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Goatma - Sword In The Darkness EP


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Artist: Goatma

Title: Sword In The Darkness

Label: Neogoa

Date: December, 2015


1. Sword In The Darkness

2. Cosmic Consciousness

3. Spiritual Chanting

4. Shabatayom



As a final farewell to 2015 Neogoa presents a short 4 track EP by GoAtma or as the Google likes to call him...Goatman.







His real name is Eylon Kadish and I cannot comment on whether like the fine gentleman above he likes to steal socks and take them to his snowy homeland. Doubtful. Pretty sure I could count the number of snowblowers in Israel on one hand. They have more important things to worry about over there.






That's terrorism.


First I'll say this is pretty powerful. Driving the whole way through as he weaves between goa and some more uplifting style. That said it's all pretty homogeneous. The first track doesn't have a lot of variety and I found myself getting bored with it pretty quickly. Cosmic Consciousness sounds a lot like the title track even if it is a little more aggressive. The final bit of that one is like an explosion so I liked it a lot.


Spiritual Chanting sounds like it could be Cosmic Consciousness Part Deux. Only now with more chanting. Which brings me back to the homogeneous point. Another thing I noticed is that the sound palette is fairly limited and that really takes away from the listening experience. Kinda like I could step away from it and come back at a later point and not feel like I missed anything. Or every episode of Friends.





So you guys didn't even know one black person? In NYC? Riiiiiight.



Shabatayom is the one track that I feel comes closest to it's inner Nitzho without throwing bowls of cheese at the listener. The EP itself isn't bad at all, but in a time when we have heard it all the shortcomings I've mentioned don't allow it to distinguish itself.




Free at Ektoplazm

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I must admit, there's one thing on this EP that irks me almost to no end: the chants from the opening of Ghost In The Shell in Spiritual Chanting. This had both the anime geek and the music geek in me screaming "no, no for fucks sake, not like this". There are good ways and bad ways to reuse elements from pop culture, and this just ticked off the wrong boxes in me and I coudn't even listen to the track (and the EP) until the end. Don't ask me why, it just sounds way out of place here (well, at least it caused a reaction...)

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It is not bad at all. It is good party music.

First, awesome cover from Ivan! Now I understand where the other guys on this thread are coming from. The thing is, the psy-trance and goa trance market has became saturated so we quickly have this feeling "I heard this many times before". There is also something about these tracks, the 16-notes melodies are tiresome after a while, in my opinion. That's not unique to this release, I personally feel the same about many other albums that includes too many of these short 16-notes melodies.
I think tracks 1 and 2 are the best here, track 1 really contains a lovely rocking bassline, and track 2 has a superb energy together with many modern ingredients that makes the genre interesting to listen to.
So overall not bad at all, even though there is definitely room for improvement.  

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@Manuser Hey man, glad you liked the artwork! When Eylon told me about the EP name and general idea, I just had to go with some crazy ass sword on the artwork. I remember back in the days that I even had some Facebook posts about the artwork making process with pictures, etc. It was fun project for sure :)

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