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Portable USB audio card with optical input/output


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Hello everyone, I do have this card:



but i was looking for something maybe a bit more professional.

It is important for it to be portable so that I can use with a laptop when i go around ripping DAT tapes.


So far I found only cheap crappy cards like:



http://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-2-0-External-7-1CH-Optical-Audio-Sound-Card-Adapter-/310151213238 (!!)

is there anything else on the market with the mentioned characteristics that you know of?



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I've never heard of any of those companies (except Asus, though I've never heard of them in the audio industry), and I'm always skeptical of unheard-of companies.


M-Audio, MOTU, Focusrite, & RME are all good and in the lower price range.

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thanks for the advices, the optical input-output port i actually need are for this cable:




so as far as i can see only a few cards have those.


now i could easily find a used terratec for sale but i have read a terrible review of someone whose system was unstable and crashing and super slow because of the mentioned soundcard, how is your experience aliendna99 ?

maybe he was just unlucky... but i also notice is out of production now.


i do love the esthetic of the scarlet 18i8 and has it but it is 350 eur




motu track 16 has it too but it is 500 eur :P:



RME Babyface it has it too, now i noticed:

71KOg7thZPL._SL1500_.jpgbut it is 550 eur as well... ugh!

But now i also found this:

terratec dmx 6 fire usb that has standard output rca and optical +cspdif in-out on the front panel, maybe is not as professional as the others too but may do... since i found it for 215 eur.. but will it be good?

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Creative SB1240 Sound Blaster X-FI HD
has also the Toslink line in, has anyone tried it or read any reviews?


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A very nice and thorough review Rotwang.


I too was disappointed with lack of 3.5mm port in the front when you are using it as a DAC/amp combo and feeding it to your headphones. Its a cool device for the price though.

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