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"V/A - Turlitava 2"


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Artist: Various

Title: Turlitava 2

Label: Neogoa

Date: August, 2013


01 - Dimmat - Small Mountain (69 BPM)
02 - Ekaologik - Lake Travel (73 BPM)
03 - Deep In Mind - Nymphaea Alba (100 BPM)
04 - Alba - Arising And Passing Away (100 BPM)
05 - Scuba vs Yechidah - Beyond The Illusion Of Life (140 BPM)
06 - Menkalian - Tibetan Prayer (90 BPM)
07 - InnerSelf - Life Is Only A Dream (100 BPM)
08 - Spectrum Vision - Cutscape (90 BPM)
09 - Uth - Signals To Paradise (Chill Out Mix) (70 BPM)
10 - Osmose - If The Sky (133 BPM)
Are we really talking about the 21st release from Neogoa? Take a bow Ivan Richpa for thou hast achieved longevity! The first Turlitava back in 2011 was one of my favorite compilations of all time and DJ Anub1s is back at the helm bringing together another bunch of tunes for the sequel.

Small Mountain- The first track is short and gentle organic ambient intro with full pads and nature sounds. It's like glimpsing the Himalayas from a great distance.


Lake Travel- Wow, what a track. So lush with deep lows and cloud shredding highs.


Nymphaea Alba- Combining piano and melancholy guitar riffs this sounds like it could be...nay, should be played live. No knob twiddling just straight up musicianship.


Arising and Passing Away- This one has it all. Delicate electronica, acoustic guitar, a full on monk chant, and someone swiped Raja Ram's flute. It even takes it to that mid tempo level. Dee-lishus.


Beyond the Illusion of Life- The flute remains as a deep dubby bass hums. But it doesn't rest on its laurels as it gains strength and speed.


Tibetan Prayer- Perhaps the most "goa" sounding of the tracks this ethnic beast wouldn't be out of place in a Ra set. Melodies swirl as this track comes from high in the heavens.


Life is Only a Dream- Whenever I discuss this artist I always seem to confuse him with someone else. My apologies my friend, but if you keep making music like this that will no longer happen. More mid tempo goa that is layered beautifully.


Cutscape- Continuing to keep it fresh is this track with the guttural sounds and glitchy percussion. Vocal manipulations reminiscent of Shpongle can also be found here.


Signals To Paradise- Does this dip its toe in the pool of dubstep? Slightly, but it is so much more than that. Layers of synths oscillate and this track has some good old fashioned knob twiddlin'! Moody and lush it's pure awesomeness!


If the Sky- Closing out the compilation is a slow dreamy outro. They play with the vocals a bit, but it's not bad and it fits with the theme.



There seems to have been a conscious effort here to include tracks with more real world sounds. Actual instruments and a global feel permeate this album complete with mystical chants. At times it was eerie and oftentimes it had a spiritual and tribal component. Another plus was the changes in tempo. What began as a downtempo track didn't stay that way. Mainly though it was the very rich compositions. Sound quality was superb so great job Mr. Stryder. Congratulations to Neogoa yet again with another outstanding release.


Free at Ektoplazm



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So it was uth! I heard the samples and wondered who did that magnificently beautiful tonality.


The leads, synths, are so pixelated and crystallized, it's most thin ice glass breaking every on every millimeter while the other heavier dubby layers just add to it's penetrating sound. The atmosphere is so fantastical, heavenly. I cannot get enough of this type of tonality and trancy sound on a track - and with dubstep layers nonetheless, the contrast it creates. Fucking awesome! I want more!!! What a tune!


Menkalian was a big track for me too, reminded me of RA with less heavier melodies.


Great comp otherwise too, much better than the first iteration, albeit also quite different.

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uth & osmose are indeed very deep tracks, uth is full of gorgeous leads and super relaxing, lush atmospheres, entertaining keychanges and great evolving flow, one of the nicest dubstep tracks that has come to my ears actually, and ive heard alot of very good chillstep/dubstep!


osmose is a more ambient style dubstep track but with great visionairy power coming from the leads and vocal!


massive compilation in all, it oozes musical quality and talent

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After first compilation, released two years ago, it was hard job to create again diverse but yet quality-filled release and I wasn't that much optimistic, but after hearing first package of samples I was sure that we're heading into right direction. Darko/Anub1s one more time succed to collect some interesting downtempo material influenced by various electronica genres and to publish it on Neogoa, probably the right place for this stuff, especially because we're open to present and to release even something that doesn't fit at standard definitions of psychedelic downtempo music. I would like to send kudos to Darko and to all artists who did fantastic job on Turlitava 2 and with this compilation we managed to keep the pace of quality releases on Neogoa, I'm pretty much sure that in a year or two we will have a oportunity to enjoy in 3rd part, but for now let's enjoy in this one. If I had to pick one track as a favorite, at this moment it would be track number 4 - 'Arising And Passing Away', but others are very nice aswell. I forgot to add, it's a first release artwork on Neogoa designed by other author, my friend and co-worker at Neogoa Design - iPsy.

Thanks to Mike for his review and for other inputs here.

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Thank u guys for great reviews !
All this nice words give me strength to continue with the chapters. So yes there will be turlitava 3 next year, but now with even more different styles :)

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what a beautiful compilation! alot better than the first one, ahh what, no comparison between these two comps because these tracks here offer such a wide range of styles and sounds. it makes the listening a real pleasure. and on top there are some outstanding tunes (no. 5, 9, 10 - oh man, how i love this one, who are you Osmose?) which will be forever in my best-of-list. only thing i dislike are these esoteric chants (no. 2, 4). i would like these tracks alot more without it. but anyway, this is only taste, and when the whole tastes this good, i won't complain. if you like psychill there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO NOT HAVE A LISTEN TO THIS!! great tracks, great comp, great job. thanks to all involved!!

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