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"V/A - Future Architecture"


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Artist: Various
Title: Future Architecture
Label: Neogoa & Underground Alien Factory
Date: February, 2011

1. Somnesia: Sunlight (143 BPM) | 10:28
2. Blackstarrfinale: Icarus One (145 BPM) | 09:15
3. Project Shidartha: Astral Levitation (145 BPM) | 08:28
4. Nova Fractal: Perplexed (146 BPM) | 07:47
5. Grand-Cheff: Lady Of Steel (147 BPM) | 08:38
6. Sky Technology: Indian Spiciness (148 BPM) | 08:51
7. Stellarians: Penumbra's Sanctuary (144 BPM) | 06:49
8. Siam: In Void (140 BPM) | 10:08
9. Trinodia: No More War (131 BPM) | 07:31

Man, I couldn't wait to get my hands on Richpa's package...Hmm, wait a minute..


Creepy. That didn't sound right. What I meant was that I was salivating waiting for what he was gonna give me...


Wow. This really isn't going well.

Richpa (Ivan Parić) has been doing some outstanding work on his all purpose website Neogoa. It is a one stop shop for information including reviews (you're welcome), info about releases, and now releasing music. Did you happen to catch Dimensional Gateway last year? No?


Bullsh*t, even this guy heard it. So popular was it, that it was voted the best free compilation of 2010 on Ektoplazm. Know what number 2 was? A little album known as Goa Overdose put together by netlabel UAF that has been kicking ass and taking names in the new school goa scene for quite a while now. So what happens when two great tastes come together? You get this combined effort from the two labels who join forces to combat crappy psytrance releases like an episode of Voltron.


And yes I did find a gif of Voltron dancing. What can't the internet do?

Starting with the cover, it reminds me of the Helium cover from Transwave back in the day. It is a beautiful mix of purples and whites and greens in a hypnotic pattern. Designed by Mr. Do It All himself (Richpa) it looks great on my large monitor. The purpose of this compilation was to introduce some new artists as well as provide some tunes from the more established guys. Lately I have been reviewing a lot of psytrance stuff because there hasn't been much goa released, but that is about to change as 2011 is going to be a busy year for the genre we love so much. Some may be concerned that since I write the reviews for Neogoa that I may be biased and not have an objective opinion about this release...





I pride myself on being honest and if this sucked, believe me I would tell you. Sh*t, it ain't like Richpa pays me for all this hilarity.

Sunlight- Christophe has had a strong run lately with good tracks on Goa Overdose, Energy Waves, and of course Dimensional Gateway. He begins with a long mysterious intro as it is almost 3 minutes before you hear a kick drum. It's a bubbly, flowing track with leads weaving patterns alongside each other as one melody replaces another. Glorious, cascading beauty as melodies rain down like a summer storm and man you can just feel the warm weather returning. Awesome track!

Icarus One- Luis Pabon is another up and comer having released a few tracks. The leads are a little more chaotic, but it's balanced out by the soothing pads. Kinda like if you shot a laser gun in a mattress store. Yeah you would get hit, but you would have a comfy landing.


And that's how Sue Sylvester "C"s it.

It has a spacey feel to it with lots of laser shots and floating pads while being less intense than the first track. Not bad, not bad at all. Everything doesn't have to be about buddhas and sunshine you know.

Astral Levitation- "But the time traveler can take the short route. By outrunning light beams he can travel back in time."

What? Nah, never heard of 'em. But isn't it funny how certain words can get your attention. With the above sample we are in space territory as the pillow soft kick thumps. Scratchy leads give way to a panned melody that swirls between your ears. The break is short ,but allows the track to generate some punch. Pretty straight forward with catchy melodies. Nice track.

Perplexed- I love it when there are tracks by unknowns (at least to me) as you never know what you're going to get. Very bubbly with a fly buzzing around is how the track begins. When the goa lead breaks, it has lots of company. The break is delicious as it marinates, grows, and erupts with force. Great track!

Lady of Steel- Sammy!


"No sh*t baby, my stuff is like this!" POW!!!

I've only heard his EP Voodoo GoAttack, but Samuel Senlanne has a penchant for putting weird samples in his tracks. No exception here, but what he also puts in the track is a hippie ass whipping. Twirling goa melodies that rise and fall, and an old school sound that made Slinky Wizard take notice.


F*cking awesome track.

Indian Spiciness- This guy generated a lot of buzz with his Time and Space EP as it hit the scene with the force of a bomb. Here he tells you to f*ck your intro because he don't need no stinkin' intro. He launches right into the tumbling leads that fire at a rapid pace like a machine gun. Sounds change, but the pace remains fast. Echoing chants provide a background, but the stars here are the leads which continue to layer. So many, so f*cking many! Get your popcorn ready...



Penumbra's Sanctuary- I feel bad for whoever this is because he has to follow what I just heard. It's slowed down with a lot less intensity; more of an eerie track with smooth pads. There was a change in key that didn't seem to fit and felt a little awkward. Once it hits its stride though the leads tumble over each other in prime goa fashion. The choir added to the mood as this track got better and better as it went along. I would be really interested in seeing how this artist progresses as his darker melodic style intrigues me.

In The Void- I think I have heard some of his tracks on Psynews, but I listen to a lot of music so he may have gotten lost in the shuffle. It seems like the compilation is winding down with some more pensive tracks, no longer intent on damaging your brain, but nursing it back to life. This one is a thinker, with twists and turns and layers of sounds joining and melting with great transitions. It's really like a book with chapters each introducing its part of the story without beating you over the head with it. It ebbs and flows, gives and takes. Very good track.

No More War- "Pursuing peace is the only avenue which is compatible with our culture and...Let there be no more war."

I know the Swede more for his psytrance stuff, but he has uncorked a goa stormer here and there. This is another groovy effort with chopped up synths and goa flavor. Leads dance alongside the bass line as more layers get added. It's not in your face, just smooth. Like if you made a goa sandwich with house groove bread. Perfect for dancing like no one is watching.

I tell you I don't know how he does it. Richpa works his ass off and to bring this kind of quality AGAIN is really stunning. This was another great compilation put together FOR FREE that rivals a great majority of stuff that you have to pay for. You have intense tracks as well as the more subliminal style being represented. New artists as well as some established guys. The sky really is the limit for Neogoa and UAF as they have added another beautiful feather in their goa cap. Don't walk, run to your computer to check out Richpa and Imba's package.



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Has anyone asked before or answered perhaps why so many of these songs are free? I gladly welcome it, as so many people like me are sick of throwin down lots of money for filler tracks that leave a bad taste in the mouth.. like swallowing stuffing from the mattresses previously shot by a laser. :P

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