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  1. Pretty nice track, kept me intressted all the way. Has a very nice raw touch.
  2. I used to be a regular here, and I feel it's about time I got back. This here is a little EP I made last year, full of inspiration and waiting for the birth of my daughter. (the picture is a bit ugly, but hey - I make music, not graphics!) LILLAN EP Lillan del 1 (resan till liv) - 06:54 min / 9,6 MB Lillan del 2 (första andetaget) - 05:42 min / 7,9 MB Enjoy!
  3. Very nice Kasper! Besides being a very good selection of your music (though I miss some of my personal favorites!), it's a very good idea. I'm gonna download it later, when I get home, and put it on my mp3-player. Kinda inspires me to make something similar with my oldies... won't be as good as this, but it will be a good way of ending.
  4. well, it's not really Simon P who invented that use of voice samples..
  5. DP, you are THX.. is that true? Or, is he be joke in?
  6. sorry to hear about the problems man .. :| putting your music on a site for download makes me happy 'cus then I can hear it anyways. Don't get me wrong here.. if I could have bought a copy of your CD I would.. I will share my thoughts on your music later, some day.
  7. Well Symbiote - Phantasmagoria has one of the best intros I can think of.
  8. ey Mindtwister, has Paws made a pure ambient track? Where can I find it? basilisk, I wish he could make more trax like that (Buddhi I mean) as for my list. I don't know, can't decide.. the list will look differant tomorrow anyays, todays list: put some Celtic Cross - anything from Hicksville mix it with Sigur Rós - last 4 tracks on () add some Tool - Pushit (first part of the live version is very chilly) and finally a Múm - Green grass of tunnel
  9. jimi horton, no he isn't.
  10. quazzi you bad bad girl! well, I agree with Quazzi.. Imortalis reminds me a lot of Mortiis didn't like the names much. Noia was the best one tho..
  11. ouroboros, where would you put MOS - Drive? Techtrance or minimal? for me it's techtrance all the way.. Meter was more minimal tho..
  12. I still listen to it occasionally.. it's just not my 'mainstyle' anymore.. yeah, it is kinda geigh! da mint! bark.. the smell of sea, - pr0nstar Mr. Arson Sureyouwill
  13. I think it's very nessicary to have differant styles within psytrance.. if someone tells says that he loooooooves psytrance and someone else asks, "oh have you heard The Delta?" and the dude says "Never heard of them, I only listen to Astral Projection and Infected Mushroom" would you still think it's stupid to have differant styles? Would you still say that those two boys/girls listen to the same kinda music? 'cus IMO, the Delta and IM are very differant... also, makes it easiser to find more music like, the delta (for example). If every road and street was called road and street it would be pretty much impossible to find anything anywhere.. I don't listen to psytrance anymore, so I can't tell you all the styles.. puke, - pr0nstar mr. Aaron Surewood "hey, I'm David Hasselhoff and welcome to my website. Stay tuned..."
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