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V/A - Destination Goa 2


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V/A - Destination Goa 2


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Artist: Various

Title: Destination Goa 2

Label: Goldhead

Date: 1996


Track listing:


CD 1

01. 07'15" Phoenix : The Dawn

02. 09'05" Power Source : Goaway

03. 06'00" Total Eclipse : Free Lemonade (Rmx)

04. 08'56" Hallucinogen : Space Pussy

05. 06'23" Amanite FX : Alfalfa

06. 07'12" Exotonic : Creative Alternative

07. 07'04" Sundog : Touch The Sun

08. 11'30" Talking Souls : Karma 209


CD 2

01. 08'43" I Savastano : Adventure

02. 07'32" Endora : Joy

03. 08'18" Astral Projection : Mahadeva (96 Rmx)

04. 10'03" Pleiadians : Jungle Trax

05. 08'05" Abnormal : Inferno 9

06. 09'07" Pharagonescia : Pharatropic

07. 09'15" Moonweed : Telepath




Here we got one compilation from the earlier days...Viewing from this time

distance,i would say that this is not so good compilation...Some tracks are

good (just average)and some are really bad. Only "Amanite FX" done some great

job here...their track "Alfalfa" is now real classic, there is no one who

didn't heard this one...nice bass in the background, nice fluffy melodie, just

great..Pleiadians are OK too...

rest of the songs are just($@) hmmmm.......I grade this one 6/10...

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Guest jperzzon[at]telia[dot]com

This was my first DG ever! So this record is little special. If you compare

this record with the rest

of DG, this is very different. Can't describe it, but this is special. Phoenix

making a good jungle track here, not

his usual style. Power Source has also make a very nice track. Which changing

melodie pretty often.

Free Lemonade is wonderful, Space Pussy is one of the harder track Hallucinogen

have made so far (that's what I think, Aug'99).

Then Amanite FX- so beautiful track. With a heartbroken melodie, this is little

sad I think. So sensitive. The last track Karma 209 is

a real power track, so great that you don't want it to stop, and the track is

11:30 also, not bad huh??

CD 2 is not as good as CD 1. Endora (Boris Blenn) is great, so are Abnormal

also. The rest of the track are pretty strange. Pleiadians for

example is making a very weird and bad track. Nothing happends. Well this site

beats some of the other DG... get it! I give it 8/10. BUY IT

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This is the best compilation ever! There's not a bad tune on this cd. If you

like old melodic goa this is the one cd you should buy. I think this was the

first goa cd I bought and it's still one of my favorites. Many people that I

know discovered the world of goa using this Cd. If you don't have this one, I

suggest you go buy it right away. 10/10!

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Guest Goa Sage

Yep, this was the first Goatrance record I bought. I didn't even know what

"Goa" or "Psytrance" was before I listened to this in the record store. A

friend of mine thought I should listen to it, so I did...and I was AMAZED by

the magic in this music! Words can't explain what I felt, 'cause the feeling

was sooo intense! I felt that THIS is right! THIS is what I have been looking

for! THIS IS ME!! Anyway, now I'm getting all emotional... Back to the review!

:) All tracks are melodic and with the right party feeling. The first CD is a

perfect trip, with not a single average or boring track. That's pretty

extraordinary! The second one is not as good, but contains some classic tunes

like A.P's "Mahadeva (96 Rmx)", Endora's "Joy" and the terrific tune "Jungle

Trax" by Pleiadians. Yes, it IS great and one of their best tunes ever! As a

conclusion, I can say that this is one of the best compilations I've got!

Probably the best! So...my advice is that you buy it without doubt! NOW!

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Guest ralih[at]hongkong[dot]com

I just love this compilation since it was it was my first contact with goa...

When i got it i was still listening to stupid hardcore gabba techno.. and this

was so different and emotional.. ah i just love it for the nostalgia.. and

it's actually good too, nice melodic goa..

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dudes, I have to join the club of "this was the first goa album I bought" :) It

was either this or Sun Trip4.. but I'm pretty sure it was this one! Anyways, I

like (on CD1) 2,4,7&8 and CD2 4,6&7 .. Well, I think those are the ones.. I

haven't listen to this CD in a while ;) . As someone said, for me this compil

is special! But if I had to grade it now it'll probably be 6 or 7 / 10..


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this was the first goa album i ever bought ! .. .

deja vu ??? .. well its true and the best tracks are Hallucinogen - Space Pussy

and Pleiadians - Jungle Trax,

all the other songs are great aswell . a 9/10 compilation

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Surely this CD deserves a revival! What glorious melodic goa here! I missed the goa scene when it first came out so now I need my goa fix like a heroin addict. Power Source, Hallucinogen, Pleiadians, Total Eclipse and yes Pharagonescia bring really stong efforts. Like all who have said before me, if you love melodic goa like I do, this is a must have.



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A remarkable release!!


This is (for me) the best Goa trance compilation.

So organic and what goa is all about.


The best track in here is arguably Jungle Trax which is INSANELY AWESOME!! (until the ending which somehow got f*cked up in a bad meaning)

Mahadeva of course, Pharatropic, Touch The Sun, Goaway, Karma 209, Joy, Adventure and of course Space Pussy are soooo awesome too!


Creative alternative is a good track also.


Rest are fillers for me because I can't remember any creativity.


So this compilation, apart from the crap tracks that I didn't mention, gets a 8.5 from me!


Peace! :D

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Ouch! I remember how thrilled I would feel when I would find any new DG at my local CD store. I don't have this one, but I wish I was wise enough to have bought all of them. In another 20 years, they're going to be (already are to some) like the original Pink Floyd albums are to rock. Legend.

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