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Internet radio: which ones do you like best?!?

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I recently (re-)discovered how terrific internet radio is. It kind of died for me back when Philosomatika went all-in full-on mad power hi-NRG. But now the phenomenon is back in my speakers. I thoroughly enjoy John '00' Fleming's "Global Trance Grooves" on Digitally imported: http://www.di.fm/calendar/event/32449


For this forum, he is probably a bit too "trance-hero", but this man seriously knows music - and how to cook up a mad decent set for a crisp journey. These days he actually plays quite a bit of psy, and the guest mixes are a nice invitation to some (for me) uncharted trance-related territories.


So, give it a spin - tonight at 20 (if you're in my timezone: +1)... OR listen later at soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/john00fleming




Equally important: Which internet radio stations do you prefer, and why...?


- A

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www.psytube.at - less electronic genres covered than on DI, but more focused on the psychedelic genres. Like it more than DI.fm as on DI you can basically select between goa and prog. Difficult to impossible to listen to some forest, hi-tech ect. there while on psytube they have dedicated channels for.

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DI.FM since 2003 ;D DI having many edm genres doesn't affect one another as each channel has its own director/s behind it. They keep the channel fresh with constant changes to the rotation and even made the psyprog and psychill channels to keep the genres from overlapping on one and easier to access just that as well. Then there are the frequent monthly shows or yearly Solstice weekend festival that everyone should attend ;D

Just as importantly is my awesome friends there, a handful of which still attend the site.


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^^ agree with K-BAN. DI has an awesome vibe and very well managed.


I logged on to DI after ages for their solstice fest and had a ball . Time well spent listening and interacting with the users while the show was on. Good fun . Add to that the streaming quality is fantastic . DI is ze best .

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we just created a similar topic but it is only about a downtempo side of psychedelic music, please have a look



if you have anything to add to our list please do it in our topic, as we will probably not follow this one.

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