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  1. Just out of interest, why is more money = more fun for you? I have never understood this. After you have the ferrari you will meet people having a yacht. So you feel bad because you don't have one and so need to make more money yet again to feel good. Money (and salary) belongs to "extrinsic motivation". That never worked for me, or if it did, only for a very short period of time. I need "intrinsic motivation" to get something done and have fun on it. "Good work!! you getting more salary now" motivates for a day or two. "Good work!! You are my best employee, would need to shut down the company w/o you" last longer.
  2. May I ask for some info on that? I always look for new trolling techniques :D I wasn't trolling .. I honestly feel like that. If aliens would come here ask for volunteers to live with them on their planet, I would give it a try. Can't be worse than humans. SixZeroFou4? Ofc he is trolling, but easy to figure out. Good, but not excellent. the goa constrictor? I don't think so. Trolls don't write stuff like "I really enjoyed the chunk of time when Purple Sunray wasn't posting on here....". He must be happy about if there is fish on the line, not vice versa. So .. who is it? :D
  3. Might be too late this time, but it would will be a good fit, if Clinton makes it.. After a long period of male white elite presidents, there is the first black, the first women.. so let's continue that with the first hippie. Would be really interesting to see US, ran by a flowerpower government :D
  4. I know that this will piss of the next guy in here (waiting for the account ban), but it is just a perfect example of what I'm writing about. If I'm involved on a discussion I'm listing to what the others say, because I want to understand how they are thinking and they want to explain to me. Maybe it could be interesting, maybe they could be right I'm am wrong (sry, I'm just a human)? But better solution is to not listen to ppl when you do not agree - that way you can just keep your views forever and you never be in the awkward position to question yourself. Cool approach, should adapt that too. All respect to SixZeroFou4. I feel like we have completely different views, but I also feel like we could be good friends IRL because we both don't have a problem with that
  5. Let me repeat it again: I AM NO BETTER THAN YOU. I'm bored of being lemming, did I say that I am none? Stop reading stuff I haven't written pls.
  6. hahah I'm not married And hoy FUCK!!! Humans are dump and I'M a human too. Not like humans are dump but I'm an alien.
  7. Why you are getting offended by that? Did I say that I'm no human? In fact I did say that I am one too, so I'm dump too. I was part of that kindergarten gang too, that did identify themselves with red shirts and did fight against the blue one (was kind of "oh, look that cool US gangs, we wanna play that too") for absolutely no reason. ect pp I'm just bored of being a lemming.. that's all, still dump, no smarted than the rest of you. I'm sure, one could get me into that "we vs them" shit again if he does it right.
  8. What about that I don't give a shit about being financially successful? What about going to work because the job makes fun? Wtf shall I do with 2 houses?? Can I clone myself to life in booth? Or shall I rent it to make even more money I don't need? My income is avg, but it is way more I need. So why hunting after getting even more and not spend the time on stuff that makes fun, instead?
  9. No, I'm a software developer, avg income in my area, top 10% income worldwide, no house (rental apartment). And yeah, my life is easy because I make it easy (don't worry about stuff you can''t change - it's that simple). And human brain is one of those things.. still pissed why I did "[X] Human" instead of "[X] Ape" or something else after my last death.
  10. Thanks. So we talk about the same thing and you stopped enjoying for nothing. It's not the US, or the solders fault. Ofc he thinks he defined his country, it's his fcking job. Everything he does is to defend the country. Don't want to repeat my self.. but humans are so damn stupid. Give them a common identity and an enemy and they do whatever you want, for whatever reason you tell them. You don't need to be pissed now, I'm nothing saying americans are stupid. That is valid for all others too. Germans started WW2 because Poland attacked them. Taliban did 9/11 because you attacked them. Sadam probably invaded Kuwaut because they attacked him (no clue about he told to his people, but iraky solders for sure just did defined their country. Bored talking to ppl that they think their country is special.. no you are not, just as as stupid as everyone else.
  11. Yes.. and I love it. I always liked to play shooter games, but my aim is really bad.. so nobody else wanted to play with me :D With Overwatch this is no more issue. You don't need to have good aim unless you wanna play McCree. You can also just spam grenades, scattered to the four winds. Shield/tank enemy damage or heal your team mates. Feels a bit like Team Fortress 2 (if you know that), but Overwatch actually has a match making system, way better graphics and is a lot more fun overall.
  12. Back in my day my mom was drving me to shool in the snow. No I'm no grumpy old goa trancer. I'm the "switzerland" type of person. I sit there... easychill.. look at what you did, what you do, and plan you to do.. while doing my own thing I couldn't care less about what that nazi germans did, I'm not even german. And same for US ----> "Stupidity of the masses". It just doesn't matter if I fight my opinion on some internet forum. Public opinion is made somewhere else and I have no access the knobs on that panel.
  13. Yeah, look into german history - the part were they wanted to the be the only military super power. Their propaganda ppl where some pretty smart guys. The theory is about that masses (peoples) do not learn. You can tell "there is bad terrorist on the country" attack it and afterwards find out actually there weren't. But it doesn't matter. Because next time you do the "there is bad terrorist on the country" they all will be on board again for sure, if you do it right
  14. Last time US did defend their country was in 1775. After that they did not 'defend' their county, but their idea of how the world should look like. And now the problem is to raise, because there are differnt opinions about how the world should look like. This military super police idea is very prominent in the US, I know. But my opinion is.. get fuck out of there. There is no black and white. There is no good and bad. Be like switzerland and just don't care.. If you move into an another country to play police, you make things worse. If you are lucky you created the next group of the terrorists - the ones that where hunted by the police. If your unlucky you created a whole terrorist coutnry, because nobody wanted to have you there at a first place. Proven countless of times, but "stupidity of the masses" is proven too.
  15. cuz he wants to and only 1 vote per person
  16. ahahha, ok, what I actually mean is that I can't start my day with psytrance.. even before I had my first coffee. I prefer to start the day with some slow deep prog house.. extending the dreams for bit a longer. BPM increases throughout the day, though
  17. Single player adventures work really good. You need to be able to decided about the tempo of the game on your own (on multiplayer this is difficult for most games). I really enjoyed played Diablo while listing to psy. Play-style was driven by the music: intro->look for monsters, buildup->pull monsters, climax->go crazzy and kill them all, break->collect loot, .. continue with buildup
  18. hmm.. I'm a music junkie I believe. Have headphones on during about 90% of my work time, on tram on the way to work and back. At the home the first thing I do is to turn on the speakers... So it's easier for me to answer it vice versa: I do not listen during music during meals and if need to talk other people (and no, I do not listen to psy only .. 24/7 psy would be boring quite fast I think =) ). I often pick the game so that it matches to what I'm listing too Like I cannot play Overwatch (a shooter) while listening to psytrance. Too much distraction. Psytrance + Overwatch = Headshot victim. But it works really good on strategy games like civ & co
  19. ahahah, that's no enthusiasm I just believe in that any kind of cooperation is way easier to handle then I-do-it-all-on-my-own. So my approach always is to reach out to involved people as early as possible. "Worst case" the first label manager you contact replies with "Cool. I did planned to do same. Have everything in place already, just no time to reach out to other labels. Do you wanna join me and we do it together?" So all you preparation work was good for nothing.
  20. Feel free to do it however you want My approach to such 'projects' is just a different one. Like, I wouldn't care at all at a first place about kickstarter and taxes and stuff. To think about taxes I need to have some numbers first, which I do not have, because I do not know what labels will join, what releases will be part of it, if they are popular or not, if labels want revenue share a fixed price or nothing at all, if ... I don't know nothing yet, and doing tax math based on nothing is difficult. Like in Germany it's really easy to start a "Kleingewerbe" aka "Small business", you just need 50€ and 30min of time. But this only works if the revenues is below a certain limit - do I know if will be withing this limit? No, I not even know what my product will be. A CD collection. Mk, what CD collection? are there poplar releases in it? Hmmm idk Yes - ofc you need a plan when you approach the labels. But you don't need solutions yet. You talk to them to find solutions. So my approach to the kickstarter stuff would not be to start thinking about taxes and business, but to extend by "to do" list with: - Post idea on psynews for feedback [X] Check .. - Get signed agreements from all labels [ ] Check - Do survey on psynews to get rough idea about how popular the release are, how many CDs you want to produce [ ] Check - Get in touch with an accountant to find out how to (not) pay taxes and get a business license [ ] Check - Launch kickstarted campaign [ ] Check
  21. You do approach this from the wrong end. As said, get in touch with labels.... I could imagine a label manager that replies with "wow, really good idea. We already talked about doing Hol Baumann CD, but number of units would be too low... So we would be really happy to support you on this with our special-dial-CD-factory, accounting service and whatever you need for it. Just go ahead and bring other labels on board so that we get to quantity that makes this profitable"..
  22. Dude.. serious question: What's stopping you from it? You don't need to do anything more than what you already did. https://sofamanifesto.bandcamp.com/ There is conact button on it. Send them what you have described here and see what happens... no reply, no Hol Baumann CD. Continue with next on list. If they reply, sort out what/how you want do it. Continue until you have agrremtns with enough labels / releases to start the kickstarter campain and go ahead.. You do not even need to stand up from your PC, just some typing... and the go is real
  23. hahaha, that's just on virtual reality.. (at least I hope so xD) I mean.. the main purpose of public internet forums is it, to have a place for practice trolling. And then there are some where I try to be serious, but it is difficult to pause the troll just like that :D
  24. That was all of my knowlege, I do not own a label :D 1) Decide what releases you want 2) Conact the label managers and present them your idea What I have written is nothing specific to music. Same rules apply to all kind of digital stuff.. video, software, e-books, ect. 'Releases' always have a license attached to it. If you wanna do something with it, where you are not sure if it is allowed / convered by that license, you go and conact the copyright / license owner and clarify stuff. Just the normal way of doing "digital business" - nothing special
  25. Yeah - understood. Just wanted to point you to the right path, so that you do not run into legal issue with labels afterwards, because the artist told you "yeah no problem dude, just release, I don't care" Like recursion loop said, the only way to find out how do this is to talk to the label managers. They might have their own ideas of what they want to allow and what not - we can just speculate about
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