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  1. I like the fact that he stayed away from Electro influences and produced a pure trance album. All in all, whilst this is no milestone, it is a pretty good album.
  2. I instantly thought of Bluetech when I heard this, although it is a bit more varied and ventures more into the lounge side of things. All in all a pretty good album.
  3. Superb morning tracks, very much remind remind me in the feel of the classical Digital Structures releases (Son Kite, Vibrasphere, Etnoscore etc)
  4. The ambient tracks are brilliant, however I am yet to really get into the dancier tracks (apart from Erosion and Isolation). To me that Vibrasphere magic is missing from those.
  5. I agree, Time Stretch is an awesome track. Also 'Nurbs' is at 140 I think, and that is one of my favs of his
  6. I like this a lot...very fresh and original compared to the the current wave of generic full-on
  7. Man, I love the idea and the melodies of the track, however it doesnt quite together for me, the bassline sounds a bit simple. I think with a bit more work you have makings of a great track.
  8. I have to say that this one of the most original goa/psy trance albums ever made, the sound is so unique and there nothing out there like it. Dark, but clean beautifull and melodic goa trance. Stunning!!
  9. http://www.teknoscape.net/mp3/Madpup%20-%2...unday%20mix.mp3 The tracklist is: Freq vs Spherical - Suzuki Sun [iboga] Freq - Life Impulse [Tatsu] Ace Ventura - Cardiac Arrest (Zen Mechanics mix) [iboga] Tegma - Canacas [Plusquam] Etnoscope - Screamer Slice [Avalanche] Neoris vs Vacuum Stalkers - Under Sea Level [Hoofs and Horns] Wizzy Noise - No Results [spun] Orion - Fast Lane [solstice] Wizzy Noise - Baby Helicon [spun] Prometheus - OK Computer [Twisted] Enjoy!!
  10. It is Culture Beat - Mr Vain How could you forget?? Shame on you!
  11. madpup

    Antix - Lull

    I think in the right settings, this album is awesome on the dancefloor, and not just for home listening. Its a great sound, a real cascade of many sounds that combine together to produce something beautifull. My fav track is Darko, such an amazing mix of dark and light.
  12. Freq's production is amazing, it really shines through during a live set. Also a couple of other standouts for me as other people mentioned here are The Delta and Astrix.
  13. I have to go against the majority here. I found this album to be nothing special, I liked the darker breakbeat tracks, but the ambient type of tunes did nothing for me.
  14. I am not hurt, I just think you are an idiot.
  15. Lo-Step's mix of Dorset Perception is not really a mix in a classical sense of the word. Two very successful Australian progressive producers added a breakbeat for the track to play in their live sets, the track was getting massive reactions on the dancefloors and got lots of djs interested in getting hold of it. Hence the release on vinyl.
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