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After loosing my faith in the genre and passing years listening to other sounds and rhytms I've been born again!!!


I heard Logic Bomb's "Insanity Insanitly" and tears of joy rolled down my face (literally). The beat, the hi-hats, the basslines, the riffs are just incredible, like great old school goa trance...


What an amazing album!!! :posford:


Thanks :clapping:

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Welcome back, whoever you argh.

haha! kickass. well, he's been around since 2002 on here, but probably disappeared because of disappointment like many others who just simply moved on. i stuck around, but only in jaded-mode. i'll have to give that album a listen indeed.


welcome back, newcomer! :)



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you guys are sucres going in to the 'General' section and pumpin' spam. shame on you! :ph34r:



I know so little music from LB, but what I have on varies compilations is like gold. I realy want this album! *damn echonomics* <_<

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