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Dark Soho - Sun Spot


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Dark Soho - Sun Spot


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Artist: Dark Soho

Title: Sun Spot

Label: Sphere

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 08'31" Unusual Ceremony

02. 07'08" Uine Saracomm

03. 08'13" Supernova

04. 07'20" From Beyond

05. 07'34" Depth Of Emotion

06. 07'28" Tales Of Tragedy

07. 07'50" Suckobus

08. 07'05" Sleep Walking

09. 07'26" Gothic Prayer




The long awaited album of the furious isra-helli Zeev, Boxer, And Rizzo is here

to catch your soul.

Unusual Ceremony is very calm in te beginging, then it begins to accelerate,

and starts to pump on your brain after 4 minutes. That's a strange voodoo

track, with guitars and a rhythm you can only like.

Uine Saracomm is a strong piece of music, hard And dark. Its background is

repetitive and the top level layers were taken from the grave. There is a big

break, and after, it's a mix between scary melodies+voices, and very twisted


Supernova is a more conventional track with no compromise. The whole tracks

doesn't leave you any breathing space! (A true machinegun in a trench

warfare). Some psychedelic sounds also slip over the rest of the music.

From beyond is also very dark. It consists mainly in a fat And fast rhythm. Not

really interesting except the way the breaks tend to surprise people.

Depth of Emotion is very energetic, with a big rhythm and strange sounds all

over during the first 4 minutes. Then the guitars come again with their

gruesome melody that repearts all the time. There is a different rhythmic and

the track gets wicked And scary with all those phantom voices


Tales of Tragedy has -once again- sounds that summon all the graveyards around,

over a very repetitive rhythm. Not bad, but not my favourite track either.

Suckobus is certainly what you want to compose whe you see horror movies! At

first, the track is like an angry thing, not really psychedelic; then it

unrolls and the music takes you... At the end, distorted dark scratchy sounds

want to gain possession of your body and get it to dance...

sleep Walking: again the same recipe: rhythm and soulburning sounds in the

first half. the second half is full of gurgling sounds. It looks a bit like a

Sandman track.

Gothic Prayer is, to my mind, the best track in this album: it looks like some

Delta track. The rhythm is such that you -must- dance. the bassline gets

through you, and the sounds makes your spin to chill. At last, there is a

neverending tiny melody over that. I'm sure Dark Soho wants to hypnotize

people with this track.


You, who think that some composers are non-human , you are right.

You, who always think the best groups come from space, you are wrong.

Excellence can also come from the land of the Dead!

You, who like rhythmic things that mean something, go to the local graveyard to

get this album...9/10.

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Guest hundenapf

Amazing !!! this album is pure dope . in my opinion here is only 1 "good"

track. supernova is only "good" . the rest are killers . my personal favorites

are : 1!!!!!!,4,7,8 and 9!!!!!!! .

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Guest redler[at]hotmail.co[dot]il

The best, Dark Soho are the best! Sockobus is the best one in the cd, but the

rest is also killers!

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Guest Dandoo Forest


i love this album!!

kind of a dark israelien psy-trance!!

very dark and melodic in some track'z

powerfull and got a lot of fear!

evilness and meaness!ALL I HAVE 2 SAY 2 ALL OF U BUY DS CD-ALBUM AFTER U

FINSHED 2 READ DS MSG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest shantidruid[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]

Not especially happy is it? Likely to produce paranoia, I'd say. Jungle for

Trancers. By the way, the tracklisting on my copy has gothic prayer at 2 and

uine saracomm at 9.

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Guest Pretty__poison[at]hotmail[dot]co

At last I've bought the Dark Soho Album. And it's what I have been hoping for:


I just can't get enough of this kind of music:dark, hard, no compromises.

Always ahead!!

1,4,5(!!!!Dark metal?!)8

Finally something that I really want to hear.

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Guest Dreamer

yeah Shantidruid, Sphere did a mistake and replaced those 2 tracks. so actaully

Gothic Prayer is uin saracomm and uine saracomm is gothic prayer.


if you're tired of hearing those tracks in full lenght and want to hear them

cut as samples (hehe), you can check out the official dark soho site.



there's also many things about darksoho there :)



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Guest Peterpajas[at]hotmail[dot]com

As we would say in sweden "tokbra" or crasygreat. It is hard but in a good way.

I dont usually listen to hard gitarrs butt this sounds great together with the

other sounds. Very hi grades on this superb album. By it god damit before i

slapp u.

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Guest chaffi[at]caramail[dot]com

Uine saracomm is the most fantastic track i've ever heard , well in fact , i've

never heard a such thing in my whole life , it's a new concept , it's new

sounds! It sounds like a satanic cathedral hymn! Keep on the the good work!!

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Guest phreakera[at]hotmail[dot]com

Finally , this is a strong , hard , dark .... One of the best releases of the

year , amazing . Zeev, Boxer, And Rizzo kick-ass , If you don't have it , you

have to buy now , Strong ....FREAKYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

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okay, this is pretty good! nothing on this album was bad, and that is very

rare! but also, with the exception of one song, nothing here was brilliant! it

was all just too typical. the only track that really makes me say WOW is

"depth of emotion", and it was already released before. nonetheless, like i

said, this is a good album, just not something to loose sleep over (hmm,

that's an interesting way to put it ;) 6/10

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I don't get it. It sounds juvenile and overproduced to me, with too many

adolescent-angst guitar riff overlays. Then just when it gets good, it throws

too many sounds in the mix, or breaks into triplets, and I lose interest.

There are some nice dark sounds here, but overall if this is the best Israel

has right now, I think I'll stick with Germany. 4/10.

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Guest slinker

This album fuses breaks, dark gothic melodies and pumping bass lines...it

sounds fresh and takes you away, killer on a loud system to dance to and to

trance out to...i dissagree that it sounds juvenile..you will certainly not be

dissapointed , the only bad thing was i found this a little hard to get my

hands on!! a rare treat that will be a part of me for a few years to come

9/10 Yummmmmy =^,^=

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I tried this again. The first half of pretty much every track is very good.

Then always with the Yngwie Malmstein/dunta-dunta-dunta treatment. The good

thing about guitar solos is that each one is slightly different. Sampling and

looping a riff multiples of 4 times each really grates on my nerves, once the

2nd iteration starts. It's OK to end a track early (4 mins, 5 mins) if all

you can think of is to give it the Johann-Bley treatment. Bottom line, if you

still like electric guitars in the mix, you'll likely adore this one. I still

hate it.

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I think this sounds a bit dumb. Structures are often very simple, luckily it

sometimes sounds nice though. In my opinion Supernova, Suckobus and Sleep

walking are good tracks, like 9 or 10/10, them being screeching and heavy with

nice basslines. Rest of the bunch is from the other end. This very much hyped

track Depth of emotion turned out to be dissapointment for me. I say 7/10 for

whole album.

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Guest etnluv[at]hotmail[dot]com

Psy Sound structure is pretty effective, sometimes leading to a sense of dark

nightish trance state. Sometimes its very aggressive and that's not actually

my style cause i prefer deep and ambient sound. However may seem simple,

originality is on its way especially in the bassline constructions which in my

opinion are the sounds which impress most - really well made.

Tracks to listen - Depth of Emotion and Gothic prayer.

However the others can be enjoyed if u re into this kind of music.

You can find me on my Psy Trance/electronic download site -


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