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So what do you think about Dark Nebula?


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I saw some love for his music in Psynews recently. Do you like his music or used to like it?

I have 4 of his 8 albums. Robotic Tongue and Sacred Scars are very good. Weird Sound Generator has some nice tracks, but his last one Dark Nebula and The Psionic Renegades was cheesier than expected.


My favourite tracks by him are:


Vulcanized In Rubber (really eerie)

Forces Of Chaos (with Hacker)

Delicious (with Twisted System)

Zone Stalker



and of course this monster



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I love his work! His first album 100% Pure Brainwater was kind of boring. Looking at my list, Weird Sound Generator is the only one I don't have. Thought I bought all his releases.. I cannot remember if I got around to listening to Psionic Renegades yet...(I sometimes buy more cds than I have time to listen to ;O) - All the other albums I looooved! Recently got Sacred Scars finally and OOO MMM GGG! Such a solid album! 'Bad Name' on there I didn't care for due to the samples. Bon Jovie song was it?

Other than the one album, I also do not have or have heard his digital only releases. EP's or this album



and yes, Structural Failure is good... and so is this one ;D I wonder what was actually playing at this deranged party. It may scare me to be there ;O

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I think his work is bizarrely hit and miss. The 8th Sphere is one of the best psytrance albums I've ever heard, and Androneda is one of the best ambient albums I've ever heard. But what I've heard of his recent uptempo work seems cheesy and lame.

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indeed Androneda ambient album is great, dark, magic music.

Haven't listened much of Dark Nebula, except 8th sphere, i should give it a try i guess !



edit: after listening, i remember this track "structural failure", interesting indeed when u are in the mood, cool vocals whistle.gif

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Sorry for resurrecting old topic, but I just discovered Dark Nebula recently and I'm delighted. Before, this gave me headaches. Now, this harsh atonal madness clicks somehow. I know this is nowhere how tough it can get, but it's where I'm now.
Love Robotic Tongue, Sacred Scars and Dreamfuel. 

Favorite track: Toxic Reality... or most tracks on these albums. Other albums are either too minimalistic, or don't have the sheer twisted rule-breaking atmosphere of these three.

And yes, I am fishing for more recommendations like this. Something twisted but playful at the same time. It can be dark, but has to be rich and complex.
You guys seem to act like you know a better stuff than this, so mind helping out, please ? :) 


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On 3/30/2020 at 11:43 AM, technosomy said:

the greatest album ever of this genre imo of course

he's a strange interesting guy, lives just down the road from me

I am currently exploring this album. Sounds like something I was looking for! Thanks a lot. I also hope the composer is doing well since 2003.
I also tried Electrypnose's Le Tireur de Ficelles, but it's not as tough as I remember it.

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Dark Nebula is very HIT & MISS  for me too. That said-


I LOVE his ROBOTIC TONGUE album thanks to the FOUR tracks listed below. I'm referencing this thread via recommendations on YouTube to catch up and on the search for the Androneda (ambient) album.  Despite numerous weak and forgettable tracks on Robotic Tongue including the WTF opening, the album stands out in dark Psy (with Goa influence at times) to me because of what I like / love about it- what works so well.

3. Fire Offering - B+  /  A-

4. Toxic Reality - B+ 

5. Structural Failure ... A

6. Sajuuk Khar  A- /   ...  I'm biased. I LIKE THIS TRACK SO MUCH. That BENDY ACCENT SOUND on and off throughout is soooo hypnotically good. Just what my mind likes. Hearing this track in 2021, I find it catchier than ever.

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