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Underated cds from 2009

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This is just newly released...


Robert Henke - Indigo_Transform CD

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Numerous posts here prove you really do not understand the idea of this topic. :blink:

If "this is just newly released", then it can hardly be underrated or overlooked, can it?

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OK, here's my interpretation of what's this topic is about: if you have a CD, that was released this year but more than 2-3 months ago and you love it, but for some reason others seem to have missed it, you mention it here. Easy as that. Many new CDs are discussed, hyped and praised way before they actually get released (two recent examples: BPC and Principles of Flight) and on the other hand you have releases that somehow no one ever heard of - this topic is for the latter.

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thanks for the thread, guys ... this year I really suck behind incredibly bad ... didn't even catch up on the Ultimae releases because Wirikuta doesn't have them anymore ... that's right, I ordered absolutely nothing this year so far...


shame on me.

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But then, if I can't bug you about the weirdo music I like I could just as well piss off. Cause in all honesty, I don't listen much to psy/goa/morningsunshine or whatever.


Understood. Still, I'd advice you to check out http://www.idmforums.com/ you might be able to meet more likeminded people there. :)
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