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  1. A remarkable release!! This is (for me) the best Goa trance compilation. So organic and what goa is all about. The best track in here is arguably Jungle Trax which is INSANELY AWESOME!! (until the ending which somehow got f*cked up in a bad meaning) Mahadeva of course, Pharatropic, Touch The Sun, Goaway, Karma 209, Joy, Adventure and of course Space Pussy are soooo awesome too! Creative alternative is a good track also. Rest are fillers for me because I can't remember any creativity. So this compilation, apart from the crap tracks that I didn't mention, gets a 8.5 from me! Peace!
  2. Although the album cover is A W E S O M E (and the fact that made me want to have a listen) and a true psychedelic one, I could hardly say the same for the album itself. I'm reading people's posts saying it's "Rich and varried" and I'm questioning myself: Where in the earht ARE those characteristics on this album?? RICH??? Damn this is one of the "lightiest" psychedelic albums i ever heard with not many (or any at all) layers that fill the atmosphere of the songs. VARRIED??? Ok ppl, this is getting annoying, you can barely distinguish which song is which because EVERY TRACK in here is following the same formula! You can hear the SAME bass, the same effects, the same 303 (not pattern) in every track! Is that what you call varried? The thing that impressed me though, was the bass, yeah it had some fun creativity there in the first two songs. So yeah D.M. Tuner and Electronic Brainwash kinda tried to impress my ears. this gets a 4/10 from me and a 10/10 for the cover P.S. This is my opinion ppl, you don't have to agree with it! Peace!
  3. Businessman

    Pleiadians - IFO

    DAAAAMN this album is teh win!! I can definately say that the highlight here is Alcyone! I also liked very much Asterope, Electra and Maia but I just couldn't get what you guys like on Taygeta...
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