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Sensient - AntiFluoro (Zenon Records Nov 06)

Goa Bill

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1 Dusty Circuit

2 A New World

3 Simple Sex

4 Nectar

5 Motion Perception

6 Wookie Beats (ft. Moses)

7 Madmans Playroom

8 Sona Arome


Tim Larner AKA Sensient is back with his third, aptly named album, AntiFluoro. After releasing some of the finest minimal gems on compilations and 2 exellent albums he presents us his fresh material on this album.

First let me mention that i had a huge expectations from this album, Sensient for me is one of the very few artists in this scene that still stay true to their own roots, still make complicated, not easily digestible and dare i say very psychedelic music with very precise and well thought structures.

So shortly after i recieved the package i brutally ripped it off and inserted the album into the CD player.

First, let me mention the wicked cover and especially the inner art. Two thumbs + another thing up for this one! One of the best designs of this year, no doubt. And now for the music itself:


Dusty Circuit starts off with a very dark and indeed dusty soundscapes. Slowly but surely it clears out and gets a bit groovier but still remains pretty dusky. Nice tune but i am not sure how good it is as the album opening.

A New World is a bit like fast forwarding a cartoon. It has a lot of insanely fast shifting elements and it can easily fuck you up when you're under the influence digging a hole in the dancefloor. Words can't describe the mess that this tune creates in my head, so i'll just advice to hear it with the volume fader up till it's red. This track is a mindfuckery of the highest grade.

Simple Sex kicks off with some mechanical noises and a warm atmosphere with the trademark Sensient's "Heavier than your average Sumo wrestler" rhythm section. This tune develops rapidly with various spooky growling noises and pads. I swear i can hear church bells at some part. Pope on acid in helloween outdoor party. Not much sex here aside the kinky samples in the middle, unless the church samples turn you on like they turn me on.

Nectar starts with a sample that was used too many times before but it gets swallowed pretty fast with another deeper than Jenna Jameson throat bassline. The porn samples that escaped from the previous tune found themselves here harmoniously fitting the tablas behind. Yet another seriously fucked up tune here. I blame the hole in the Ozone for this one.

Motion Perception begins with some more dark pads and seriously bent cartoon samples. It has a more coherent progressive structure although it has it's share of Sensient's trademark oddity. I think that this one has a big dancefloor potential. Both full-on and progressive dj's should find this one fitting in party's peak. A bit like Beat Bizarre but with that extra Sensient touch.

Wookie Beats with Moses (a half of Bufo that just released a wicked album on Cosmic Conspiracy Records) takes the insanity one step further. Starts rather standard but starts to gain energy with all sorts of weird circus, kids and home appliances samples. I am sure those lads had great laugh creating this tune cause it just oozes sillyness and fun. Don't get me wrong though, it is another dancefloor burner on a bit more experimental side though. Great to see there are artists out there that still maintain a high fun factor in their music and don't resort to pseudo serious spirituality in their music or god forbid, political messages.

When you think you can't get any sillier Madman's Playroom starts with really well placed Pool balls sounds. You can hear well in this tune that Tim has a drummer's soul deep within. The tune is very much percussion driven. It is very unfortunate that there aren't many drummers in nowadays Psy trance, the percussions when used properly can turn a tune upside down and this tune is a prime example. This and the funky bass guitar slaps. The crazy funky break in the middle is delightful, one could wish that more people had the balls to go with something as wild as a black female singer in the middle of a psy trance tune.

Sensient does it and gets away with it.

Sona Arome, the closer reminds me a lot Immersion from the previous album. It has the same epic qualities and is much less hectic as the rest of the album. Very deep and laidback tune with some surprising saxophone parts inside. Not much to say further, it's a cool tune and a fine wrapper for a fine album.


Bottom line:

Well, yet another fine Sensient album that firmly puts him in my personal Hall of Fame of Psy Trance. Not a single weak track here, although the first track wasn't that much of a good choice but that's really small money. The album should create a serious havoc in the dancefloor and a little bit less suitable for home listening unless you have a serious sound system to really absorb the superb sound production here that once again is top notch (not that i expected any less). Recommended for both Full-On and Progressive followers, but i have a feeling that Suomi fans might like the sonic anarchy here as well.



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Strange, all your reviews/comments can be divided to:


1. This is shit. 1/10

2. The is the best CD evargh 10/10!


Hmm. I hardly reviewed 5~7 CDs this year. The ones i reviewed were indeed very good. Can't remember i reviewed anything and gave it 1/10. That would be a total waste of my time. :blink:

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Awesome album, thought its not perfect. It doesn't deserver a 10, but a very strong 9.5 yeahhhhh :)

It's a follow up to sensient's previous album pressure optimal. This time even better. Sharp, cutting edge minimal beats, scary samples and the whole amotsphere builds kinda thriller' effect. Only sensient can achieve it :)

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  • 2 months later...

Yes this is indeed the shit! Good old Sensient has done it again! I think Im actually going to like this more than Pressure Optimal... but lets see! It seems like its become more minimal than his prevoius work, it seems he is emphasizing the crunchy soundscapes more... but all in all its in the same vain as Pressure Optimal but imo its more mature (but its difficult to say).

I really like the playfulness in it and its helping to make it even more enjoyable, best heard in Madmans Playroom...great great track!!!

This is surly also how I take my progressive, have had a hard time finding stuff that could keep my interest lately... Tegma - Around The World In 80 Minutes and Sensient - Antifluoro did it in 06... but Im just not a big progressive fan that might be why I did'nt find more :P

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Love it Love it Love it Love it !!!!



Trk 8 for me is my favorite at the moment..


Such a wonderful album, definitely going to have to pick up more from Sensient...

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Oh i really need to give it a spin. Haven't heard it a week now :o

Also had the old idea to make a 70 minute Sensient tribute set and now i even got the time to aktually do it.

:) remember to record it, so we can get a listen too :)

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+1 :D

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I'm going to comment on this CD at the risk of sounding unpopular. First I think I should say that I do not enjoy minimal. It's just so...minimal. I find it very boring. So when I got this I didn't listen to it for a long while, because I knew my judgement would be colored. First, it is very psychedelic. I can appreciate the complexity with loads of sounds and awesome basses. The production is crystal clear. I listened to this on a good system so the auditory experience was very crisp. But to me it is still just minimal with no melody and random sounds in very long tracks. There was nothing for me to latch on to, to make any of the tracks memorable.


While I have said that I don't enjoy minimal, even a non-believer like me can tell this is well done. If there was a track I liked the best it would be the last one, just because the basses are truly powerful in that track. I think it is also closer to a more enjoyable progressive style with some semblance of melody.


Having said that this music is not my cup of tea, it wouldn't be fair for me to rate it. I will say this however. Usually I pass right over minimal trance, and even if I listen to some, it would only be once. With this, I can see myself giving it multiple listens to see if it would grow on me. I guess that's a start.



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