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Psynews Youtube channel - it is now live!


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Hello world

our Psynews Youtube Channel has just seen the light of day B)

At this moment, our first video was uploaded - which is the first part of a founders interview of Children himself - one of the people who founded the site!

Please find it here:


I hope you enjoy it. It marks one more steps in this 20th birthday jubilee year of 2020 and I personally hope that we will bing much more content your way this year - and also maybe better edited one as my video edit skills get better aswell ^_^

The next steps are:

  • a new forum will be created here (visible for members and above only) to discuss our Youtube channel and for you to give feedback and suggest content
  • the second part of the interview with Children will be composed by me to be released in the not-so-far-away future

We would appreciate if you support us on YouTube by subscribing to our channel, commenting - hopefully in the same police and positive way most people post it on the forums here - and yeah, also by dropping a like if you enjoy it :) 



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Thank you all for noticing, subscribing and watching the video!

I appreciate your comments and it is a cool motivator to keep on ... also lots of thanks to Children and Mars for doing this (those 2 are confirmed I can say).

The second part of Children's interview is online now:

I will start doing more in the next "weeks" ... I will try to work on videos every week, but I won't promise that I finish a part every week ;) 

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Haha, the 2 x CD History Of Trance Part3 was also my 1st (Original) psy/goa release I bought... I had heard before stuff from party goers which I knew back then, I got tapes from them with Prana, E.Universe, Juno Reactor etc. 

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