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Recommend Me Some Good Progressive Psy...


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The topic just about says it all.

I prefer proggy stuff that is:

-More trance than house


-Does not have vocals

-Has very few if any at all electro influences


Although, I have an open mind and will give anything a chance.....



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i would say andre absolut is kinda housy and electroish. but give it a shot nonetheless...


vibrasphere- archipelago (not last one that one sucks!)

aerospace- elevation

bitmonx & fabio- plugged

daydin- speakers corner

neelix- same thing but different (slightly electro)

kiwa- on the frequency

symphonix- music prostitute

va uncharted

el zisco- behind the mirage

klopfgeister- sunflavoured

liquid soul- synthetic vibes

va destination

reefer decree- point of you

va back from beyond

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Werd! Sounds just like her description. Or the last Symphonix CD Music Prostitute, even though there are some definite low points mixed in there with the high points.

Indeed! I really enjoy the new Sun Control Species :)

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Well I hope so... His 1st album wasn't too exciting.

No time to waste man:

get your coat,

go to the hospital

ask for the "full ear treatment"

maybe it's not too late & we can still save you from going deaf ;)


Gaudium just played a live-set at VUUV with only 1 old track & all the rest was new stuff.

Expect a lot of 303-acid lines, burries deep in the grooves.

It's going to kick ass from Sweden to Sidney & back, trust me.


More on that note, Ace Ventura played an absolute mindboggling live-set at Wonderland this weekend, so keep an eye open for that full album aswell. There could be a fantastic slow track with a galopping-goa-beat on there, aswell as your favourite black beauty: NightRider :P

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there's not too much non-boring, non-housy-electro-whatever stuff out there, but this one I enjoyed quite a lot

Agreed! I was going to recommend the Perfect Stranger - Changed Remixes too, progressive with maybe a bit more than a pinch of psychedelic. Down my alley!


Also check out Flow Records VA - Globalize, both volumes 1 and 2. I think that you would like it!

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Gaudium is releasing a full album on Iboga on the 31st of August. And from what I've heard on our party, this will rocky many progressive souls.

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Sound Field - Audio Surfin'

Reefer Decree - Point of You

Behind Blue Eyes - Behind Blue Eyes


Also eagerly expecting the forthcoming Gaudium album. They fortunately seem to have been able to resist the temptation to jump on the electro fad bandwagon.

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