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Wizack Twizack - Space No More

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Artist: Wizack Twizack

Album: Space No More

Label: Antishanti Records (http://www.antishantirecords.com/)

Release: 02/2010



1. Wizack Twizack Spirit Molecule

2. Jaia Mad Processor Inside (Wizack Twizack rmx)

3. Wizack Twizack Slow Budget

4. Rinkadink Pirate Signal(Wizack Twizack rmx)

5. Wizack Twizack Space No More

6. Wizack Twizack 3rd Person Perspective

7. Hux Flux Bring your Own Bios (Wizack Twizack rmx)

8. Scorb- Mutoid(Wizack Twizack rmx)

9. Sattel Battle- Roundy(Wizack Twizack rmx)

10. Abomination Contraction (Wizack Twizack rmx)

11. Wizack Twizack vs Psyshark Life Farewell


I am on holiday at the moment so I finally have enough time to order and listen to a fair amount of music and get up to date. This year has already given us some nice releases, 2010 may turn out to be a quality year, and here is another one which definitely warrants attention. What attracted me to this album was bizarre looking track list. Here we are confronted with some remixes that really stick out like a rusty nail if you look at them the first time. Wizack Twizack remixes of a diverse range of artists such as classic Heroes Hux Flux and more unlikely match ups, like remixes of Rinkadink, Scorb and Jaia. Could you have predicted this? It always speaks for an artists bravery if they dare to take the leap of faith when moving into more unfamiliar, unexplored, fresh areas. Some of the ideas are really far out of the box, so lets see if this pays off.


1)The first thing that strikes us is the relatively moderate pace as we take off, as Wizack has been known to enjoy venture into higher BPM regions. Running at 140 BPM this cruises along with a powerful, dominant drive behind it.

Plowing along at this relatively low tempo we trademark spacey atmospheres and squelchy effects set the scene. As we have come accustomed to with Tommy he always has a rich story telling element to his music and this is also the case here, blending mysterious atmospheres and vocal samples telling of the exploration of our inner selves with the aid of the spirit molecule inherent in all of us, dmt, revealing the secrets encoded within.


There is a balance here between a fresher, clearer, more clinical approach as opposed to former work, coming across as a clear push forwards, a relentless evolutionary push, and more traditional Wizack elements, like shroomyness, although this steps back here a bit for a more clean and spacey vibe.


There is an interplay/exchange between this straight minded drive in rhythm and baseline driven sections and quirky, psychedelic passages. At times a B-movie esque atmosphere hovers over the tune.


We also see the emergence of some oldschool style leads and melodies which bring up nostalgic memories, I can possibly hear influence of Logic Bomb and the like.


2)Here we have the first remix, the Jaia track Mad Processor Inside. As we would expect from a Jaia original this track has a positive, uplifting attitude at heart and stomps away at a similarly moderate pace. Again we have this sense of clarity in the sound, a new side of Wizacks multi-styling capabilities.


We glide groovily into some intricate percussion sequences as we gallop along steadily on the baselines back. Increasingly quirky and bizarre elements are infused, giving this version the psychedelic edge and we find ourselves sliding back and forth between uplifting melodic themes and the mischief Wizack creates on top of deep spaceyness.

We are dipping in and out of madness so to speak.Despite of this the tune does not forget it has progressive ancestry and always keeps a clear goal in sight.


)Next up is another pure Wizack track, Slow Budget. Here he is at his pure, unrestrained edge again, opening the floodgates with an intriguing baseline and unleashing more of a acid drenched beast. It is gritty and at the same time playful, cruising along at same speed. This track displays the same love and affinity for oldschool melodies, leads and hints of goa elements. Even if things get a little rougher, there are always small signs, short, positive stabs, telling us the light is never far away. When the track dives into mysterious, sometimes nostalgic, forest influenced melodies, it still keeps focus and clarity. Beautiful track and personal favorite so far!


4) Next we have another daring effort, a remix of a track I remember very well- Rinkadink´s Pirate Signal. Looooondoooon……….Hehe I remember this very well. The original had a hooky, likeable, slightly goofy melody which naturally also features in this mix. Always reminded me of 80´s Japanese Arcade Game sound… Wizack juggles between atmospheres effortlessly, moving from the cheerful, groovy and cheeky vibe of the original into deeper, more twisted sequences. Again there is the same passion for deep-retro elements shining through the original synth sections….and when all becomes a little too strange there is still the murder baseline trump-card to be played. Truly a strange combination that will divide opinions, but will definitely catch some dance floors by the balls this summer.


5) The title Track Space No More, a straight Wizack track, delivers what it promises building up a spacey atmosphere and preparing us for one of the more gritty tracks on this album. Another monstrous baseline drives through rich dreamy and atmospheric soundscapes, full of quirky effects. There is plenty of squeaking and squelching, but this never leads to ear cancer via overload, it still remains a smooth affair. It relies heavily on vocal samples in the process of atmosphere building/story telling which may also divide opinions, but imo never goes over the top or becomes too intrusive. What makes this track stand out is, yet again, the creative burst of trippy, nostalgic night time melodies dressed in a modern space suit. (Listen to the section around 3.20 onwards for a clear example of what I mean). Good one.


6) 3rd Person pulled me in with its mechanic rhythm which initially has a groovy and laid back vibe to it. Soon we venture forth into B-movie like environments, green martians from the 50´s are encroaching on us. How would it be to control yourself from a third person perspective, to step outside of your body? As we progress through some epic melodies we move into more organic sounding spheres, soothing, warm atmospheres guide the listener within, always accompanied by a slight sense of eeriness and ambiguity.


7) Next we have a remix of a track from Swedish legends Hux Flux. I remember about 10 years ago I was lucky enough to catch these guys in Australia. There was only about 70 of us, but amazing location and vibe. True masters. This track is bustling with the trademark Hux Flux style that is easily recognizable…..bustling mechano mayhem with an organic sparkle, random burping, bleeping and buzzing in perfection. At heart this is an optimistic track with a big open heart behind the otherworldly high tech , post futuristic façade. The robot has a heart! Great remix.


8) Mutoid is a remix of a Scorb track, and this immediately stands out. We are confronted with a very slick, clean, crisp sound. Initially we follow a predictable, steady direction. This time Wizack works more gently with the remix, slowly imprinting his influences on this more body orientated track who´s battery is the crystal baseline. Towards the end, around the 6:00 mark, the track begins to mutate and become more interesting rhythmically diverse, tribal and psychedelic.


9) Here is where we pick up the pace a bit, now we have accelerated to 145 BPM. This is really another very wacky idea. Here we something that seems like a battle between two different styles, pulling at the track like a tug of war. Through this the tune is sitting in a strange grey zone, jammed in the middle. We fly through rapidly changing atmospheres, from bizarre to uplifting, dazzeling dream scapes to strange disharmonics. Has some more of the B-movie style effects Wizack seems to like. Definitely an experimental rollercoaster…


10) The album is speeding up and moving in a more hyperactive direction, the remix of Abomination rolls a long with the twilight/full-onish energy that we would expect from the original. Again we have more twisting, winding, epic melody- only this time more frantic, industrial and drilling- more nervous energy and haunting pads drive this high power track forward. Manages to strike the balance again between determined progress and playfulness. Not one of my favorites.


11) Last up we have a collaboration with Psyshark. This is the fastest track yet at 146 BPM and again lives up to what I expected. At heart it is a flipped out high speed night time track based on a full-on like structure with longer breakdowns and at first seems like a fairly standard affair until it pulls some tricks towards the end with some strange, disharmonic themes creeping in opening another dimension to the tune. This is definitely intense and has a rich scratching and screeching soundscape, but this time no epic melodies emerge. I feel personally have heard better from both Wizack and Psyshark, just didnt hit me.




This album is an experimental combination between strong new Wizack Twizack tracks and some daring remixes. The pure Wizack tracks surprise us with their moderate tempo and a clean ,crisp clear characteristic that shines through at times. In all of these tracks the artists love for old-school influenced melodies shines through. I often found myself reminded of the mystical melodies in the years just before and after the millennium changed, influences of Logic Bomb and Hux Flux come to mind. Imbedded into this are the mysterious, often foresty atmospheres spacey effects and general psychedlia we have come to expect from Wizack Twizack.


The remixes are at times purely a matter of taste, but what stands out is the ease with which Tommy weaves his influence into the existing skeleton, often diving in and out of madness. Some of them seem strange combinations, but because of this they mostly work very well. To me, the Hux Flux and Rinkadink remixes stood out.


Overall a great, highly melodic psytrance album which draws on many influences and styles and shows us Wizack Twizack does not like inertia and is not afraid to experiment without abandoning the roots that define his style. Personally I felt the last 4 tracks are the weakest on the album.


Lets see what suprises are next…… maybe Skazi-Into the Light (Wizack Twizack Rmx) hehe




Edit: The fastest track is actually the Hux Flux rmx @148 BPM

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Wizack!!!!!!!!!! I'm loving the slower deeper sound...to me it's "heavier" than your traditional sound...the lower bpm definitely does something for me :) On a side note...the Pathogenesis compilation is pretty sweet too ;) Favourites are the Rinkadink, Sattel Battle & Hux Flux tunes as well as all the Wizack originals....more of this please everyone...PSYCHEDELIC!!!! :ph34r:

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Guys, there is still copys availible of this cd. If u haveing trouble finding one just drop me a line and i could send u one =) And there is always beatport and such for the digital freaks.

thanks for support!!

New stuff in new directions new dimentions are coming very soon!


cheers everybody! :)

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I've heard this a couple times now and it's growing on me - nice to hear some trippy psytrance for sure..


The Hux-Flux track is a bit disappointing though - it's like you have most all of the original track in there except the completely fucking awesome melodic climax (!) I would have thought that of any part of the original track you'd have included that bit - or at least have tweaked that part and included it in some other way - instead the remix just sort of moves along with no real satisfying moments (though overall it does sound nice)..

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Artist: Wizack Twizack

Title: Space No More

Label: AntiShanti Records

Date: February, 2010


1. Spirit Molecule
2. Jaia – Mad Processor Inside (Wizack Twizack rmx)
3. Slow Budget
4. Rinkadink – Pirate Signal(Wizack Twizack rmx)
5. Space No More
6. 3rd Person Perspective
7. Hux Flux – Bring your Own Bios (Wizack Twizack rmx)
8. Scorb- Mutoid(Wizack Twizack rmx)
9. Sattel Battle- Roundy(Wizack Twizack rmx)
10. Abomination – Contraction (Wizack Twizack rmx)
11. Wizack Twizack vs Psyshark – Life Farewell



"Since the dawn of time man has used psychedelics."







Seriously. Whoa.


This is some of the most twisted psychedelic sh*t I've ever heard. It's a perfect blend of swampy forest and night time psytrance. The hallucinogenic layers are indeed deep against the backdrop of a rumbling bass line. The third album from psychotic Swede Tommy Axelsson is an absolute must if you crave lush, dark, atmospheres. You get some originals as well as some Twizack remixes, some of which are so bad ass that I'd buy an album of him remixing Christmas carols. Acidic flashes and seamless transitions to yet more twists and turns. Pure wizardry and one long hypnotic journey that I hoped would never end.


This is how you do psytrance. Period.



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