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  1. It's more commercial then his previous album. To not say too much negavtive words on this cd i'll end right now
  2. Now you know 1. I prefer his faster tracks a lot more then groovy deep progressive tunes. "FREq - Time Stretcher" Is it fast enough for freq? Oh well, anyways this track is my absolute favourite from his entire discography. One of the most original psytrance basslines i have ever heard.
  3. Isn't Teristan's track here a cover to some Space Tribe's older track (probably from religious experience album) ? The lyrics at the beggining sound familiar...
  4. Of course it has a lot to do with fullon. It is fullon tbh It's an awesome album. If anyone was expecting another IFO or spaced out goatrance will be dissapointed. In fullon/modern terms this album deserves 9/10. Anyone who loved Etnica - Sharp from 2004 should be delighted with seven sisters. It's the same style... And imo a cover to "the age of love" is brilliant.
  5. Anyone know this track? Whats the artist and track name (remix) ? It's rather progressive tune with some nice vocals. Recently CPU rlsd a cover to it called "u spin" Originaly "Dead or Alive - Spin Me Around" The rmx im looking for isnt hujaboy either protoculture. Here is the short sample to let ya know what im talking about... http://www.sendspace.com/file/enq8gc
  6. http://www.sendspace.com/file/nv00an electric universe - mind of god (3 parts) http://www.sendspace.com/file/zjccaf electric universe - super position (2 parts sample) http://www.sendspace.com/file/gocp8q ESP - deep purple haze (3 parts' sample) http://www.sendspace.com/file/uy3fyq ESP - inner revolution sample.mp3 Here we go with more sweets
  7. galactika - blue velvet sample Only this needs identyfing lyrics
  8. I need your help to complete or fix the lyrics from some tracks. Here is what i found out... Insanity - State of being insane unsoundness of mind or without recognition of one’s illness Insanity – is rather social, illegal then medical term. ....od disorded resulting in inability to manage humans afears and performance social diseese "X-Dream – Insanity" complete it Need also complete lyrics of this one. ???????????????????????????????????? "Galactika - Blue Velvet" Thx in advacne. Any help will be apreciated :-)
  9. Awesome album, thought its not perfect. It doesn't deserver a 10, but a very strong 9.5 yeahhhhh It's a follow up to sensient's previous album pressure optimal. This time even better. Sharp, cutting edge minimal beats, scary samples and the whole amotsphere builds kinda thriller' effect. Only sensient can achieve it
  10. Good/great tracks: 02, 03, 04 Bad tracks: everything else with ticon on 1st place...yak
  11. Now you hear, loud and clear Imo its pretty bad album. Or as pavel said, too weird for some (me)
  12. Damn, damn, damn it Even sun project themselve couldnt help...ehh. I mailed them and thats what they replied in feedback. I'm starting to to thing it wasn't their track. But what else, have no idea
  13. To be honest, samples from arabesque sounds terrible. It stinks electro I realy hope its only a sample's impression and the album won't be like that.
  14. Hey buddy, did u consider the fact i might don't have the "sample" ? If i had, i would post it/share it on the first place!
  15. No slots available. Better send ity to another server.
  16. No It was goatrance track rlsd before 2000 year. Oh well, an email contact to sun project would help Anyone ?
  17. No, it's not this one, though the female voice is the same. She had to sing in some other track too. The strange things is that i know 99% of sun project's track and can't find out the right one hehe...
  18. With female lyrics saying something like..."soles colores de larco" Any ideas?
  19. Well i have nothing to deal with. I heard the entire album twice, becouse i heard thousand of good reviews on that one. Even after 2 listens i couldn't like it. It's to weird for me. Or its becouse im anty-electro fan Anyways, this album might be psychedelic for some, but i prefer more dnace floor orientated psychedelic stuff. It might be trance or even years ago techno. Besides something is psychedelic, it must be also danceable for me in most cases. Thats the main reason why i dislike "the last resort" album. PS: please dont think i stick to so called psytrance only. Its not true!
  20. Goes electro. Bad path imo. Not my cup of tea 3/10.
  21. I always thought we review psy and related albums on psynews.org Well, good to know all "quality" stuff is welcome to be reviewed... I'll keep that in mind.
  22. Hahah Pavel, some misunderstood. People like me keep the scene alive. I think you should't talk like that as long you dont know me!
  23. It's not psytrance, is it ? LOL Bad stuff. Would you guys mind if review on this forum some gabber album ?
  24. I hate quitars in psytrance too (generaly). But i cant imagine sun project without guitars or even my "masters" dark soho
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