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E-mantra - Arcana

ritual om

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I know what you mean. It took some time to fully integrate myself with the layers, and I still have a hard time defining these songs. The most rewarding part of this release is the atmosphere. It is the perfect combination between earth and outer space in an ancient astronomical type of way, syncing the past and present. Layers float in and out of the mix making it pure floating trance and no, there are no hooks or lead synths that stick with you. It is a nice challenging release and draws closest comparison to Ra's 9th. With that said, I refuse to draw any conclusions about Arcana. I could love this or I could never listen to it again.

Well said, I agree. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I find it boring. Ormion's points also make perfect sense to me.


E-mantra's style is unique. Music that is unique usually has a greater musical value than the typical sound of its genre and stands the test of time.


This album might not give you instant gratification but I think it is as good as it was in 2009 and will be the same in 10 or 20 years from now.


My favourite is Praying Forest.

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So now it can be considered "oldschool newschool goa" I guess.


Nice album. There are "real" melodies, and some pretty good ones (eg, the middle section of Last Encounter and the ending of Approaching Nibiru, - simple yet pretty catchy), and also very fat and juicy synth sounds here.

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