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V/A - Goa Classix 1


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V/A - Goa Classix 1


Artist: Various

Title: Goa Classix 1

Label: Nova Tekk

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 06'40" Hallucinogen : Jiggle Of The Sphinx

02. 06'40" Zodiac Youth : False Prophet (Man With No Name Rmx)

03. 07'47" Green Nuns Of The Revolution : Cor

04. 07'43" Oforia : Maximiser

05. 09'18" Astral Projection : Dancing Galaxy

06. 09'26" Chi-ad : Astral Warrior

07. 10'18" Children Of Paradise : El Nino

08. 10'13" Digital Sun : Strange Things

09. 10'06" Planet BEN : Nonsense




Let me start by saying, that this compilation and Goa Classix Vol. 2 are

available at MIDPRICE . Meaning about £5-7 and I believe that they can be

found at that price all over Europe (Or world-wide wherever Nova Tekk is

distributed!) As the tracklist above reveals these are real goa classics,

and for me this is a good way of getting to know some of the old, classic,

but hard-to-get tracks from the past years of psychedelic trance. Stand outs

are Hallucinogen [Of course! :-)], Astral Projection [This is STILL one of

my fav'e Astral trax from before they sucked!], Green Nuns, Planet B.E.N., .

Yeah well, ALL the tracks are classics, and if anyone are having problems

finding the originals, I highly recommend this compilation. At a very

affordable price! The only thing that sucks about this comp is the artwork.

But all in all, this gets a solid 7.5/10 from me! Bom shankar!

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What to say?! This is a good way to get all those classic tracks. If you can't

get the original anymore.

As Deathposture said this is available at midprice world-wide. Ugly artwork but

good comp. Fav tracks are 1,4,6,7.

7/10 Bom!

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WHAT EVER! these arent classics at all! (imo), u could get some better classix

then this!!, these arent the real 'killer' classix!!!! NOT AT ALL!, e.g: where

is 'total eclipse - transparant mind' 'tim schuldt - orange acid''total

eclipse - aliens' etc etc!

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Guest donthave[at]email[dot]com

this is maybe better than vol 2, but i dont know.. all tracks are so damn good,

just listen to Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Cor... OMG.. thats goa at its

best.. go buy this album now.. NOT because it's cheap, buy it for the good


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Not a bad compilation and really worth to buy. My favourite is Jiggle of the

Sphinx that sounds absolutey crazy with the pipes. Also great is Astral

Warriors, just the sample at the beginning is a bit odd.

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Guest AshonaciD[at]Shpongle[dot]com

Astral Warrior SUCKS! Mabye the song gets better after the sample but it's

perhaps the worst sample in psychedelic trance in my opinion, and i can't be

bothered listening to the song as soon as the sample starts. as for the rest,

the last two tracks are average, but every other track is a standout.

Definately Worth the asking price.

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Guest guy from german (gfg) -- peacema

I think that is the best volume of the goa classix compilation! Real Classix

and very, very good tracks. e.g. "False Prophet" (the guitar sampel realy kick

asses!!) "Astral Warrior" (one of the greatest tracks ever) and, of course,

"Jiggle of the Sphinx" (very crazy & good sounds!!!). Only "Dancing Galaxy" is

shit! (I've heared many better tracks from AP!!).


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Guest renar[at]goa[dot]ru

Very good CD! But I think Dancing Galaxy is one of the best tracks I ever

heard. Not stupid minimal but melody and flexy... All tracks are best, but DG

is culmination of the CD!

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Guest niels_knigge[at]ofir[dot]dk

A very nice ompilation. Track one a great track from Hallucinogen, with a

Celtic passage in the end. Track two and three remind me of each other, the

are both good, with guitars (or is it just one of them?), and not so must

ordinary keyboard play, a little twisted and psychedelic, nice. Maximiser is

probably my favourite Oforia track, Especially the break in the middle of the

track. Dancing Galaxy is one of Astral's best tracks, I just freaks out at the

last break. Best track of the CD. Track 6 is one the few Chi-Ad tracks I like

(together with Eye Am The I, Biocandy and Exit Eternity). It's a very emotinal

piece of music, with a very freaky melody sometimes. Last three tracks are

boring, and i dont like that much...


7/10(one for each good track, and an extra for Dancing Galaxy)

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I don't have this compilation but I have all songs from and I can say that is

wonderful...Full of classics: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9...Without actually having it I

can still give the grade : 10/10

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Thirteen posts and almost every track has been marked as someone's favourite (the same time 2 or 3 were bashed as crap, you gotta love different tastes :)). It's a sign of a great compilation, right? Even someone mildly interested in goa trance should know some of the producers just by looking at the playlist.


As few posters wrote - great starter compilation, favourites: 1 (IMO best triplet-rhythm track ever) and 5, but all of them are worth your attention.

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Whew...they mean business over there at Sub Terranean. Know how I know? Classics with an X. That's edgy and not f*cking around. But while it's true a few of these are classics you can find them all over the place. Cool thing is this album is dirt cheap so it'll save you some green if you don't have these. But if you're reading this I'm sure you already do. Few things...


I hate...absolutely hate Jiggie of the Sphinx. That riverdance melody annoys the crap outta me. Astral Warrior is the track with the oft repeated sample which kinda takes away from its greatness. Don't know if I'd call the last three classics (I wouldn't) but they're still good tracks. So the title of the compilation is mostly correct with a few wtfs.

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I hate...absolutely hate Jiggie of the Sphinx.


You and me buddy. When I first listened to it I thought it was a joke track like a parody of something. Only after coming in Psynews I realized it's a serious(?) track that has many fans.

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