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What is Psynews ?


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Guest neurogen

Hopefully soon enough. I've been getting bored of the interwebz lately and the OT section & the occasional 100 posts per day used to be a cure to that.

Good ol' days!


i dont get it. there IS an OT section. A big one!

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i dont get it. there IS an OT section. A big one!


When the post you're replying to was written, there wasn't. The OT section was reopened in April 2011 after a three-year absence.

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yes - definately awesome thread to find! now a big question that may make me freak out..

was the goatrance.free website the one with snazzy colors and had Cosmosis - Key to Innerverse playing in the backround? I had that link saved for the longest time and still do in a note memo file. it was a site I stumbled upon a few times when getting into the music 11 years ago. search engines would take me there ;p if thats the same site then COOL but crazy to just now find out I was still sort of connected to Psynews back then ^_^

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Wonderful post. Must read for all psynews members :)

Thanks to everyone involved in making psynews what it is today. Today psynews was not accessible for a few hours and it freaked me out! :D I found myself hitting the refresh button again and again.


Psynews has become a part of my life now. Glad I became a member. :)

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