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recursion loop    493
41 minutes ago, astralprojection said:

Psychedelic Superbeast, is that you? 

No, that's another dude who was banned at psymusic.ru and now he is polluting Psynews :)

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semyon    42

fuck you rasist forum i never log in here again






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Padmapani    405
2 hours ago, astralprojection said:

ah its the new Nhjo

not enough singing and limiting. also nhjo at least made the perfect tracks for the season. may i remind you of this masterpiece:


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Grayling    11
14 hours ago, semyon said:

listen the full story it just strange that people still asking who i am and dont know my music part of story i not share but in 2017 my music start grow and be better fate was did like this that i meet strucutral mind engine on facebook it was has his own label pentatrax and ask me if i has track for it compilation than it was period a change name from blusm tusm to lsdance and  i made funky album "tasty soup" i send to pentatrax i was think it big lable i saw music of SME it was nice not so bad and it has 1k followers it tald me i will release you music.and it was release after i saw some artist Gatimo like my page i wrote it thanks for like my page i ask did you listened my album it tald me send me bro i send my best track welcome to futre with scartched lead and it tald me if you like i can help you get some weed


and i go meet it in real life we sit in his house smoke some joint talk about sound and i little learned new things that is if you put delay or reverb to insert in cubase sound become to stereo


it promsied me teach me proffesional sound for free but after it stop reply on facebook and on phhone it was banned me no reason i call it but tald me do not call me anymore

after it disapear from internet


and after SME cuted that i allways was want talk with it and tald me i bothering him and he cannot and delete my music from beatport and it not on pentatrax anymore


orgignal still share torrent with cover he did https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5481181


and here compilatioon https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5488464


so no one become relay my fan and no one really help and support me to put me play on party


in 2019 i release re-release on sendustya records from russia the album beatport now donw cant put the link


also i was in period of 2012-2015 visit suomisaundi paries


of LAU LAU i was dance on acid  of lemon slide, pavel svimba, diggression traviato, master minded, mantis mash, otka, texas faggot, igor sawp, salakavala, ten g,


and many more this all i listen on acid


but when my music was obtained i send it to owner of LAU LAU but even was not listened


after i promise not come to his party anymore because he dotn want listen my music


i inspired by all party to create my tracks


and in suomi saundi group some dudes real crazy on facebook two times take my  personal photos and put it as cover image of his albums with abusive titels


also more befor in pperido 2009-2012


i visit ayawaska party atomic pulse x noise, crazy bell, sandman, ace venture, capitan huke, basic


and many more and before i visit my first party was 5 days festival in desert holy rave


 but ayawaska to dont want listen my music and help me put on party

it banned me again and again


so how i should feel


i release music on label i saw his artis crockoloko has 132k plays



but it not help me play on party owner of label reply to me once in 4 or 5 month and disapear again


this all looks as sabotage to me


and this not all story also that crazy psy -music . ru delet my music



Dude, use some punctuation so this makes at least a little bit of sense. 

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relax bro. 

let your music just speak for itself. it has great potential :) 

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Tsotsi    129
30 minutes ago, semyon said:

i was real listener what is listened millions of hours of psytrance everyday almost 12 hours in day this just not fixed on spotify becuase than was no spotify

But I listen to just as much as you amigo. Now I have Spotify, so even artists I wouldn't normally purchase I still get to listen to. Once twice, whatever. 


Also you should play in party. How else do you justify your listening habits. Go spread good psy to the world. Do us all a favour. 

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On 12/20/2019 at 1:21 PM, semyon said:

hello i am semyon i am born in 1988 in omsk russia and in 2001 in age of 12 moved to israel with my parents and discover psytrance also i try smoke weed and all this influence to me create my own music in 2007 i buy my first computer and start try myself in cubase 3 but nothink came out because i was dont know even what is scale i start visit some parties and eat LSD there and all was good in 2015 first tracks is obtained not so good tracks but after i start made new track and after new and grow every new track now in 2019 motordelic project created and released on russian label sendustya records of uplifting trance artist sendust and on isralien big label monokol records but you know? people become to envy everybody hate me and my music no one like me put to play on party i talk about behavior in internet i dont see future to me and my music i still making music anyway because music making is my drug but one moment i stop listen music of other and stop listen my favorites i listen only my music because i sicked by bad behavior of psy artist just listen my track and music tell you all things and bigest thing i stop visit parties as listener and dancer after all shit psy dudes did to me i see it like come to party is descend..


Nice to see another crazy Russian here on Psynews! i can somehow understand you...no one likes me too xD

You have the talent to create crispy sound, like your stuff!

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