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Jikooha - Revolution Spaceship - coming soon!

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Artist: Jikooha

Tiltle: Revolution Spaceship

Label: Panorama Records

Catalog: PAN-0012

Style: Goa Trance

Release date: 2008-08-06 (earlier in Japan), rest of the world coming soon...



Posted Image



Track List:


01. Into The Timewave - 1:26

02. Bay Hall Magic - 7:56 (146 bpm)

03. Vega - 8:05 (145 bpm)

04. Super Secret Area 51 - 7:22 (146 bpm)

05. Fractal Rock City - 8:05 (158 bpm)

06. Red Road - 8:51 (143 bpm)

07. Omega Point (feat. Eiji) - 8:33 (146 bpm)

08. Galaxy Journey - 7:47 (148 bpm)

09. My Revolution And Yours (Filterias Vive la Revolution Remix) - 8:53 (148 bpm)


All tracks written and produced by Jun & Shimodi

Except : 07 & 09 : written and produced by Jun, Shimodi and Eiji

09 : Additional production and remix by Filteria


Mastered by Audibleoddities

Photography by Zai


Executive Producer : biyoyon



Samples available and click:





Release Info:


Free your spirit and take a ride on 'Revolution Spaceship' !


Panorama records proudly presents the release of Jikooha's 3rd album 'Revolution Spaceship'. Since Jikooha was founded in 97 by Jun Iwai and Masakazu Shimodi from Japan, they have released 2 albums ('New Breed' and 'Shamanarchy') and some tracks in various compilations. They have been creating the sounds in new-school goa trance, influenced by mid 90's goa trance.


In 07 and 08 they got attention with some tracks on the compilation 'Golden Vibes series' from Israelie net label OiG, after that improved their sounds more melodic and psychedelic.


'Revolution Spaceship' is featuring melodic and powerful tracks like 'Bay Hall Magic' or 'Vega'. This album also includes a remix by Swedish goa trance maestro Filteria, and will be enjoyable for every melodic trance lovers!





Jikooha Online : http://www.jikooha.com

Jikooha @ myspace : http://www.myspace.com/jikooha

Booking : jikooha@hotmail.com

Panorama Records : http://www.panoramarecords.jp



P.S. If anyone wants to buy this cd immediately we can accept the direct order by Paypal, and send your mail to jikooha@hotmail.com

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Fantastic release. Been listening this CD more then 10 times from intro to "My revolution..." and its simple amazing.

More about this release will write in upcoming review.

Thank You Jun & Shimodi :clapping:

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Thanks for the comments,everyone.

I am really glad to see your kind words!


Anoebis, I see Japanese goa trance lovers are raising these days and we respect you and your teams good works. :D


Lara, Thanks for your long and good review for our album with details. :posford:

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I just got it from Japan! Whow, really a fantastic release, which makes really fun! However, if someone can*t wait for the european relase, you can still get it at www.hmv.co.jp (they have an english website too)! There you get the old Jikooha CD Shamaranchie too, which is also a fantastic release, but sadly never relased out of japan.

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  • 3 months later...

Hello everyone,


About 4 months have passed since Jikooha 3rd album "Revolution Spaceship" was released in Japan,

and then finally the album is out now worldwide!



You can buy:








Saiko Sounds




Thanks for the support and keep the goa spirit alive!


Jun Jikooha

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