/KoxboxMusic/posts/10158414362728077?__tn__=-R Live At Burning Man 1996 is FINALLY coming..
  7. Try https://xenomorph-official.bandcamp.com Support him if you like his music and if his more recent works ring a bell to you, you can gradually go deeper to his older cinematic - horror psychedelic stuff..
  8. Calm down, mate.. No bad feelings against you, nor any intention to question your experience or your impression.. I just expressed my personal opinion, which is a result of active involvement in the scene since the mid 90ies.. To me (and not just me, I can assure you..) Filteria and other musicians of the so called Neo-Goa style, just aren't Goa artists.. In general, NEO-GOA IS NOT GOA.. The real "Goa" thing, concerning parties, music composed, inspiration, came to its end around early 00s, 2003, let's say.. Since then, things changed radically.. Almost everything became over-commercialized, mainstream, targeting to the masses and therefore loosing its underground character.. I could write pages over pages about that, but I think that people who really experienced it at the right times and places, with the right music, at the right state of mind can totally understand what I mean.. To me, Neo-Goa is just a bad replica of the past.. Simple as that.. Once again, these are my personal thoughts.. No intention to blame, or turn against anybody.. Musical taste is matter of personal choice, but facts are facts...
  9. Comparing Xenomorph to Filteria sounds unfair and rather offensive, to my ears at least.. that's why, probably...
  10. Samples: https://suntriprecords.com/release/cat/SUNCD63 High quality music stuff by all the artists involved.. The old-school feeling is shining and vibrant..!! Xenomorph, AS ALWAYS shakes the universe once again... Indeed..! I hope to be included in high quality files, in the digital release..
  11. This is almost for sure.. Both guys are out of the scene for good, with no intention to get involved back again.. Big love to both of them, two GREAT musicians, TRUE artists, but kind, polite and humble personalities.. For anybody interested, in addition to DJ Sunborn's link above, I have gathered all info that can be shared publicly, with some more details (and some to be probably added) in their Discogs Profile page.
  12. Really, did YOU find them...?? You could at least mention just "tracks have been IDied" , if not who identified them, instead of you.. Actually, I don't give a shit, mate, but it is just a matter of acknowledgement and justice for those who bother to answer to your requests..
  13. Hi there..! The track you are looking for must be "Reload" from Deedrah. It was a monster hit worldwide during the 00s, in its original version and the one remixed by GMS. Both were played A LOT back then.. Nice times.. https://soundcloud.com/syntheticdado/01-reload https://soundcloud.com/maor-cohennn/reload-gms-remix
  14. 2 albums, Civilization And Transcendance & Sine Qua Non, plus some unreleased remixes / different mixes of previously released tracks available for free / "name your price" download at the project's Bandcamp page: https://yudhisthira.bandcamp.com. (Their 3rd album, unRevealed, available also for free here: https://forestdelic.bandcamp.com/album/unrevealed). Top notch music stuff..
  15. One more for the list: It was available for download in WAV. Not bad at all..! Concerning the best Remix, the "Original" and the "2000" are the ones for me, but I find it almost impossible to pick one.. "Playa" and "Wizzy Noise" remixes are also brilliant and essential.!
  16. I have been trying to find a way to obtain this release for years know, but no success.. Any chance of making it available via Bandcamp for instance..? Unless you have in mind a better way of supporting the artists, the labels, the scene.. In order to support an effort, someone has to be given the chance to do so..
  17. Available as a free download in WAV format..! Organic forest psychedelic vibe at its best..
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fgx6-dImCDk Probably you mean this.. BTW what a track...!!
  19. More than happy about it..!! The Mind Rewind concept is not only a matter of releasing GoaTrance music, but contributing in making our little brothers & sisters' life a bit better as well.. and this really makes me much happier than any music stuff.. Merry Christmas to all.. health & prosperity..!
  20. Actually DNA doesn't mean "Dino N Avi".. Have a look here about the project: https://www.discogs.com/artist/167569-DNA-Productions-2 (Info given by Avi himself). AMAZING album, btw...!
  21. https://soundcloud.com/cybered/the-delta-thing-cybered-remix Excellent rework of an amazing classic..!! Catch it ASAP..!!!
  22. What about this..?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Szyh59iT2rg Amazing track BTW..
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