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Dark Soho - Sun Spot


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Guest thyran[at]hotmail[dot]com

It fucking rules! its full of dark tracks, and their all incredible! Everybody

reading this should check out this band! And indeed you MUST come to Belgium!

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Guest civ604

One of my favourites since autumn 2000! The only flaw was monofonic (& awfully

produced) first release version which bothered me a lot & was a solid obstacle

for me to fully appreciate its potential for almost one year! But even then I

couldn't help but to submerge into this beautyful world taking all confusions

aside. The world with Image, the world with Sence, the world with Past, our

World! Yes, there was a time in my history when EBM/industrial touched me

(FLA). This album is the new "engine" to bring forth all the same (yet

powerful!) emotions which EBM-music could give us in the past. And the way how

it is done...is superb!!! I found all the tracks here very cohesive & put well

on their decent places. I also find the REMASTERED version yet more close to

perfection, but also have to admit though that this improved bass/clarity came

at the cost of less intricate melodies (which became "deafened" in some

extent). That said, I advise to get remastered version nevertheless -- its

improvements are essential for an album to develop its hidden

potential...which is - unbelievable! - it does yet keep growing on me! Pure

bliss! 9/10. Tchankov I.V.

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Guest NFalke666[at]aol[dot]com

Depth of emotion will always be one of my all time favs, but if you want to

listen to some sweet ass guitar work, listen to Psycraft

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Guest PsiLoCyBe

Just recently recieved the newly remastered CD ... AND WHAT AWESOME PRODUCTION

!! Fucking brilliant !! It's intellegent, emotional and my fav new music !!



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-Unusual Ceremony : My favourite traxx off the album, i find the melody very

pleasant and it's in my head for a longtime. 7.5/10


-Uine Saracomm : Like the first traxx, the mélody is cool, but the whole of the

traxx is not so good 5.5/10


-Supernova and From Beyond : i don't really like it, i found it a little poor



-Depth Of Emotion : There is here electic guitar sound, it's amazing but a

little average 6/10


-Tales Of Tragedy : I don't like 5/10


-Suckobus : this traxx kick ass and is pleasant 6.5/10


-Sleep Walking : Quite a good traxx, but a little overloaded, very rich but it

kick ass 6.5/10


-Gothic Prayer : Very good traxx, my favourite with Unusual Ceremony, it create

a very good atmosphere.


Finally, Dark Soho is not my cup of tea, but it is a good production. I don't

really like the drums of it, but i say good job.

Happy Hour ! Bom Shankar

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Guest [Anonymous]

sun spot is wonderful album.(that's why guitar samples)

Hello from Russian trancers (DJ's darkweb and AtOM3)

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Guest just someone else

If you are on guitars-heavy ones, dark atmosphere, stomper, israeli style, if u

like dark entity effects u get this one quick. Skazi make guitar strong

psytrance but the diference is that Skazi is more floor killer dance and Soho

is trip killer brain. Lets just hope that when they come to Mexico next

22-june-02 they give us hell.

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Guest faltsan

not as good as evrybody here are saing,its not that complex and intresting.

sound like ordenery trance with backround noises off graveyard,big dill. 6/10.

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Guest [Anonymous]

i had to buy it after all the great reviews and im really disapointed. im

lisening to it again and again and i still dont no what so good about it

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Guest yourpast[at]earthlink[dot]net

Excellent! If you like infected mushroom or skazi, then this is for you. My

favorite are suckobus and gothic prayers.

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Guest ridder_van_berthout[at]hotmail[d

i just wanna say: DARKSOHO TO DA BONE !!!





it's a great honor to write this

greetzzz DJ Iks

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Guest naknik

im tring so hard to like it but i cant. its anoing, its not trance its a mess.

i really dont get all this positve reviews, why? 2/10 and even that is to much

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Guest oOo_OoO

some blackmetal-bands used to record their albums in mono (and "bad"

sound-quality) to give the feel of the real necrosound. maybe that was dark

soho's intention on the first release?

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Guest nORwAy

*gREat cd*!!!!!* I sAt dOWn in my hOUse on fRidAy, I atE sOME mUShrOOms & tHiS

cd(wELL, aCTuALLy I gOt tHE rEMASteREd vErsiOn)bLEw my miNd off*** I rEALLy

lOVE tHiS dARk pSy-trANCE, vEry gOOd mAtERiAL!!! I rAte it 8.5/10 !!

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There's a B-I-G difference between how Dark Soho sounds on album and how they

sound live! So if this album may seem to suck for a few of you above, it's

just soo different when you hear them in person. Nothing like the mono,

hollow, weak stuff described. It does sound bad I admit. If you're a Dark

Soho fan, you've got to see them. Their live sound totally cuts through

you...very powerful. :)

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This CD really rocks!!!I have the remastered version with no quality problems

and bonus track!Best tracks 1,2,5 + bonus track.A must have for all

psy-lovers!!! 8,5/10

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Guest Goastomp9

holy shit this is a great album!!! from beginning to end i am sucked into dark

soho's void of dark, sometimes melodic psydellic full on mayhem. my favorites

are 3, 5(love the guitars!!!) and 7. 9/10


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  • 3 years later...

Because of this thread I had great expectations from this cd.


#1 Sun spots opens with a very pleasant surprise. I like metal and love

this track with a slow guitar melody that seems to come straight from an

old Paradise Lost/Testament song, with the trip hop drum , the warped

synth bassline and the rhytmic guitar riff.

Deviant mood for a great warm up :)


#2 Synth pads and a guitar riff kept in the background, under the

monotonous bassline. The track tries to uplift in the end with a line of

synthetic pad, but its melody isn't anything special.


#3 Bassline and noises . Boring until a very nice warped 303 riff breaks in,

making the song very danceable in the last two minutes.


#4 The pads here try to make some horror/thriller atmosphere, but

the rythmic / bass section is too flat.


#5 very common trance track until 3'25''.Then a dark pad

preludes to a very trash style metal riff upon which starts a guitar lead

of great effect (most of all if you like gothic/black metal moods).

Pleasant surprise if you like this kind of experiments :)


#6 Very common bassline/kick layer with effects and choir pads.

Maybe the concept was to create an atmospheric interleave, but I found

this song boring.


#7 I like the last two minutes of this track, where the acid riff is able to

complete the mood that the first 6 minutes were preparing.

Good production in the percussions' layer.


#8 Horror pads and acid warped basses on a heavy percussion line.

The concept is appealing, but the final result isn't so catching.


#9 "Horror" melodies, a good work with the warped synth and basses,

good production . But when you put all these things together the track

becomes something like a background music for Resident Evil with

a trance/trip hop rhytm.




On the pros side,

there are a lot of good moments, with guitar riffs, dark

and hipnotical moods, breaking climax.

Many concepts are good, and with their orientation towards

dark atmospheres also bring some originality.


On the cons side,

there are also a lot of dead moments, with minutes

of bassline/kick/noises which don't add anything new to the hundreds

of songs already appeared before this cd.

I understand that you want to prepare a climax, but why to structure

a song of 8 minutes in 6 minutes of boredom preceding the other 2 good

minutes in which you really play what the song was supposed to be ?

And then I haven't liked some of the melodies of the pad's layer,

which sound someway kitsch .

But maybe its the effect they wanted to achieve.



I like tracks #1 and #5 and I don't dislike #3 and #9.

I found the rest quite boring, even if I find the concept behind

their experiments very interesting.

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