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VA - Panta Deus II (Psytrance.pl, 2016)

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Part 1: Transcendum


1. TLG - Atacama Pathfinder

2. Space Element - Emulator

3. Artha - Monkeys

4. JaraLuca - Antidotum

5. Psysutra - Been Here Before

6. JetMan - Female Animals

7. Aquilpra - Maerd

8. Mirror Me - Souls





Part 2: Chillum


1. AmBeam - Fantasy

2. Damian L - Acid Voyage

3. Moondancer - Snappy Aquatic Mosquito

4. AmBeam - New Horizons

5. Artha - Oddity

6. Miraceti - Alien Translations

7. Aquilpra - The Void

8. Szop - Kudoff Groove

9. TLG - 12th Moon





2011 marked our 10th anniversary as Psytrance.pl... It was then when we released our epic two-parter entitled "Panta Deus", showcasing the talents of our fellow countrymen.


Now, after 5 more years of existence in the cyberspace, we're back with the compilation's sequel, filled with a rich variety of psychedelic trance and chillout music with a proper twist, for you to experience.


Among the (un)usual suspects you will find such artists as Artha, Space Element, Psysutra, JaraLuca and many more.


Stay tuned!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/psytrancePL


SoundCloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/psytrance-pl

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We present to you Psysutra live from the We Are Aliens party in Poland.


What you're getting here is almost 50 minutes of pure Psysutra acidic goa madness, so do not miss it out! :)


36:58 is where you can hear the full "Been Here Before" track from the upcoming "Panta Deus II" compilation.




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Psysutra - "Been Here Before" <3 Such an amazing track, good choice :)



...and on 2nd Artha album we will release the extended version of Monkey's, that is very diffrent, longer and more symphonic. But this version is very kick ass :P


Looking forward to this 2CD compilation, big support guys!

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Starkraver: This will be a 100% online release, just like the previous one (there is no CD version). The concept is to spread it as widely as possible as a free-of-charge "gift" for the psy-people after so many years in the cyberspace and to underline our artists' musical output. There is a lot more to Poland than good food and beautiful women. ;)


HappyHorse: Thank you very much. Personally I cannot wait for the full new album by Michał too. :)


desysko: Agreed. You haven't heard the last from him. :)

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Very nice artwork, I really like the clean and minimalistic composition. Just a minor detail (in case you haven't sent the artwork to the Ektoplazm distribution), the moon hasn't been cutted well with the pen tool (or eraser tool in this case), it goes over the hill-layer. I made the example (with my correction) in case you haven't noticed (I hope you don't mind) :)


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Ah, this one slipped under our radars unfortunately, but hey, we can't be all that perfect, right? ;)


Anyway, thank you for the comments, I always appreciate honesty and nitpicking, especially when it comes from a professional - all makes us keep going and struggle to be better.

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