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Dark Soho - Sun Spot


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BESTS! go isra-hell!

åùìåí ìëì äñèìðéí!

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Guest dreamweb55[at]yahoo[dot]com

hard dark hard agressive hard melodic hard hard HARD HARD!!!!! yes!!!! i've

been waiting for album like this ....this guys are crazy :)) its something

like infected mushroom + tim schultd... 10/10..A MUST BUY!!!

P.S there is no valuable techno crap down there.....:))(you will know what im

talking about if you hear "depth of emotion"-one of the best tracks EVER made!)

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Guest sunconscious

the only songs i like on here are 1 and 3. the rest are boring. The Fusion is

also a great song by dark soho... but this album... zzz... so what it has

guitars? yippee dam do. guitars dont make it good

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Guest moander[at]media[dot]mit[dot]edu

I a compil and I like the dark soho track "depth of emotion" very much, but one

thing bothers me, I also have this distance to goa 8 compil where joti sidhu

(psychaos) mixes the track "depth of emotion" by dark soho and it's completely

different, and even better than the one on the album. Please someone who has

both confirm and possibly explain...

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Guest iNFiNiTi500

For all psytrance newbies and classic collectors: be sure to pick up the

REMASTERED version 'cause the sound quality is superior (yep STEREO this time)

and there is a very atmospheric bonus track (Orchestra Pile Pile) with Yahel

going hardcore...After nearly a year this is still the ultimate headbangers

ball in psy-metal/gothic (9/10) despite the efforts of the previous

throneholders SUN project who nowadays focus mainly on releasing new wine in

old bottles (Redundant Guitar Trax and Remix albumz). Also an excellent album

to convince your conservative metal friends that PsY is certainly not

commercial eurotrance stuff for candyravers...

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Guest thunder[at]mail[dot]com

classic ? ? give me a break , WHY ?????????becouse you frogsters love this

band ? and ALLLLLLLLLLLL those 10 posts in here ??????????????????

do your homework children

HELL this CD is in mono .

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Guest roismanp[at]netvision.net[dot]il

Dark Soho is now the best Trance artists in Israel. I think im saying it from

all of us: "Every new track from Dark Soho should be quickly published !!!" .


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  • 2 weeks later...

Voyage into the darker ally of psychedelic trance... Dark Soho brings us the

best from the darker side of trance. Unusual Ceremony, is indeed a great

track, calm guitar sequence in the beginning, more progressive and intense in

the end. Uine saracomm delivers a more psychedelic vibe. Supernova, is as it

sounds, massive tunes, with some superior twisted effects, this one goes

beyond psychedelic. From beyond, still psychedelic but has some sort of

spiritually inspired style. Depth of emotion is like the first track, goes on

calm in the beginning, and kicks of some very intense guitar sequences in the

middle which makes it way throughout the remainder of the track. This one,

unlike the first track, is more powerful... the first one has more like a

clean sound, depth of emotion is more psy. Tales of tragedy is a dark track

which will keep on twisting until the end. Suckobus is progressive, and has a

mindblowing finish. Sleep walking is a fast mover with steady beat,

psychedelic noises with some calmer sections in the middle. Gothic prayer is

more like a soundtrack to an old horror movie, got this massive beat

accommpanied with that wicked melodic sequence... This is dark matter, it's

dark, it's rare, it's wicked, it's psychedelic, everything twisted together

into one massive dark psychedelic trance album. 9/10.

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Guest Stormbringer

I knew that this was an awesome record after repeated listening to some of the

tracks at mp3.com, but I had to wait for it for so many months that I almost

gave up my hopes of ever getting this record. When I finally got it my jaw

crashed to the ground. This is one of the best albums ever released.

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Dark Soho has an extraordinary style and brings me in a dark atmospheric

trance. Each track has hidden surprises in it (makes me freak out!)The

voice-samples used are somewhat less...

Overall his has weird effect on me: tracks 1!,9!,2!,7,3 are killerz to me, but

the rest of the album I can't hear...

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Guest Rabbitakis[at]hotmail[dot]com

Daaaaaaaaaaark Muuuuuuuusic Veeery Niiice produceed!

Basslines,HeavyGuitars,Celestial Voices,The music seems to raised from a

grave..It is Superp !!One of the best albums ever produced.YOU MUST Take the

cd, and summon the Dark Soho Demon!!

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Guest Reginiano

Very good album, great sounds!!

My favorite track is no.9, but 1,2,3,5,7 are also great tracks.Nice use of the


Dark Soho with their first disk,I am really looking forword to their next


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well. not addictive, but certanly it has its moments...its dark and very

electric, not to start a djset but to play at the highest energy moment.

i give it a 7, sometimes 8.

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Guest hedersninjan[at]sverige[dot]nu

I think the modern goa is getting more and more like

EBM/darkwave/industrial-stylish way without the blackmetal vocals. But I like

hard electronic music, so anything dark and sinister is heaven for me...

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Guest [Anonymous]

You guys are great('BANGELIJK!'like I always say in dutch)You make the kind of

Goa that pumps the energy into my body and soul!!!!But I have one BIG question

for you: when are planning to come to Belgium?!!!Cause we need you!

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Guest naomimertens[at]mnscom

You guys make the kind of goa that 'pumps' the energy through my body and soul

and I tell you:"That's what I want!!!!"Keep on doing what you're doing cause

you sure know how to do it!I've got just one question:When are you planning to

come to Belgium cause we NEED you! BIG KISS & HUG from Antwerp.

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