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  1. The 3rd Cd is definitly the best one! The Space Prawn Suite is magic, a real psycedelic journey! All in all this ubar tmar cd is the best psytrance release since years! Even these remixed "Oldscool" tracks sounds fresh and new and they are 1000 times better then everything what is called "NewScool".
  2. @dreake the screams from Eigue Kaiki are from Deep Purple. This is taken from the track Child in Time from the Made in Japan LP 1972. Some other Samples are from uriah heap!
  3. If you're living out of japan then you may use www.hmv.co.jp to order this cd. They have an english web site, so its really easy for internationals to order japanese cds! (i ordered the ubartmar last week, and i expect to get it these days.... still waiting for this masterpiece...)
  4. Four things to say : 1.) the pictures in the book are very nice! Some really good snapshots from the people and the atmosphere... i like them! 2.) the stories .... arghhhhh ... most of them are not readable. In the sytle of "I'm writing a boring school essay, what I have done last weekend..." You can't give the book to anyone, who doesn't know the scene... 3.) next the video.... hey guys, WHAT IS THIS.... THIS IS UNWATCHABLE... After 10 minutes I got headack due to to these fucking color changes and superfast cuts... This Video is total bullshit; its really the worst goa movie i've ever seen!!!!!! 4.) the music... the first track is "ok", what means, its not bad, but even not great! The other tracks are boring or really goa-popshit! Nothing great!
  5. There is a brand new mix/track for download at soundcloud.com! 55 minutes really weired sound... Amazing! have fun!
  6. This is a simple question. The best Psy trabnce release 2010 and maybe the best psy trance release since ... is Psykovsky - Tanetsveta I really miss a review here (.. i'm too lazy to write one... ), but this CD is THE Killer release of the last year! This is NOT common Dark Trance! It may have super massive beats and it may be super fast music( up to 174 bpm), but it never gets chaotic or evil music as what is common in typical dark psy. Some tracks of this double CD are brilliant compositions, they are like a kind of a psycedelic symphony, very deep, melodic and intensive! Dreamlike music sometimes! This CD is definitly worth to listen to more then twice times! I saw Psykowsky last year in ozora and this music gives me everything as what i can expect from psycedelic music! Best tracks : 2, 3, 4!!!, 6, 7!!!, 8!!!, 9, 10!!!, 11
  7. Hmmmmmmm, dropsonde is not my favority and even cirque is no his best release. my personal favorit from biosphere is definitly Biosphere - Autour De La Lune (Touch) Ok, the music is not so easy to understand and i even had to listen to it several times, before i was able to like this music! However, I recommend to listen this release very very loud on a very very good HiFi sound system (so if you play only MP3s and you have only cheap computer tweekers or other crap devices than you may be not able to understand the composition, because sounds and effects get lost). Its definitly a perfect soundtrack for a good trip!
  8. Yeah, you missed a really really great festival! The norwegian people are awesome and their festival are lovely! I was now three times at norwegian festivals and its definitly worth to travel there! However, Hallucingenic Horses is playing in Kroatia this summer, just a week after the Transilvania calling or so at a festival which is organized from the people from Lost Theory Records from belgium. I hope, that i'll find the time to travel there!
  9. my personal favorites last year 1.) Psykovsky in Ozora He gave me everything in Ozora, as what i expect from psycedelic music! May be the best set i've ever heard in my live! Very special, but wonderful! 2.) Hallucinogenic Horses at Open Source Festival, Norway Hallucingenic horses are THE supergroup in swedish forest trance. Members are the two guys from Derango, Makadam, Donkey Shot, Traskel ,and some more swedish acts in one big group! I had the pleasure to see them playing live last year i norway and this was better then good! This was fantastic!!!!
  10. Just got it! This is real cool forrest trance, not dark but very very deep! My personal rating 10/10 Points
  11. Puuh... DNA, or the worst psytrance gig i ever heard in my life! To less psy, to much pop, too much commercial Phonokel shit!
  12. I just got it from Japan! Whow, really a fantastic release, which makes really fun! However, if someone can*t wait for the european relase, you can still get it at www.hmv.co.jp (they have an english website too)! There you get the old Jikooha CD Shamaranchie too, which is also a fantastic release, but sadly never relased out of japan.
  13. Texas Faggot aka Mandalavandalz are playing Berlin at the 29.03. It will be a 6 hours live set . If anybody is interested in, see http://www.goatrance.de/goabase/party/details/35666 for further details.
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