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Upcomming, Preorder or Available Goa, Psytrance, Psybient Vinyl Releases

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17 hours ago, Dolmot said:

The planned 1500 copy batch of the "super deluxe" edition was apparently a result of observing that the 2500 copies of Nothing Lasts didn't sell that fast.

The biggest problem with Nothing Last was that the album resulted in huge production costs and Twisted had to spend a big amount of money before they ever sold any item of it. For that reason, the profit margin is very low with the result that the majority had to be sold before all the invested money has been covered. It will surely be sold out one day and only a few ones are still available but for Twisted Records this was like if they had to give a long-term credit before there was any profit.

Under normal circumstances if someone offers an ordinary vinyl release, the production costs are covered if half of the edition is sold and acceptable if all the others are sold over months or years but with a small profit margin like on Nothing Lasts, the case is different.

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12 hours ago, technosomy said:

pitch black - Electronomicon
just received mine and quality is amazing, if you havn't heard this make sure you do
beside a single, this is the first time they have ever pressed any of their albums, and this is def their best
will never be repressed again so get it before it's gone


Great album but sadly the shipping to the USA costs more than the record itself.

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added the new EP from Mad Tribe to the list as mentioned by @Evinrude

Mad Tribe - Extremists / Alien Sex Slave

Limited to 300 copies Picture Disc



and also adding info from @Anoebis  that Suntrip is planning to release the legendary album

Khetzal - Corolle on 2xLP around march 2021

and also further vinyl releases are planned on Suntrip. great news!

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