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  1. For me, Karma 209 is arguably among best tracks ever. Almost all other tracks are all classics Thanks again, Tim Schuldt
  2. sorry to hear what happened. if its written before, sorry, i couldnt find it. the cultural forum will come back or is gone as well? it was very nice
  3. intelligence is defined to promote a certain way of thinking. but then, there is the incompleteness theorems of gödel. psytrance can promote a new way of thinking; that can be considered intelligence, but of what use without wide cultural support is a question, a nice one
  4. talking souls - karma 209 always leaves a feeling of admiration
  5. plastikman was overall a nice project. i listened to hawtin a couple of times playing (i dont remember whether it was live). one of them was among the best parties i had.. i like him better when he s plastikman the black album, "consumed" by itself lives on another dimension i think the track hypokondriak deserves a mention also. enjoy!
  6. from a purely mechanical way of thinking, i think old school goa tracks make the difference on good speakers i agree they sound similar on poorer speakers, however there is another issue: many tracks are linked with special memories and moments. this makes them unique in every sense
  7. i think its too late. would be nice if he took one like 5 years ago
  8. is it only me who likes this?
  9. slinky wizard - the wizard visitors - tiny little engines merr0w - utopian society prana - rainbow spirit mixed one into another
  10. hey folks http://rapidshare.com/files/70464195/alti.mp3 make sure you have good speakers or headphones, otherwise it will be too noisy
  11. it was a set played at dawn; dawn time has a phase change me thinks. and the music reflects that and thanx by the way..
  12. your comments would bennice to hear.. and again, a little dive into physics would do the trick.. mechanically at least.
  13. wow.. i had 3 cd players and a mixer.. thats all when i was playing.. i have a different view on djing by the way, less technical, more spiritual. there is a set (from good old times, lol) in my signiture if you re interested.
  14. i dont agree with what you think about djing. "I am not happy with merely DJ'ing though. I think DJ'ing is a sorry excuse to get out of producing ones own music because, truthfully, anyone and their grandmother can DJ." producers make music (i am talking about the ones that use their own samples and stuff) djs mix them into parties and ritualistic gatherings. both are not easy... a more physics biased aproach to music may be what you need, by the way. cheers
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