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  1. Logic Bomb is tha shit!!! I can't stop listening and jumping... Swedish rule!!! :posford:
  2. After loosing my faith in the genre and passing years listening to other sounds and rhytms I've been born again!!! I heard Logic Bomb's "Insanity Insanitly" and tears of joy rolled down my face (literally). The beat, the hi-hats, the basslines, the riffs are just incredible, like great old school goa trance... What an amazing album!!! :posford: Thanks :clapping:
  3. Whose track is this?? It has a sample of The Joker laughing hard and then the 70's "Batmaaaan" jingle...
  4. I think Ticon and Vibrasphere are somehow kind of the same style, given they are in the same label (Digital Structures), but do you know any other similar artist to Son Kite? PS: I fucking love this kind of trance.
  5. It's sucks, thank god I had the opportunity to listen to it on the record store before paying for such a boring album without melody.
  6. Vbrunner just said it, it's great to hear something new and innovative. Unique and fun psytrance that will make you rock!!!! Every track has that touch on the sequences, that when you thought it's over it brings you up again. Definitely one of the revelations of 2002.
  7. Tentwins

    V/A - Time And Space 2

    Great compilation!!! Track 1 does not do much for me, 'cause I expected more from Synthetic and Bamboo Forest, but after the first one the music gets better and better. Tracks 4, 5 and 9 are killers in my opinion, amazing, tripping and up-lifting full-on for the peak of a party. The work from Alternate Vision, is superb (Logic Bomb style at its best!!!) Grade: 8.5/10
  8. I didn't like it. It gets kind of boring after the third track. No interesting sequences, layers, sounds or samples to keep your attention. Nevertheless it's not that bad, I liked the basslines and the beat rate 6/10
  9. One of the best releases of 2002. Intelligent music, with great basslines and incredible musical structures. Logic Bomb rules. The killers: Unlimited, High Density, Neighbour of the beast and Future Uncertain.
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