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Procs - The Lonely Land of Tada


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I didn't expect anything from the second album, infact didn't even know about it untill recently...

and Mikael didn't release anything for some time, last was Piggys Tapir Boogie which was something different then

the ussual but still a nice track, so after the silence the album just popped out. i hesitated

to listen or not to listen to the samples and i said let it surprise me. and it did, but in a bad way.

first id like to say PROCS + GLITCH = WTF?!?!?! Mikael man u had me worried u went down with the rest,

to crappy waters of production. never ever put glitch on organic sound, thats blastphemy :P glitch works fine with

industrial and mechanical sounds and thats it.




01. Procscircles

02. Astro Circus Freaks

03. All Around Us

04. OK

05. The Lonely Land of Tada

06. No Free Space For Tunas

07. Bouncing In The Ballroom

08. Gobbledegook

09. The Little Beatles

10. The Thin Rustle of Weeds




01. Procscircles - ussualy u gets good impressions of a first track either it be a compilation or an album cause well its the first thing u listen. so u can get a nice impression of it. but this one doesnt have it at all. and it scared me a lot, i mean 5 minutes past and nothing interesting happend. and till the end of the track well u just keep wondering when will it end.

to put it in a light expression this one doesnt have a soul or vibe in it. FILLER!!! one of ur worst tracks Mikael 3/10


02. Astro Circus Freaks - yay we have a pulse :) something is happening. here u get an impression someone made this, althou not the bouncy, playful, wacky side of Procs more the darker side and after the first track this is heaven. not something i would call dancefloor material but nice for home listening or well mental journeys :) the second part of the track gets a nice build up and u can even boogy a bit. can't say filler but nothing special either, just a decent Procs track 6/10


03. All Around Us - now thats a really nice intro, totally builds u up for some mayham. the melody reminded me of old goa sounds, now this is more like it we stepped into Procs at it should be. still a bit darker but way more rythm and dynamics. the bassline is somewhat Para Halu like, ohhhhhhhhh man what a blast off at 4:00! the atmosphere is great and the vibe just right. i keep getting the felling im listening to Para Halu, maybe cause this one is so fucking hypnotic. all in all a very good track, nice one Mikael not bad in the hypnotic department at all :D 7.5/10


04. OK - Procs original :) and more then OK, no words for this one just let it play :D 8/10


05. The Lonely Land of Tada - lets go see how is it in Tada :) i would pretty much say demented but no way lonely, it remides me of Big Fat Large Snoring Lamas...totally enjoy the relentless beating of it, and maybe the only track in which i can digest the use of GLITCH. at 3:50 u can get the impression that its not that lonely in Tada, more like a big party with all kinds of demented entities and phantasms. pure dancefloor material and nice peace of complexity as a track 8/10


06. No Free Space For Tunas - OMG this is the shit!!! Piggys Tapir Boogie part 2!!! so groovy so playful so jazzy...and the piano improvisations...want more of this!!! Mikael hats off man 9/10


07. Bouncing In The Ballroom - o yeah, after the genious mushroom filled tunas we go into a bouncy bouncy mode :D this is why i enjoy listening Procs, so damn danceable. Mushrooms + Procs = dance like a monkey in the forest...this one is the new Gelatom Megafon, o man cant wait to hear this one in a forest. and yeah no GLITCH to break the groove, just pure stomping from start to end. the ending of the track is one of the best so far ive heard from Mikael...genious 9/10


08. Gobbledegook - this one is a total surprise and well when will they stop :D hmmm i consider this as a Procs Full-ON not like Input Flip (Procs Remix) but actuall fullon in a Procs fashion and man i wish that fullon is nearly this good. i totally dig the bassline 8/10


09. The Little Beatles - I cant stop smiling and be in an euphorical mood, bassline is wonderful and the percussion play also. and heres the well known Procs groove with all the right elements. the perfect track for the body and mind...danceable, mental, funny, evolving. o yeah this one takes u right there with the beatles to boogy...to much joy in this one :D 9/10


10. The Thin Rustle of Weeds - OMFG!!! pwned...i want mushrooms for this one, it hurts me to listen to it just like this. this is beyond words. the melancholy the shroomness the fell the jazz!!! 9.5/10 EPIC!!!




What to say at the end, its better then i though it was. i don't even know can i compare it to Stuck In The Oven With Me nor shoud i but it doesnt matter this is a great album with some really creative and wonder track in it. the only drawback id say it have is the use of glitch and well the first track which is IMO a really bad one. all in all a must have release for anyone who knows what psychedelic music is about...so thank u Mikael for making quality psychedelia

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I don't really agree with all that was said in the above review..


First of all, even though it may sound like Procs uses the classic Glitch at some points, I know for a fact that it actually is not "the" Glitch he uses. But even so, what's wrong with glitchy effects if it is done well? (as it most definitely is in this case!)


Second, I don't agree at all that track one is a soulless filler. I think it has a very nice bounce to it, as does most of the tracks on this album.


Third, I definitely don't agree that track two is not suitable for the dancefloor! I would say it's one of the most dance-floor-fitting tracks on the album, it has such a great drive and energy to it, I can't help but want to bounce around when I hear it! And I have actually heard it at a forest party here in sweden last year, so i know for a fact it works great on the dancefloor. :posford: Definitely one of my favorites on this album.



Actually, I usually don't like dark psy very much, but this latest effort by Procs is definitely one of if not The best dark psy album(s) I have heard. "Rolling bassline" seems to be somewhat of a bad thing for many on this forum, but I think Procs does his rolling basslines better than pretty much anyone else. There's just this fat, bouncey, techno-ish, driving groove in many of the tracks that is just instantly catchy and very dance-floor friendly! The production quality is top notch throughout, with excellent use of sidechaining and beautifully growly and slimey filters all over the place (among many many other things).


There are only two things I could perhaps object to on this album, and both of them are purely matters of taste. First, as I said dark psy isn't always my cup of tea, but if you don't mind eerily twisted & nightmarish circus soundscapes then I definitely recommend this. Second, since these eerie soundscapes are mostly very abstract and atmospheric, some tracks feel like maybe they don't really have a very clear structure with distinct "ups and downs", but again this is purely a matter of taste, and also maybe I have just not listened attentively enough to hear it just yet. Actually, I have so far mostly listened to the first 7 tracks.. :rolleyes: For some reason I keep going back to them instead of finishing the whole album..


Finally, No Free Space For Tunas deserves special mention as probably the most unique and original track on the album.. Think virtuoso-pianist jazz, think feverish delirium, and add lots and lots of psychedelic drugs. :lol: Far from easy listening, but very impressive and completely insane!


In short,

if you like twisted, atmospheric, dark and driving psy with a unique experimental flavor and a healthy dose of humour, then this album is highly recommended!

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Double post. *Grrrr* I pressed submit once I thought! :(

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Interesting; he released another album. I was never a fan of the first. But being a unique, dark release it got my attention, though my feelings were mixed. Reviews seem overall stronger for this follow up.





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The first two to three times I listened to this album, I thought it was really good. It has nice sounds, a very organic and original bassline and a nice drive to it. But now I've come to find it boring actually. It has all the aspects of decent forrest trance (organic bassline, troll-like sounds and melodies...), but he doesn't really do anything original with it imo. It's all too static, the sounds don't come together to a swirling forrest experience


that's how I experience it

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Wow, this is so different from the "Stuck in the Oven with me". I started to not liking it after hearing the first two tracks. It's just not my style and i was getting to skip the whole album but then the 3rd track "All around us" began - and it saved the situation. I liked it a lot.

Also my favourites were 6 and 10. they're so intersting and original :) It was a really good idea to include those two into this weirdy abum.

But i'm still more stuck with the "Oven" than this one.

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