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a game. you can only pick ONE.


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.. you're slowly drifting away..... you are drifting still.


... still drifting. BAM. an island. you slowly realise that you are dying and noone is going to rescue you.

.. but then you realise, that you still have your mp3 player. Might aswell enjoy some tunes on your way to infinity.

too bad this mp3 player only plays goatrance from the golden era, but hey, youre not Sony, you didnt engineer these shitty Goa-Only mp3 players.

oh well.. there is a lot of awesome goa tunes on here.


thing is. Your battery is almost dead and you can only play ONE track!..... which track is it?




mine is:

mindfield - lets get stoned and watch the freaks '95


why? cause it was the first goatrance track i ever heard, back in 1995. it was on an album called Cyberspace - Level 4 - Entering Eternity.

I didnt have a clue what Goatrance was, and it took me a good 3 years before I knew what it was.

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Juno Reactor - Luciana (at least it's 60 minutes long)

I bought that CD, back in 1995 iirc. I was at either an HMV or Tower in Yokohama, and looking through their "Techno" section, looking for any gem... and I found one. Juno Reactor's Lu.ci-ana. I promptly bought it, ran outside to open it and put it in my discman, only to discover that no CD was inside.


So I walked back inside and congratulated them on their brilliant money making scheme of charging money for empty CD cases. The clerk looked at me, oddly, and I explained that the CD I just bought actually had no CD. He offered an immediate refund, but I declined. I wanted that CD. So I gave him my contact info, the empty CD case, and waited for a month.


FINALLY, I had Lu.ci-ana. I listened to it for about 3 minutes, and realized that this is something meant for AFTER a party, as I'm heading to sleep while TRYING to actually sleep.


Listening with that in mind, at at the right mindset, it is an amazing experience.

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Lovely darkish ambience!

House Harkonnen party music.

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