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VA 604 Syndroms (Compilated by JaraLuca ) Mamomam Records

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Mamomam Records is proud to announce their second release - VA 604 Syndroms, compiled by JaraLuca. Album includes 18 goa trance tracks from many already known goodies in goa trance world such as : E-mantra, Ephedra, Proxeuss, Trinodia, Omnivox and many more. You may expect this release in the begining of new year 2017 in beautiful double cd's digipacks and in digital version.

Tracklist :

CD 1.

1. Zopmanika - Namaskaratha Mantra 9:27 140bpm

2. Lectro Spektral Daze - Source Of All Life 8:26 145bpm

3. Ephedra - Leaving the Shadow Side of Myself 7:03 145bpm

4. Trinodia - Factorized 10:15 142bpm

5. Siam - Electric Discharge 8:13 146bpm

6. E-Mantra - Unhcegila 7:25 140bpm

7. Omnivox - Textures of Reality 8:51 145bpm

8. Oxi - Sagittarius Love 6:33 145bpm

9. Title 01 - Desert Ghost 9:13 149bpm

CD 2.

1. Artha - Controlled (Old School Remix) 9:29 140bpm

2. Space Element - Biotech 7:56 140bpm

3. OmegaHertz - Zeta Zone 7:08 144bpm

4. Jagoa - Rainy Saturday 7:41 140bpm

5. Journey into Sound - Gallifrey 7:33 145bpm

6. JaraLuca - Unexpected Experience 7:53 145bpm

7. Omneon - Dark Matter 6:50 145bpm

8. Ohm Mind - Mushroom Island 9:17 149bpm

9. Proxeeus - Kuiper Belt 10:02 149bpm

Mastering : Deimos Soundlabs  

Enjoy !

More info - mamomamrecords.com/release/604-syndroms/2



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Hi Goa Heads !!

Great News !

As we have said, today is release day of 604 Syndroms !!
10 minutes ago I've recieved two big boxes with 500 copies in beautiful digipacks ! I'm very happy how does it look. I hope you will help us to empty does boxes :)
From today you can order CD via our webside.


Also digital album is available for download from our bandcamp :


Have a good day and please help us to spread this nice news about this album !!

Many great artists help me into this and I'm very very greatful and thank you all for participation in this  project


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Every order for CDs via our webside  includes also digital album for download. After order, payment we gonna send link digital album for download .


But is it a Bandcamp link? Or just a link to files in Dropbox or other network drive?

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