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SynSUN - Sounds Of Cosmic Lifeforms


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Artist: SynSUN

Album: Sounds Of Cosmic Lifeforms

Label: Phototropic Records

Style: Goa Trance



  • Quazar (08:29)
  • Space Sirens (08:34)
  • Fight Fire With Fire (07:33)
  • Gagarinz Trip (06:33)
  • Medusa (05:17)
  • Psy Hit (06:45)
  • Protoplasma (07:45)
  • The New Creation (2011 Mix) (07:43)
First time I saw on facebook announcement for a new SynSUN remastered album on Phototropic, I wasn't that much hyped and excited about it, mostly because I'm not a big fan of previous SynSUN's re-issues on austrian based Goa trance label - Phototropic. However I decided to give a chance to Sounds Of Cosmic Lifeforms and I'm so glad that I did. First positive thing that I noticed is super-crystal clear sound and I really enjoyed listening this one on my soundspeakers (and unfortunaley I can't say same thing for 70% of Goa trance music that can be found online) so kudos to Digitoxin (Phototropic Records owner) for very solid work with mastering.



Album kicks off with Quazar and it's solid Astral Projection inspired tune with interesting melody around 6th minute mark, nothing super-spectacular but overall pretty much good track for morning hours. Space Sirens got more mystique atmosphere and track overall sounds much more darker and in-your-face, however I disliked too much of heeeeya-heeeeya oriental male vocals. Third track got same name as legendary opener from Metallica's Ride The Ligthening (Fight Fire With Fire), at the very first minute we can hear nice acid wobbles with guitar riffs in background, with nice build-up but it doesn't lead anywhere. Next one is Gagarinz Trip and it's true goa trance beast, powerful drum-kick with swirling melodies and effects in background are just sweet as hell, love every second of it, especially after 5th minute - nice Filteria/Pleiadians melodic build-up for a perfect peak and ending. So far this one is pure winner.


Medusa is the name of next track and it starts pretty much simple and not-so-much innovative and I got feeling that this one is more like some work in progress track, not happy about it. Luckly, next track Psy Hit starts nicely and right after 2nd minute mark we got epic melody in background, it just perfectly describes the title of album, pure interstellar trance ride through Cosmos. Pity, ending of track is a bit harsh, but hey, after Medusa this one was superb. By the way, who came with such a awful name Psy Hit? Lucky number 7 is Protoplasma, nice party track with straight-forward attitude, nothing super-special, nice goa trance groove with solid synth-work. Last track is The New Creation (2011 Mix) and it got same mystique atmosphere like Space Sirens from the beginning of this CD. This one got also heavy usage of Trance-Dance or Ionized-a-like melodic parts and actually I like it a lot (not saying that we got copycats, just that I like that melodic feeling in the track), anyways, super track for ending of this *I must say short* 60-minutes album.


Conclusion - Very nice goa trance album with some lovely tracks like: Gagarinz Trip (III), Quazar (II), The New Creation (2011 Mix) (II) and some not so lovely: Medusa & Fight Fire With Fire. It will probably find it's place in homes of many old/newschool goa trance addicts, especially because we are talking about SynSUN and they aren't some obscure project, they got impressive discography, no matter the fact that I personaly dislike the most of it, especially their recent full-on stuff. Just to mention that I find this cover artwork ugly as hell and I don't like it at all, orginal version looks just epic.


For previews or orders you can check out Psyshop or Phototropic Records website.

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Gagarinz Trip is truly outstanding Goa Trance. Trippy, spacy, heavy rolling bass, warm. wow!

I don't understand why the other tracks don't reach the same level as Gagarinz Trip.

It's really the only one I like. But it's amazingly good.

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I read a short review on Discogs about this one and I'm almost on agree with the phrase it's just a big blob of sounds at the same volume with nothing standing out - let's erase the word "just" and we're on the same page.


Having said that I think this album is well produced and should please anyone who likes their goa loud, screaming and melodic.

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"I don't have to prove anything to you!"


Well, maybe you have to prove the water is drinkable. And that you can make a decent halfpipe. I mean what the f*ck didn't anybody track the weather in this Sochi place to see if it gets cold? Pretty sure that one of the criterion of the Winter Olympics is that it at least resembles winter.



In honor of the Olympics being hosted by Russia, let's talk about this release from a past incarnation of the Russian duo Synsun. When this first hit the net, it was like Christmas. First it was the Zelur Project, then Full Power of Goa, and lastly this beast. I didn't care for their brand of full-on. Sounded like a lot of other stuff around. But their goa...that's a different story.


First I like the old cover better.





Yeah that one.


Second, ptn's assessment of the album is quite accurate. There is a lack of dynamism in the sounds where it does sound lumped together. Maybe if they had Tim Schuldt or Colin Oood in charge of mastering it would be different, but as is it certainly isn't a deal breaker. There are some ripping tracks here that sound great on the headphones. It's loud and screaming with layers of melody. Gagarinz Trip and Quazar lead the way, but I don't believe there to be any filler to be found. Good stuff.



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