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Ohm Mind - Birds Will Go To Heaven


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Artist: Ohm Mind

Title: Birds Will Go To Heaven

Label: Neogoa Records

Date: October, 2015


  1. Angkor Thom
  2. Unleash The Ohm
  3. Jungle
  4. Out Of Galaxy
  5. Doors Of Imagination
  6. Singing Owls
  7. Ultimate State Of Consciousness
  8. Cosmic Trance
  9. Birds Will Go To Heaven





Ugh...still working the bugs out of my Spock disapproval algorithm. As of right now he can be slightly...heavy handed. Looks like it's back to radio shack.


Even though the bugs need to be worked out he mirrors my feelings to a lesser extent. Of course I don't want to smash my computer. Counterproductive, expensive, and it doesn't solve anything. The simple solution is to say that I find this boring and choose not to listen. This is the debut album of Belgian Jeremy Cambon and I feel he has underwhelmed me. Perhaps it's his choice of sounds or the quality of production, but this release does not grab me. Decent, but not something I would actively reach for. There were some moments where I was intrigued, but they were immediately followed up by uninteresting melodies. I consistently felt like the tracks dragged on with no fruitful conclusion. Thin sounding without a lot of power. Based on the thread in the Artist News and Label Announcements I shall be in the minority. That's ok, I don't mind going my own way.


The artwork is beautiful and was done by Richpa while the mastering by Deimos so it's got that going for it. Probably with time his production will evolve and improve, but right now this album doesn't hold up to other releases even within the Neogoa catalog.


Free at Ektoplazm

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Pretty good stuff here :D The stand out tracks for me are Angkor Thom and Cosmic Trance, but overall pretty solid tracks throughout. I like the mix and mastering, the sound is really clear and each element is telling its story without clashing with others. If there is space for improvement, then it might be in finding more variation in the bass lines.

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Pretty much identical to 100500 other new school goa releases. All genre cliches are here, and it's almost impossible to tell one track from another. Also, the mastering is IMO not very good, loud and clear but way too overcompressed and highs are too harsh.

"Cosmic trance" is a pleasant exception, I like the main melody but the supporting harmony seems to be wrong.

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i was listening to this yesterday

it is not bad

not groundbreaking but pretty nice in particular tracks 2 and 8

i agree with alek about the bass lines they are almost identical in every track - a shame

and some vocal samples ruin the tracks

but decent first album here i think

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When i first listened to this about 8 months ago I wasn't impressed, seemed way to repetitive. After his 'Mushroom Island' track on 604 Syndrom I knew I had to give it another chance. And i'm glad I did. The album is minimal in the way it progresses....In a roundabout sort of way. But the new layers, builds and explosions of melodies are all there, the one thing it doesn't have (And im being careful not to use the word 'missing') is that atmospheric undertone that could have added a sense of darkness. Although I'm glad he didn't go there, nice to have straight up, in your face goa.

The production feels spot on and there isnt a note or sound out of place (Even the acid attack at the end of ultimate state of consciousness seems completely purposeful yet absolutely insane, that takes talent), in other words, It's clean, spotless, and still unpredictable, like a raver dropping acid during the car check lines at a festival. I'll be rocking this for a few more weeks for sure. And Oh My Good God! Cosmic Trance is ridiculous, almost like the sweetest punch to the face you can ask for. woke me up like 2 double ristretto's with a side of warm milk a dash of hot water and 1 sweetener just never will.   

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