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Sound Field - Audio Surfin' (Oxygen Records @ Feb. 07)

Guy Cohen

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Hi All !


Oxygen Records sixth release is the debut album of Sound Field project - Audio Surfin. Andy Yakovlev and Liron Atia are the souls behind this project, but most of it wrote by Andy, because unxpected accident of him partner . So far, each release from this sunny label was a blast and thats why I'm always keep my eyes on their new releases. The tempo range is 130-140 (with one down temop track), but there is no chance you could imagine the style of the music, because there is no specific definition for this kind of music.


Posted Image


1. Psychedelic Revival

The first psychedelic experience in this album is "Psychedelic Revival" tune. The begining of this track is sound weird a bit with special touch of old-school style and the super groovy loop is "draw" a clear picture - modern beats with old vibes. The music is alive, always developing to new directions and force the listener to follow it insistencely. The lovely symphony on the middle is also a sign for something not regular is happen right near our ears.


2. Technological Terror

Andy's advanced sense of humor is the reason for this ironic name I think. The track it self is deep and shady with mysterious atmosphere and emotional playings rolling again and again. I guess that Andy is trying to build a personal mood for this album and "Technological Terror" is the move for it. This track is suitable for the scary night time...


3. Midi Tales

The sun is shining and the groove is take control all around...the smiles are everywhere . The vocals combined with the great progressive beat is the factor for successful dance product. The listener is still not going crazy diging for this track but the body is start shaking as it should be. There are some sophisticated games with the baseline and the melodies, and all this together create a wonderful pack of enjoyment.


4. Return to the Field

The tempo is almost getting to the full on range (140 BPM), and thats a diserve reason to prepare the legs for massive diging. I feel like all the positive energies is leave my body and fly in the air. A funky baseline is going together with colorful playings. "Return to the Field" is a delightful track full with happy melodies and amazing atmosphere. Well done boys.


5. CrossBreed

The highlight moment on this cd is here. I'm still have difficulty to belive this rare sounds came out from Israeli studio. There is not a fine description to describe what this guys did here, but I can promise one thing - the trip is going to be fascinating and exciting. Inimitable stuff.


6. Dub Vibration

When you arrive to the top of the moountain, the only way is down for this spot and thats exactly what is going on now. The tempo is very low (120 BPM) and this is the most appropriate thing for the body & the brain after track numer five. The bodi is moving slowly and the ears are enjoy from pleasant sounds from Andy & Liron soul. Thanks !


7. Funk Science (Southern Mix)

Welcome to Sound Field's funky concert. This what I call "sexy" kick and rare flow, which let me respond it on very strange dance . The dance floor is still far from this track, but those beautiful nine minutes are the most requested thing now. The brake on 04:45 is one of the most smiley loops I've ever heard. Keep it up and never stop.


8. Second Step Above The Sun

If you loof for a reason to understand what is so speical on "Audio Surfin" album, so track number 8 is the proof for it. Sometime I wonder what is the music influence on the listener, and while I hear the "Second Step Above The Sun" track I found the answer - the journey with the music ! The soft melodies with the chilly baseline are the promising factors for enjoyable journey to the galaxy.


9. Lifted Higher

Andy is unite forces with Lars Knudsen and "Lifted Higher" is the result. This track is simply a pure art, everything is located on the right place and somwhow it's catch my brain and walk with it hand by hand to the end of this one of a kind trip .



To sum it up without saying too much - GET IT FAST !!!




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I normally dont post my complete reviews in english, this time I make an exception however, to give labels an impression of what my reviews are like.

They are written for another site, electrobeat.dk, which focusses on electronic music in general, but which has mostly trance users.

There are more newbies to the music on our site, therefore the focus is on the whole of the release, instead of a track by track walkthrough.




Sound Field – Audio Surfin’ (Oxygen Records, 2007)

Andy Yakovlev(Prosect, Sonify & ICO) teams up with Liron Atia to create the Sound Field project, whose debut album we review in this article.

The album also offers a collaboration track with danish Lars Knudsen, the genre is Progressive Psychedelic Trance.


Tracklist OXYCD006


01. Sound Field “Psychedelic Revival” (9:41)

02. Sound Field “Technological Terror” (8:57)

03. Sound Field “Midi Tales” (8:20)

04. Sound Field “Return To The Field” (6:55)

05. Sound Field “CrossBreed” (9:28)

06. Sound Field “Dub Vibration” (8:11)

07. Sound Field “Funk Science (Southern Mix)” (9:00)

08. Sound Field “Second Step Above The Sun” (10:36)

09. Sound Field & Lars Knudsen “Lifted Higher” (8:09)


Sound Field is made up of 2 israliens who go by the names of Andy Yakovlev and Liron Atia, in 2003 they chose to create a new musical project together (Sound Field) which was to unite Andy’s melodic sounds, grooves and structuring with Liron’s flair for progressive and softer sounds for the morning hour dance floors. Furthermore Sound Field is about having fun thru the development of fresh music, the project name itself in its own way symbolizes the freedom to create anything within the field of sound.


The title of the album ”Audio Surfin’” is connected with Liron’ s love for the sea, a love he has enjoyed surfing the waves earlier in his life. Unfortunately Liron is today confined to a wheel chair due to an accident. Therefore, the title is also dedicated to him personally. The cover art is symbolic for the colors of sound the album explores.


The album offers several facets of electronic music who all seem to integrate into the general course of the album following the softer psychedelic sounds. Genres are eagerly crossed, for this reason the tracks on the album are quite diverse from each other. This diversity offers the listener funky melodies, dub & reggae sections, electro grooves, technoish repetitions, classic 303 build ups and old school goa moods, all whom are integrated into the general trend towards the softer progressive psychedelic trance style which has been so popular during the last years.


In its search for new sounds I think Sound Field has succeeded in producing a very good result, a result which quality is apparent in the diversity present on this album. In regards to flow the album works well, since I definitely feel a connection between the different variations of the tracks.


That being said I dont want to promote Sound Fields album as something ground breaking new in its genre either, since other artists are also able to produce the same level of diversity and flow. Instead, I want to say that it is a good album and a text book example of how an album can be turned into an interesting and versatile experience for the listener instead of it just being a collection of tracks of the same sound with no real progression from start to finish.


Something I miss with the Sound Field album is one or more tracks who seek to increase the tempo and energy level somewhat over the other progressive tracks. This could have added a bit of extra contrast to the album, something that would have made a positive difference for me.


I have set this album at a rating 4/5, for its variation, quality, story and all the other positive things I mention in this review.

There is still something missing musically before a rating of 5/5 is a possibility for me, at least a couple of the tracks didn’t really catch me to take me on their journey or were simply not melodicly compatible with me.


I look very much forward to listening to more releases from Andy Yakovlev, I dont know if Liron Atai will be able to produce again after his accident. For now, the project is being continued by Andy.

If you are into Progressive, whether it be of the House, Psychedelic or Deep Trance variety I can recommend you this album with a good conscience. The same can be said if you love a funky sound woven into softer progressive psytrance.



!Sound Field “Midi Tales” (8:20)

!Sound Field “CrossBreed” (9:28)

!Sound Field “Second Step Above The Sun” (10:36)

!Sound Field “Funk Science (Southern Mix)” (9:00)

Sound Field “Technological Terror” (8:57)

Sound Field “Return To The Field” (6:55)

Sound Field “Dub Vibration” (8:11)


Karakter: 4/5 (isratrance rating 7/10)


Listen to tracks or order:

CD: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/oxy/oxy1cd006.html


Other links

Label Website: http://www.oxygenrecords.com

Artist Website: http://www.prosectorium.com

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Sound Field – Audio Surfin’


Posted Image


Hi-res cover: front + back


Artist: Sound Field (Israel)

Title: Audio Surfin’

Format: CD (jewel case)

Label: Oxygen Records (Spain)

Cat. #: OXYCD006

Distribution: Arabesque

Date: February 2007


Track listing:


01. 09’39” Psychedelic Revival

02. 08’59” Technological Terror

03. 08’26” Midi Tales

04. 06’47” Return To The Field

05. 09’26” CrossBreed

06. 08’09” Dub Vibration

07. 09’01” Funk Science (Southern Mix)

08. 09’55” Second Step Above The Sun

09. 08’15” Lifted Higher


.m3u-playlist: http://tinyurl.com/2ccatj (all tracks!)




Cross-dressing trance.


The sixth release from Spain’s Oxygen Records is the long awaited debut album from the Sound Field duo consisting of Israeli studio wizards Andy Yakovlev (ProSect, Sonify) and Liron Atia (who suffered an accident recently causing Andy to continue the project on his own for the time being).


When I write ‘long awaited’ I mean it – every single compilation track I’ve heard from these talented guys have been nothing short of breathtaking… Endlessly funky music from the deep realms of progressive trance fused with all kinds of electronic hybrids creating purebred crossover trance… Let’s find out if their full album delivers the same kind of stamina.


Let me take you thru the tracks…


#01: Psychedelic Revival [135 BPM]

“My music, it started without me!” And we open with a blast! As the title reveals, the guys go straight for the gold, and presents us with a sure-fit psychedelic blast… Extremely versatile, eclectic trance which draws on all kinds of influences. Lush percussion, driving synths and tweaked rhythms. The perfect hybrid between rich, funky progressive trance and twirling psytrance… Amazing track!


#02: Technological Terror [138 BPM]

The next track is a pun on the pretentious darkpsy fad which is currently swamping our scene… Of course the alleged darkness isn’t allowed to prevail for too long, and after the minimal spugeadelic intro, the track finds itself somewhere in between melodic morning bliss and gritty progressive trance… Lovely floating stuff, which I think works better for home listening or beach crusing than on the dancefloors.


#03: Midi Tales [137 BPM]

“Learn not to cross me!” The next track has more dancefloor appeal though. After another very original intro, we’re exposed to a beautifully orchestrated track with a deep, sharp, bouncy nature… Despite the lower BPM, this actually sounds faster than the previous one – and the subtle-placed acid-bits go down really well with this reviewer. Brilliant track.


#04: Return To The Field [140 BPM]

Let’s shelf the crossover action for a while, and just listen to this uplifting track which is a textbook example of lush progressive trance building to a frenzy… The progression is spot-on and is destined to leave smiles on everyone exposed to it… Sexy stuff for sure, but I prefer the edgier tracks over this.


#05: CrossBreed [138 BPM]

And we’re back in crossover territory… This one leans heavily towards commercial melodic trance – with a subtle Sound Field twist to it… Uplifting melodies, harmonic pads, tight percussion and seamless chord progression… All pretty cheesy elements, but I can’t help but like this… It’s just so damn crisp. Nicey nice!


#06: Dub Vibration [120 BPM]

Next up is another detour – this time into…You’ve guessed it – smoky dub! Dub which eventually picks up the pace and morphs into faster, danceable stuff. Would mix perfectly with Ganja Beats, Kukan-Dub-Lagan and the likes… This track has some smooth passages and the production is flawless, but I’ve never been the biggest fan of dub to be honest. The rasta samples doesn’t help either.


#07: Funk Science (Southern Mix) [130 BPM]

Time for a slow-burning, low-ripping progressive back-burner… This is lush, plush and totally laid-back sexy beach house trance… (!) Real percussion and stretched harmonic background pads alongside some soothing, joyous melodies… Very Scandinavian sounding with a seductive Southern edge. Wallpaper yes, but good and wholesome wallpaper.


#08: Second Step Above The Sun [132 BPM]

The lush progressive trance feeling continues on the next track which has just a tad more bite… A pounding, yet funky rhythm section provides the funk factor alongside some patented Sound Field synth lines and some house antix! (Pun intended!). It’s still as sexy as its predecessor, but the extra edge makes even more enjoyable and this is my fav’e of the two. Yummy!


#09: Lifted Higher [130 BPM]

“We will fly!” On the last track the guys are joined by Lars Knudsen (aka. Mindfly) form Denmark. What we get here is lovely balanced progressive trance with a nightly atmosphere and a deep, groovy kick. Pretty straightforward without any major surprises, but with such an uplifting nature that you cannot help but like it… A fine little track which is rich in trance nutrition.


The Sound Field debut album is a very enjoyable encounter. Just as I’d expected, this was a very versatile journey spanning a wide musical spectre. From aggressive, relentless psytrance to smooth, silky-white downbeat, over lush and uplifting morning trance… And pretty much everything in between… There’s something for most people here.


Top notch production quality too from these multitalented producers… With only a one track that didn’t do much for me, I’m also impressed by the quality level here. From the subtle artwork to the story-telling. Lovely stuff for stuff for sure, that will most definitely find fans among both hardened trancers, clubbers and crossover aficionados. Enjoy!


Favourites: 1(!!), 3(!), 5, 8



Posted Image


External links:

Prosect: http://www.prosectorium.com (currently n/a)

Oxygen Records: http://www.oxygenrecords.com

Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/release/913232

Saiko Sounds: http://tinyurl.com/yvx63b

CD Universe: http://tinyurl.com/23hz39

Beatspace: http://tinyurl.com/2dy7ys

Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/27o4pm

Psyshop: http://tinyurl.com/246e8z

Juno: http://tinyurl.com/yru2xo

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Good album from Sound Field. Tracks 1 and 3 are indeed great fun although the rest of the album never quite reaches those lofty heights. I also like the closing track. Several of the remaining tracks are competent (like 4) without being special. The dub track, however, is pretty blah.


On balance, I do like this CD and am glad I purchased it. But I get the feeling that these chaps (particularly Prosect) can put in more winners on the next album.






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This album is one of my all time favorite in progressive trance catalog after Protonica.

Fresh and deep sound, pure bliss. 8.5/10


Favorite Track : Second Step Above The Sun , CrossBreed and Technological Terror :rolleyes: and Psychedelic Revival too is a superb track.


Nice work Sound Fields :)

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I never heard of Sound Field until now. Several genre styles seem present here. One is a more chilled progressive, trance influenced Down/Mid-Tempo. The second is darker, generally progressive trance. The third is straight up dub. With exception to tha last track, it's the darker style I favor on tracks like 1 + 3. They're groovy. I like stuff like that, especially track 3...wish there was more of it here.


I really like the sound of tracks Psychedelic Revival and Midi Tales. The latter has an early moment like the evil seven dwarfs with twisted voice samples. It's great. The track is comprised of cool sound fx, interesting melodic moments, melodies, and more. I like the buildup. It keeps the song interesting as it moves foward. A strong echoed boom sound like an altered huge woodan door shutting makes for a strong complimentary beat sound. The change up is good. I really like this track and wish there were more like this.


I'm not in love with the ones that follow but track 8 and 9 sound good.

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"Top notch production quality too from these multitalented producers… With only a one track that didn’t do much for me, I’m also impressed by the quality level here. From the subtle artwork to the story-telling. Lovely stuff for stuff for sure, that will most definitely find fans among both hardened trancers, clubbers and crossover aficionados. Enjoy!"...THIS ALBUM STILL TWISTS MY MIND!!! :)

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Posted Image


Artist: Sound Field

Title: Audio Surfin

Label: Oxygen Records

Date: February, 2007


1. Psychedelic Revival

2. Technological Terror

3. Midi Tales

4. Return to the Field

5. CrossBreed

6. Dub Vibration

7. Funk Science (Southern Mix)

8. Second Step Above The Sun

9. Lifted Higher




Because millions of people didn't ask for it here is my take on more music that is 5-6 years old. This is musical duo Andrey Yakovlev & Liron Atia with their debut back in 2007. Might have to add these guys to the one and done pile because I think their debut was also their finale. Which is a shame because this is quite an underrated gem. When you listen to older music its quality can be determined by how well it holds up. Does it sound like something today's producers (those with talent) would create?




This is a chunky (been using that word a lot lately) heavily cyber influenced beast that with it's pumping beats and psychedelic sounds falls into the psy-gressive realm. Like the Matrix it's dark and futuristic in a way that is super appealing. They didn't forget the melancholy melodies and also brought a heavy back end to keep you moving. I'm not sure if Oxygen Records is still around, but the style of trance makes me think of Blue Hour Sounds. Where a label like Iono will soak you in layers of dreamy melodies, this is more focused on the rhythm section to entrance you and then hit you with the melodies. Crystal clear production will have you feeling every note and that can make all the difference. The blow the doors down with the opener Psychedlic Revival and their use of the 303 on Return to the Field is mesmerizing as it just continued to build. Flexing genre muscles they drop in a dubby downtempo track in the middle of things that evolves into a mid tempo awakening. Not my favorite though.


Funk Science was pretty and was like painting with water colors, but had me thinking that it was made by a different project. How did this bit of happiness find its way in here? That said it was still satisfying to be sure. If you prefer the darker sound of the first half of the album well... Second Step gets all housey and loungey with melodies that you can view from the troposphere. The percussion and bass combo is quite inventive and makes me smile, but the almost 10 minute length made me frown.


So this album is a tale of two halves. Darker and pumping in the beginning separated by the dub track and then easing right into a floaty white linen melody party where nobody gets hurt.


You know, I'm in the process of clearing out the hard drive of music I haven't listened to in forever, but I keep coming across quality work like this that makes it difficult to delete. That's a good problem to have me thinks.






Saikosounds *holy crap, just $7.95?*



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