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I am not sure if you most you guys know this or not, but Flying Rhino Records are offering many of the tracks from their early releases for free in MP3 format on their website. I have most releases, but still! Very very very nice in my opinion!!!


Their motivation reads:


"The Back Catalogue section contains multiple MP3 downloads and will offer everyone the chance to experience an amazing history of Psychedelic Music. Currently we are working on some new releases and these will be published on the website as soon as they are completed."


Check it out!




All donations will be given to charity...

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where's the wav?

Now don't be greedy, man. If you want top notch sound quality, you have discogs and eBay, and your own money to spend ;) . Be happy with what you get...
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Well new toons aren't exactly popping up at beatport

I wasn't refering to new toons. I was talking about Flying Rhino Records back catalogue: if one is not happy or complains about the 128kbps MP3s on their web site, then head to eBay and discogs and buy the originals... Why rant about the WAVs which you are not likely to get?
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I wrote the site owner some emails but never heard back. Anyone know how to contact the FRR back catalogue rights owner?

Will Stoner is/was the guy responsible for the last iteration of the Rhino site... I guess he's who you were in contact with?


will [at] flyingrhino [dot] co [dot] uk <-- no idea if it still works


AFAIK the copyright on the old recordings reverted back to the artists once Rhino went down. Not all artists agreed to having the audio up there which is why the catalogue was incomplete.

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