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The Call Of Goa Vol.3 (TIM2CD073)

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01. Nova Fractal  & Median Project-Gravitational Field
02. Omneon - Deep Space
03. Median Project - Unearthly Winds
04. Consept Lightwork - Between Dimensions
05. InnerSelf - A New Breed Of Reality
06. JaraLuca - Yin and Yang
07. Siam & Ion Vader & Cactus Arising - 1000 Waves (Master)
08. Event Horizon - Shiganshigana
09. Sykespico - Disparsion
10. Persia Vibe - No Limit in Galaxy


01. Zopmanika & Innerself - The Origin Of The Universe
02. Consept Lightwork - Constant Channeling
03. Clementz - A Dream About Saturn
04. Omnivox - Stellar Collapse
05. Clementz - Pernille
06. Atlantis & Median Project - Supernova
07. Sky Technology - A Ray Of Light
08. Hypnoxock - The Choice I Yours
09. GoaD - Planet Overdrive
10. The Maniac - Uploaded Astronaut


Timewarp Records is channeling the spirits of future past to present volume 3 of the incredible musical story 'The Call Of Goa', this chapter is titled 'Horizons' devoutly compiled by label boss Nova Fractal with full support from label DJ Lurfilur. Once more the sacred tones ring forth, the annual ritual will soon begin! The High Priest has been selected who has shown exceptionally dedicated results and will be elevated to a new level. His followers and psychophants eagerly awaiting this prophesied event muster a fervour and exuberance here to for never experienced! As the orbit of our planet marks the passing of another cycle so does the earthbound growth usher in a new era! Behold the first solo physical limited edition dual disc release from the Timewarp cult! Giving the celebration new purpose Nova Fractal is handed the sacred sceptre by none other than arch wizard Dr. Spook who combines forces to issue forth this tome of secret treasures. From the four quarters of the world the call is heard. The prophesied day is coming when the messengers of the skygods would come and reveal to the worthy the arcane secrets and mystical methods. And so it was a gathering like Zone had ever seen before, Wizards and Warlocks, Witches and Wiccan, Sorcerers and Sychophants, Conjurers and Incantationists, and so many more' on they came bringing their own secret boxes and stuffed stash pouches, chests and coffers, and countless more contraptions of magical might. Together the greatest 20 formed a circle and began a momentous casting of all their most powerful spells, each releasing the power in tandem with the next, fluidly and flawlessly manifesting gestures and uttering half muttered phrases. As this great conflagration reaches its crescendo a series of hidden portals open and usher forth the heralds from the higher continuum' Timewarp Records is an independent sub label of Goa Records, focuses on classic retro inspired goa trance and is co-managed by Nova Fractal and Dr. Spook with lots of help from our amazing DJ and Producer team.


Original COG artwork by Ivan Paric

Edited by Dj Lurfilur & Doctor Spook

Mastering by Deimos (Igor Ceranic)


The Call of Goa vol.3 - New Horizons



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