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Ishq - Orchid

Guest Acidhive

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Guest jellewever[at]chello[dot]nl

Absolute Great Piece of Work!! like acidhive says: no bad tracks on it..one

piece fitting perfectly together...i'd say this has an overall ChillFactor of


Really stunning artwork on the cover aswell...keep it up wonderfull peeps!! :)

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Guest col_klink3[at]hotmail[dot]com

Music is not just a set of audio stimuli objectively apart from the mind - to

the contrary - it is its interaction with your mind that give it its magic.

It is interesting that the stimulation of the auditory sense provokes visual

reactions in the mind: painting pictures in the consciousness through the

translation of audio signals into visual impressions. The effect of music on

mood is almost an immediate one: it can soothe and relaxe, or aggressively

relieve pent-up frustration. The effect of this disc on my mood is a

beautiful one: its as if the aches of my normal day-to day life melt away, and

my consciousness floats and bobs along a marvellous riverway of sonic threads,

intertwining and rippling with the organic and subtle rythm of Ishq's

sometimes-achingly beautiful phrasing of the whole. The production throughout

is wonderful: each song has a clarity that sparkles in your ear, and each

voice is perfectly balanced with the others to produce some fantastic

harmonies and an overall "natural" feel that manages to escape the cold

harshness of other productions, and capture a warmth that is positively

infused into one's being. The most impressive vistas along this journey are

provided by Yu Listen (which appeared as Yu on Dakini rec's comp: Sky Dancing

2) and Bhakti (on Interchill: Infinessence). Yu Listen inspires some real

emotional responses, and indeed, the subtlety of the piece continues to

impress me upon repeated listening, what with its gradual increases in

intensity, climaxing with an absolutely beautiful flute that caresses your

heart. The oriental feel is unmistakeable, provoking images of a Japanese

Husband and Wife serenely floating by a typical Japanese city of long ago,

with a glowing phosphorence perpetuated by floating golden orbs in the mind of

a friend. While opened completely to the song, I had no choice but to cry:

its beauty called for nothing less. Bhakti is a another example of Ishq's

amazingly wonderful phrasing, and the samples of an airplane taking off lift

us up to float along an unending horizon of fluffy white clouds, coasting a

hundred miles over a lush green coast line pounded by rippling white lines of

waves eminating from a baby-blue, crystalline ocean. Soothing and ultimately

relaxing, these tracks are part of a beautiful, and utterly amazing whole, and

the energy which infuses Yu Listen and Bhakti permeates the whole. Do not

miss this disc: you will always find solace in its magical interaction with

your consciousness.....

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Guest Acidhive

Ishq - Orchid


Posted Image


Artist: Ishq

Title: Orchid

Label: Interchill

Date: 2002


Track listing:


CD 1

01. Skyblue

02. Yu

03. Opal

04. Daisy

05. Cyandragonfly

06. Bhakti

07. Arc


CD 2

01. Fluid Earth

02. Blue Haze

03. Opal (Original Mix)

04. Essene




Excellent chill out here from Ishq (well known from the Interchill

compilations). Nothing much to say about this album really, except that it's

beautiful!! Rich, full of nature sounds, like waterfalls, flowing water, birds

etc. etc.

Add some occassional drum loops, some really nice sounds and particulary

strings, and you have a winner on your hands! Want to relax and dream away?

Ishq is here. give it a try!! I did, and never regretted one moment of it.!

All songs are mixed into one another, so it sounds like you're listening to

one big piece of music. There are no bad songs on this one. absolutely great

release, and I'm looking forward to hearing more from these guys! 9/10 here.

Must buy for chill out fans in my humble opinion. (as is the floatation comp.

From interchill) :-)

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Guest Zeus Class

I completly agree with Col Klink, this masterpeice is very moving. The harsh

response below Klink only illustrates one who is in termoil and pain... have

compassion... One thing i'd like to mention is that the interchill version

only includes one CD, so this can't be the interchill version, this is

obvioulsy the Dakini version. This is very peaceful beutiful MUSE-IC, this

man's inspiration came from peace.

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Guest Acidhive

Just wanted to add... I bought the interchill version, which is indeed one cd.

Apparently, children decided to add the 2nd cd from Dakini Records as well.

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Guest funkedelifusion

i also have only the first cd and i think its absolutely wonderful!!the traks

are totally binding together giving the the original chill atmosphere!!

nice work guys!9/10

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Guest Panchamk

'ishq' in hindi means 'love' [hindi is the language of india] and ishq is what

you'll fall in after listening to this CD. i'm not saying you'll fallin love

with this cd; or any person; you'll fall in love with the universe; becoming

one with it; losing yourself in it's sweet caress; flying so high till you can

touch the tip of the universe; the line beyond which lies the realm of the

supreme being. feeling totally lost; all your sins slowly fading away; and the

music is all that will remain with you.


ok; this is a rather cheesy review; but that's exactly how i felt after

listening to this cd on repeat for about 4 times. i slept more peacefully than

i ver have. all the songs blend in so very harmoniously; that it's impossible

not to wander away into this forbidden paradise. i woudln't rate any songs

individually; but overall i will say; that if you have even the slightest of

interest in psy; and if you've ever listened to shpongle; and liked it [you

really are something else if you don't like shpongle] then you owe it to

yourself to listen to this CD. 10/10. no doubt about it.

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Guest Asshopper

this is the most beautiful ambient CD i have ever had!!! this moment i enjoy

the most... the most relaxing time is listen to it before sleep... just a blue

dim light, peaceful mind and the beautiful Ishq... 10/10.

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Beautiful CD

So Chilled, so nice, so pleasant on the ears and the sizzled mind. Put it on, turn down the lights & relax. Wonderful production and sounds different depending on my state of mind. This album almost feels alive I love it :wub:

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Possibly the best ambient album ever...

Definately damn close!

Needs a specific mood (ultra chilled out one) but when you are in it then there is no better album for ultra chillin' :wub:

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Needs a specific mood (ultra chilled out one) but when you are in it then there is no better album for ultra chillin'

Yes. But reallt yes.


I felt in love with the cover of this cd, and because I can't say no to a beautiful cover

I took it.


But before being able to listen at least to the whole first cd , I had to

play it dozens of time.

Track one was damn good, track two also, track three ... whoa, I had to

pull the cd out and replace it with something with a kickdrum because I was feeling

like losing any gravity ...


Then a sunday morning, it was 5 a.m., I was just came back home ... I felt

in need of something really soft to get asleep with .

I played Orchid and my mind completely stopped every wandering.

And it was beautiful,with stillness ,

slowly music and natural noises flowing through the ears.


Really mystic ...


But Orchid is too much minimal for my tastes.

I'm in such a mood not more than twice in a year, so usually I

choose Asura and Aes Dana because they help the listener to get in ,

using more rhytmic and bass layers.


But it's to say that these guys are genius for how they can make

a good song with so few elements .


Maybe if you practice zen this cd would be the best

prelude to your daily meditation session .

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Posted Image


Orchid : Sonic Incense vol.1

Interchill / Dakini 2CD







1 Skyblue (11:46)

2 Yu (9:38)

3 Opal (Opaque Mix) (7:45)

4 Daisy (8:39)

5 Cyandragonfly (13:27)

6 Bhakti (10:18)

7 Arc (7:23)


1 Fluid Earth (20:02)

2 Blue Haze (6:19)

3 Opal (Original Mix) (11:13)

4 Essene (4:48)


Matt Hillier is an ambient genious. His sound is so far away from anything else I've heard but in style & quality. His music sounds so natural, so clean. so relaxing & uplifting with every element in perfect harmony.

Orchid, as far as I know, is the only full release under the Ishq moniker. Released on Interchill Records as a a single disk, I was lucky enough to get the Dakini release with an extra CD with 40 more minutes of ambient bliss.




1. Skyblue

Starts off with just beats & a subtle building sound in the background. That continues to build as some strings and rushing sounds build a melody. Light squelchy sounds, what could be a sonic waterfall & a woman's voice come in & out throughout.

After the beat breaks down you can hear the sound of seagulls & waves against a shore. In the background is a melody played on first what sounds like a harp but the sound morphs into piano then harpsichord.

Everything stops briefly & the track has to rebuild itself. I light drone followed by a melody is all we have until the light beats kick back in an it's as you were.

This very nice dreamy opener puts me in mind of a clearing in the forest with a lake on a warm summer's day. Knowing that life is good & you are safe to relax in the beautiful surroundings.


2. Yu

The waves cross us over into Yu & along with the waves comes a trickle of a stream. A small chime & an Asian voice sound briefly before the melody played on a harp(?) and an accompanying double synth melody float us into the sky. It all sounds very mystical with a hint of Eastern promise.

A very laid back piece, perfect for a warm summer morning sitting on the porch watching the fish in the pond & the birds in the trees. Music to help you commune with nature.

Mystical flutes & ethereal voices give this morning a sense of wonder, like anything or nothing could happen but either way it's going to be a great day.


3. Opal (Opaque Mix)

Water is dripping & as the rate increases into the steady flowing of a stream we float down it. Very very soft subtle beats in the background are under the water yet don't sound wet. Even more subtle than the beats are the vocals. So subtle that when you hear them you know they are there but when you can't hear them you wonder if they are missing or just to soft to hear.

A fantastic piece of Ambient, manages to sound percussive & beatless at the same time.


4. Daisy

Sounds like a Zen Garden of Paradise. The sounds of birds can be heard in the trees & the melody sounds like a small bamboo water feature ever tipping. The water comes in fills it up, it gets to heavy & expels the water continuously tipping. There is no sound of the water though, just the tipping. There are an influx of very natural sounding synthetic sounds combined with more real sounds making an atmosphere close to a fantasy world. Like this garden is in another dimension. A dimension of light, a dimension of sound, a dimension of Peace & Tranquility. Almost voices whisper from just out of earshot, muffled warmth with the ever present tipping, the trickling of a stream & the birdsong.


5. Cyandragonfly

Keeping with the garden theme but with a much more aerial feel to it. This track seems to fly over the water rather than sit by the side of it. The sound of water seems to pass by quickly but never leaves, like skimming over a pond then round the edge & back again. Cyandragonfly also feels a little later in the day, the midday sun has relaxed his glare & has fallen a little deeper in the sky. Kids play by the side of the opposite side of the pond to where I fly, halfway through I land on a small rock in the middle of the water & watch as the children play in the distance. The birds are still singing and the breeze brings with it bits of melody & conversation yet not enough to understand if it is human conversation or not.

What really gets me about this track though is towards the end, Ishq samples a bird. i don't know what bird it is but I've only ever heard it in Britain & I'm instantly put in mind of the woods near my house as I was growing up.


6. Bhakti

The transition sounds like a plane passing overhead but when it goes there is stunned silence, just the sounds of a few birds. 2 more planes go by, something cries & then the most beautiful of melodies comes in. It's warm & melancholic at the same time like remembering a lost love on a warm summer evening. Light beats come in & I feel like I'm back on the porch after a long day. Psirens try to call to me but I'm happy in my chair with a long drink & a long memory. The melody reemerges but falls under long drawn out sounds. The wind too has picked up & makes the wind chime hanging from my porch cry out.


7. Arc

A long drawn out synth is followed shortly by another & together they manage to sound like an empty choir. The most subtle of melodies can be heard under the voices but just as you catch it it disappears from your mind. It all changes at once yet it's not sudden & it feels quite right. The new melody is over some piano chords and the birds are still singing but with less vigour than before. As the music leaves we are left with just the sounds of the water & the quite singing of the birds.





1. Fluid Earth

The sound of a river & water dripping into it from high places greet us at the start but the more the dripping grows the less river there is until there is only dripping. Over the drips comes a light shifting drone. It shifts up then down then invites all the other sounds to join in it's dance. Like a sunbeam lighting up all the falling dust. As the beats come in so do a few darker (yet not dark) sounds & I feel like I'm in the mouth of a cave with the bright daylight to one side & the mysterious earth to the other. Mysterious voices call from each side & I want to go to both but end up staying right where I am wondering but not acting. Weird sounds float around me, drip around me, rush up from underneath me. Both musical & relaxing, beautiful & surreal.

From outside i can hear frogs by the pond croaking in unison but from inside the cave I can hear beautiful Angelic voices. I follow them inside & rush deeper & deeper. They call to me, am I a drop in the ocean or an ocean in a drop? The more the synths push me deeper the more I become submerged in the music & in my own mind. I stop & rest & take in the wonder of the hidden nature. As I stop the voices come closer but disappear in a crescendo of dripping water & all I can hear after is the frogs. I open my eyes & I'm back in front of the cave listening to river below me.

2.Blue Haze

The river flows into Blue Haze but as I disembark onto the banks I see an old man playing an instrument unbeknown to me. He plays it nonchalantly & draws me in. I cannot pass by, I must stay and watch as he plays his tuneless tune. It's just a long drawn out drone with a few strings but it's amazingly engrossing.


3. Opal (Original Mix)

Well CD1 has the opaque mix & now we are treated to the original mix. The melody is more prominent & the wet sounds are more reserved. The air sounds clearer like the day after a big storm. Clear blue sky up above & beautiful wet greenery all around. Beatless, no percussion except for what's created by the drops of water falling from the leaves to the ground. Amazing how the opaque mix is so different from this original while retaining the overall feel. Both very nice and perfectly placed on this journey.


4. Essene

Remember, Remember, Remember, Remember! a soft voice repeats at the start. He repeats other words too softly to comprehend. A light uplifting drone is just about all else there is. Occasional sounds like bells & chimes come in & out very lightly. A perfect track to end the journey & send us into the realm of dreams.



A beautiful journey through a natural wonderland. Perfect for relaxing to. Turn off the lights, get horizontal close your eyes & drift away. You wont regret it believe me.

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It has absolutely beatless tracks and they are true soundscapes.


A personal description of visions generated through listenning:

- Feels like being in a fluid kingdom.

- Meditation at the waterfall.

- Voices of dakinis.

- Winds surrounding.

- Lights flashing and randomly creating fractals.

- A zone of permanent harmony and happyness.

- Lifeforms.

- No embarassment or sentiments - only pure love.

- Lucid dreaming.



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soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo relaaaaaaaxiinggg, its smooothhh, calm and tranquil and yet not boring.

10/10 for its ability to transport us into a world of relaxation bliss.

unique sound

and the song opaque is my highlight and fluid earth

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soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo relaaaaaaaxiinggg



be careful of else you'll end up like the melted people in that guys signatur :P



agreed though, it's so nice to chill with this music floating out of the speakers while watching thecload fomation roll over the sky on a fine day :)

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be careful of else you'll end up like the melted people in that guys signatur :P

...that guy has a name -_-


but yeah, i agree this is one of those albums that melts me down each time i listen to it. can't wait for his new albums. seems like all the big names are in action this year :posford:

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