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Liquid Flow : Presence - KAGCD125


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Label: Kagdila Records

Catalog#: KAGCD125

Format: CD, Album

Country: US

Released: 27 Nov 2009

Genre: Electronic

Style: Goa Trance


Track List:

1. The Presence

2. Old Temple

3. Unknown Life

4. Analog Boost

5. Yang

6. Tribal Vision

7. Awakening

8. Ionic Charge

9. MicroSpace

10. Black Valley



For someone new comer, for someone already well known goa trance producer and performer, Tomislav Savic aka Liquid Flow, appears with his debut album release for well known trance label, Kagdila records. After few very successful single releases such as, very first release for independed mixed compilation " CTGMusic Trance Mix " for CTG Music , solo EP "Goa terminal" at Shivlink rec, VA Human Hyperactivation for now there are no existing Metapsychic records, Goa Times (Now and Then) compilation for Shivlink rec, VA Alternative Colorous at Ezel-Ebed, VA Beyond The Milky Way for Green Eye Pro and VA People Walk Funny for Cronomi rec, Liquid Flow present himself to the trance scene with full lenght album release under the name "The Presence". Album contain 10 extraordinary tracks twisted in the right old schoole clothes. By the new way of production, guy was able to retain the pure spirit from '90. To be honest, he is one of my all time favour Goa Trance producers. Why? Because he gave all of himself to approach in the right way to no simple stily of trance music. Whole album si full of carefully selected elements that will represent the tracks in the best form. Complexity and melodious what characterized this genre, which is present here in large quantities. Maximal used the possibility of an extremely popular synthesizer 303 is pretty much evident. This is the high score bingo if you ask me. The album is very melodic, energetic and positive! Culminates in a charge of emotion from song to the song, reveal feelings that have been made in every second of this creation. Especially, i like deep, blimp and huge kick that lead every elements behind. Usually, according by releases from 10 or more years ago, kick was almost in the 2nd plane, but here I very good production allow to that element to be highlighted in one of the primary layers of tracks. I must point on very great skill of vocal modifications. Words in the texts make sense on the first place and using effects on voclas is very creative.

The best lift up break have first track who is the holder of the album name and that track is also the best track on album, as for me.

This release is definitely top of the album release in Goa Trance published year 2009.

Thank you Tommy for that, I can freely say, a masterpiece!!!

Stay green!






Saiko Sounds

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How come so few reviews on this? I suppose many people didn't know who Liquid Flow was until their Reformation track on Energy Waves. That's when I first heard a song by the artist. I generally like their style and think old school Goa/Psy-Trance albums deserve more attention. Samples below.



Saikosounds (longer samples)



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This is a solid GOA album, that I have enjoyed quite a bit all the way from its release. Among its merits are some highly energetic melodies with a pleasant emotional touch and overall uplifting breath, we find nice some variation and boring moments are very rare. This is however far from a masterpiece. Its visions are too disjunct and the musical style is too simple to create an interesting spiritual and intellectual unity of the tracks. This feeling of "obvious compositionality" - that is, the elementary musical pieces are too clear to the listener - runs deeper than the structure of tracks composing the album, it is in fact true also for the tracks. Most tracks suffer from the very common condition of being much climax dependent, and as a listener I find myself often more waiting for melodical climaxes than enjoying interesting musical structures. These negatives are unfortunately more rules than exceptions for music in general, and it is easy to bypass them. Overall, however, this is an enjoyable album that is on par with other high quality GOA releases, but lacks compared to the true masterpieces (Ra - 9th is one such current.)

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Looking back later I do think this album is very solid. Liquid Flow has had awesome tracks on compilations. To mention some, Overdose, Synergy, Reformation, also the EP, Goa Terminal, was quite good. All of these tracks have definitely carried expectations for a full album. How good could he actually get? The tracks here are good, even very good, but the problem is the diversity is immensely lacking. Every track individually is good, but when you're trying to listen to the whole thing it just won't work because they all carry the same formula and the overall sound seems on repeat. Definitely room for improvement for a next album, needs more maybe key changes, a couple slower tracks, some experimentation. Either way this is still a good release, the old school spirit with all the newly found power does carry over, no kidding, but it's just not something you should expect to listen from beginning till the end on one go as it will grow tiring. Even so, as I said, the tracks are actually good, they have tons of raving fresh power and I have to take my hats off to that. Best described with the words Ultra and Neo. The whole album is definitely strong party material. Melodies are not exactly hit and miss, but there's definitely some better than others. Also one thing that is kind of a big part of the same kind of sound are the basslines, they aren't bad, but I think it's one reason why everything sounds so samey. All in all, with all said and done, I'd recommend checking this album out.

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I've got no comment for the music because I haven't heard it but someone should have posted the artwork for this album by now because it's very nice.

So I'll do the honour:


Posted Image



I might not have chosen exactly that font or the overlay design in the top right corner(it's still nice) but the background is delicious.

Fractal mountain terrain. I'd love to go hiking there.

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Fractal mountain terrain. I'd love to go hiking there.



Maybe. But the morass of green surrounding seems like the perfect hiding place for aliens with tentacles and very sharp teeth. Hell you can see a vortex opening. Don't know if I'd risk it. Besides it doesn't appear to have the necessary hand and footholds to keep one on the mountain. The album on the other hand is super solid and only it's track similarities keep it from being an outright classic.


Highly recommended.



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