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하이. 접니다.

AZ NHJO HYENNRO(아즈 노흐즈오 현느로)입니다.




What is your best FULL ON tracks?

I dont listen many listen about FULL ON.

but I remember arstist.

Bizzare Contact, Sesto Sento, Phantic, Electro Sun etc.

I also remember Out of your love and Lift me up.

Please tell about your BEST FULL ON Tracks and worldwide.

and also good If best Fullon artists info.

and We think FULL ON is very Advanced Danceable style.

and We must make more gut. 

and We want more FULLon artists.

and We think FULL ON's best system is bass line and percussion and lead.








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Deedrah. Its fluffy. Its psychedelic. Its full on. 

Personally I very much love to beatmatch it with DJ Bobo. If you want I can put out a 10 hour dj-mix of them tracks making love in many varies ways with special swnging artist track surprises inside on my CDJ's 100s players & 800-DJMixer. PS. I use  a Zoom recorder.
You'd like that? I think Id like that very much. Maybe in 2016 I will make this special love offering and post it here on psynews. Stay tooned! I think all will love this and feel happy and psychedelic still.

*yes I own all tracks on original. I roll that way. 
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Electro Sun etc.

I also remember Out of your love and Lift me up.


oh, damn. now i have that track stuck inside my head again.



early talamasca, silicon sound, latest cosmosis (what's he doing nowadays? some collaborations with hypnocoustics but nearly no news at all. will there be a new album??) and of course logic bomb/hux flux/...

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Listen to Logic bomb - The grid, very good!

Just realized I meant Sonic Algrebra, not The Grid, I mixed up the two... Did not really enjoy the latter.

Sonic Algebra is very interesting and less conventional.


Tranan - Restarter is also very good, not 100% full on though (like all LB albums actually).

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cant list down the tracks specifically for you, but you can consider listening to some artists below -

1) Vibe Tribe

2) Space Tribe

3) Logic Bomb

4) Ananda Shake

5) Talamasca

6) 1200 mics

Hope this helps, though its an endless list.

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You know, for just once, I would like to hear the big future prog/progressive psy producers try their hands at writing something with a classic full-on bassline.  Psydrop, Hydrophonic, GMS...obviously they lack the flair for melody seen in goa and the songs are generally simpler, but 2000-2004 full-on had the best bass.  Imagine hearing that in a Lyctum, Vini Vici, JOOF set today.


Classic full-on even sounds great at a lower tempo as well: 

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