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Why do psy artists become less "psy" over time?


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Argh. So many comments here I want to respond to, but I'm going to keep it on topic.



1) Money: artists change their style because it is profitable.

5) Fame: artists change their style because psytrance is the black sheep of electronic music and you can't really get far with it.

6) Disgust: artists change their style because they are tired of being ripped off in the psytrance scene.

5 and 6 both kind of fall under 1. All three are about money. Well maybe not necessarily 6.


3) Boredom: artists change their style because they get bored.

4) Age: artists change their style because they get old. (Plus having children might cause some lifestyle changes.)

7, Artist who seek to evolve artistically and creative seeking new grounds because they simply cant stop being curious musically.


These three are also all kind of the same thing. Unless you're KISS or AC/DC playing the same stuff for more than 30 years, most musicians want to try different things. It's kind of a general trait of human beings, isn't it? Otherwise we'd all still be chasing herds of cattle around Africa. Or whatever. :D

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The main reason psynews.org isn't what it used to be in the past is merely the shut-down of the off-topic section ... ;)


For me psynews is not what it used to be because the Off-Topic section turned from a friendly and familiar place to a place where trolls started to kill their time and causing fights.


I agree to that but I would not hold my horses on the off-topic ever getting back online. I think the team is too afraid it would steal the attention from the weekly 2-3 recurring topics going on now ;)


Maybe just nobody wants to play the kindergarten-nanny in the off topic? You know, some people crying for moderation, other complaining about moderation and yadda, yadda, yadda... ;)


Mate not many does LSD any longer in the scene. They do Coke. If only they did LSD there was still a small chance things would improve for the better ;)


I can't talk about artists, only about the party people around my area. It really depends on what kind of parties you go. If you go to a club playing psy, coke and speed are a major issue. Outdoor parties or alternative indoor-locations are still attracting the LSD users. MDMA is used everywhere.


I agree on that. Sad thing is that some people (not all but I do see a huge increase) go for the drugs and not the music. They use the music to support the drugs instead of using the drugs to support the music. But how should they know any better when their favorite artists promote drugs as "God" by being totally fucked on drugs while performing and releasing various tunes and Albums that praise drugs. The artists, labels and also organizers have way more influence on the audience than they want to admit.


Well, imho it is impossible to tell if the artists deliver what the people want to hear (drug praising) or if people get more into drugs because of the music. I personaly think both sides influence each other simultanously.


i must agree with you in most of things :)


and i want to add...for example,lets say that "vodka red-bull" is the most common drink in the pepole who goes to club and listen normal trance...but i dont see armin van buuren writing a track called:


Armin van buuren - Vodka red-bull :)


and how many psy tracks name we know that preached to use drugs/or named on drugs and etc?....well there is a lot of them, we all know that fact.


thats the diffrence between normal trance scene(and by the way,a lot of other music scenes,not only normal trance scene),and between a scene that the drugs/using of drugs is the main issue.


I haven't bought any commercial trance releases lately but when I think about my collection at home, drug references are not that rare with commercial trance. Yacooza - Cocaine comes to my mind immediately. I'm planning to go through my records as soon as I'll have enough time since it's been years since I last heard most of them. I bet I will find more examples. Maybe not that explicit but there are references. I also used to go to a lot trance parties and imho drugs are equaly common as in the psy-scene (I'm talking about Switzerland, I don't have a clue about how it is in other countries obviously). People are not as open about their intoxication as they are in the psy scene but a lot, well most, were high too. Imho drugs are an item in any electronical scene, not only the psy scene. Here people are just more open about it.



well i was waiting for this one...the diffrence between drinking one beer,and taking once acid...c'mon,do you think there is a place to compere between beer in Acid drops?


my friend,those pepole are there cause their brain is lost cause using years of taking psy drugs,not drinking a beer in some pub once a week.


mmmmmm geting clever & Sophisticated,nice Sarcastic humor...so let me make it for u more simple:


u can live without using drugs,but u CANT live without eating...


so seems i break your point in this one,isnt it?


Well, there is also a difference between taking acid or mdma once in a while and getting pissed every weekend. To me it doesn't matter what somebody takes but how he uses it and how he handels the outcome.



The whole idea of the topic is why artist evolved their sound to the same kind of genre.

It has nothing to do with what you're saying.


I refuse to believe that 90% of old school artists decide to produce the same full on music because they seek to evolve artistically and creative seeking new grounds because they simply cant stop being curious musically.


Well, maybe they just like it? I also like full-on a lot so if I could produce music there is a high chance I would also do some full-on. Imho it is not possible to detect one single reason why every artist does what he does, people are individuals you know... Basilisk's list of reasons are well thought to get an overview of some possibilities.


And music is also so much more than EDM. But the artists who start out making stuff that's very psychedelic and get less psychedelic over time almost always continue to make EDM, even staying within the confines of trance for the most part. Why do so few artists stop making EMD altogether, if they want to evolve? Saying "artists evolve" over and over again like a mantra doesn't answer the question. The question is why they evolve in a particular direction, namely in the direction of mainstream trance.


Well, after psy nearly every other electonical style is more mainstream, at least to the (most? some?) psy-people. So no matter if you switch to minimal, trance, prog-house, dubstep or whatever it will be more commercial. Or we psy-people will not even notice it because it is so underground nobody hears it...

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I'm no musician but I think that making deeply psychedelic music, even dance music, with only classical symphonic instruments would be rad - Classical music composed just like back in the day, except the focus was on creating cosmic trippy arrangements instead of the typical super-square sounding stuff that most classical music is..


I'd like to see a full symphony orchestra playing some stuff that sounded like Swedish forest trance..

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Classical music composed just like back in the day, except the focus was on creating cosmic trippy arrangements instead of the typical super-square sounding stuff that most classical music is..


Dunno about "most" but there's plenty of classical music that is in no way "super-square sounding" (e.g.

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Messiaen's Turangalîla symphony.






Or we could cut straight to the chase




Not really Swedish forest trance but the closest you can get to a single man electronic orchestra sounding like it.



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