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V/A - Accidental Occidentalism

Guest Trancers303

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Guest Trancers303

V/A - Accidental Occidentalism


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Artist: Various

Title: Accidental Occidentalism

Label: Symbiosis

Date: 1996


Track listing:


01. 08'25" Breach Of Space : Two Mad Men

02. 07'45" Hiscore Xor : True Freedom

03. 10'45" Rainbow Spirit And DJ Sangeet : Sirius Shuttle

04. 08'05" Pleiadians : Ciberland

05. 06'49" Cwithe : Karmanichs

06. 07'43" Pleiadians : Boarding Pass To Balangan

07. 07'23" Transwave : Cycles Of Life

08. 08'21" Transwave : The Rezwalker

09. 07'25" Encens : Spiritual Transgression

10. 07'12" Pleiadians : Pleiadians




This CD kicks ass!!!Its from 96 but still its so fucking great, all

the tracks except track 4 is good here. But just look at the tracklist...3

Pleiadians Track and all of them is full on and great with lots of

melodies..The transwave tracks are also great. The Cycles Of life is one of

their best tracks ever...What about the others?Well I can tell you track 1

is really cool, track 2 is even better but track 3 is the best!!! Probalby

Boris Blenn best track ever, it will always have a place in my heart...Track

5 is the only one i don´t like. Track 9 is OK..overall A great compilation

and if you are A etnica/Pleiadians fan you must have this!!!!9/10

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Guest psy61[at]home[dot]com

This comp looks fucking sick!! Only problem is that I have never heard of it

before, meaning that I will probably never find it... :(

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Guest uforia.1[at]email[dot]com

Track 5 is the only tune on the whole compilation I don't like.

Well, the vocal samples in the first track are also

quite annoying. The rest of the tunes are great. The three Pleiadians tracks

are all excellent as per usual, with Ciberland and Boarding Pass To Balangan

on a slower ambient tip, but still quite melodic and beautiful. And of

course, Cycles Of Life, Spiritual Transgression, Sirius Shuttle, etc.

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I have most tracks from this comp - worth picking up. For my money though, the

best Boris Blenn track (outside, arguably, 'Oh Yeah' or 'Rubberbandman' with

Yello in the late 80s / early 90s) was 'Emotion Electrified', listed as

'Prana' on at least one comp. Uplifting yet minimal, with a nice understated

melody in minor key, never over-the-top. Mmmmmmm.

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Guest Zoltar

Magic compilation with the Transwave classic "Cycles of life", track of the

last decade! :)) Unfortunately, Symbiosis Records releases are really tough to

find... And those Pleiadians tracks are like exclusive. Accidental

Occidentalism (1995-96 stuff), first CD release (SYMBCD001) from this k-rad

label: for the true goa trance old timers, don't miss it. Mushroom mafia, go

away. =) [ 9/10 ]

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Guest Cabbaged

For the record ,the voices in track 1 are firstly Ronald Reagan{sounding like a

complete twat-what else?}then Charles Manson from a documentary about Manson

and the 'death of the sixties' on UK tv. Trancespotter or what?

Fantastic CD-really exciting when it first came out,and still pretty tasty even


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Guest psykomet[at]psykomet[dot]net

That Hiscore Xor tune is great. Who are they? Can't seem to find ANY other

tracks by them/him/her.

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AMAZING old school goa compilation ! Around this time, back in 1996 things started to get moving faster and faster and productions were at their highest peaks, considering musicality. These masterfully crafted cosmic memories here really set you on a journey and this compilation is among the best goa compilations around...I like all trax but favourites : TRUE FREEDOM ( ! ), SIRIUS SHUTTLE ( ! ), CYCLES OF LIFE, THE REZWALKER, SPIRITUAL TRANSGRESSION, PLEIADIANS ( ! )...10/10

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Oh my god!!! :)


That's the best compilation I've ever heard... So many classics on it!

"True freedom" from Hiscore Xor is just perfect, so psychedelic and twisted... Transwave's tracks are also amazing and the last track from pleiadians kicks ass (the last 3 minutes of this track are just incredible and apocalyptic...)




Best tracks : 2(!!!), 7(!), 8(!), 10(!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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I've been listening to this one a lot lately.. mainly because of Boarding Pass To Balagan. It has that inca/maya "fluffyness" I'm always looking for in Etnica tracks. I don't think it's on any other comp/CD except for this one and the Pleiadians EP. Ciberland also has this very special sound. That, and together with immortal tracks like The Rezwalker and Cycles Of Life makes me want to have this CD badly.


Favorites: 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10

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Artist: Various

Release: Accidental Occidentalism

Year: 1995

Label: Symbiosis Records

Cat-#: symb cd 01

Rating: 4/5



1. Breach Of Space - Two Mad Men 8'19"

2. Hiscore - True Freedom 7'41"

3. Rainbow Spirit Featuring DJ Sangeet - Sirius Shuttle 8'56"

4. Pleiadians - Ciberland 8'05"

5. Cwithe - Karmachanics (Silver) 6'47"

6. Pleiadians - Boarding Pass To Balangan 7'31"

7. Transwave - Cycles Of Life 7'19"

8. Transwave - The Rezwalker 8'22"

9. Encens - Spiritual Transgression 7'23"

10. Pleiadians - Pleiadians 7'11"


So, this is it. One of the most essential compilations from back in the good days? A piece of legendary goa history? Supposedly that is just so, as people want this badly and people pay insane amounts just to get it. I just recently had the insane luck of finding this for 3 euro:s (no I'm not kidding and no I'm not missing out on any zeroes). Due to the madness surrounding this CD I was continuosly paranoid until I was home and could safely put it away in one of my shelves.


I can't give this top score. I like my tracks untouched and complete. Mixed journeys are of course very nice but I like the completeness of the track itself. Things being partially mixed means intros and outros are lost, and track 3 is suppose to be almost 2 minutes longer. I've never understood partially mixed compilations unless they've been ambient ones that is.


The tracks on the other hand bumps this compilation up to 4/5, had they been complete this CD would've gotten 5/5. All tracks deliver from start to finish... even Cwithe does a good job here, who I'm not too much a fan of.


Two Mad Men is not as thick as I'd liked, but it got nice flow nonetheless. Not much going on except a few simple laidback acid layers and a shifty speedy bassline... maybe doesn't take you on a flight but it's pretty damn nice anyway.


True Freedom is probably my favorite from the compilation (I'll be trying to track down the 12" now that's for sure), lots stuff going on here. GNOTR-like screeching tweakin' acid layers and on top of that you've got a sweet melody layer raining down at you. Energetic!


Sirius Shuttle has been heavily used as compilation material, and for good reasons of course. DJ Sangeet on his own hasn't delivered at all, IMO, but when collaborating with others something seems to happen. Progressive tribal goa trance, the percussive elements of hi-hats and snare seems to be a regular trademark of Boris Blenn, he always uses it to great effect. Simple yet effective trance stabs, a gurgly kind of bassline. The last minute sees them slamming a very nice darker melodic layer on top of everything... it fills up the track perfectly. Sadly this is where it ends.


Ciberland would IMO fit more under their Etnica alias... as Pleidians from that which I've heard is highly energetic trance music. This is much slower and laidback like some of the tracks from 'juggeling alchemists'. It's still very busy with all sorts of sqwirks and bleeps, and decent amount of melody. What confuses me is the melody layer appearing just the last fifteen seconds... totally perfect, why was this not used earlier!?


Cwithe delivers a somewhat less melodic darker trance tune with a subtle groove to it. Pretty cool atmosphere here, would keep me up and runnin' at party for sure.


Boarding Pass To Balangan keeps the melodic nerve stimulated, yet again this track keeps pushing me back to 'juggeling alchemists' very reminiscent of the melody layers contained therein. Not energetic but very soothing melody wise.


Cycles Of Life must be one of the thickest goa tracks out there, thick thick bassline and an equally thick beat. They use one melodic layer to rhythmical effect which sounds real good. Of course, we've got several other melody layers that are more freely floating around in the track. The break in the middle lets pretty much everything loose until it's once more wrapped and chopped up in the thickness of the groove soup. Totally amazing emotional track.


The pace quickens quite much with The Rezwalker. Another track used on lots of other compilations. The beat is much more polished here and not as thick bass, very nighttime atmosphere track with strange noises rebounding throughout. The melody layer introduced somewhere in the middle is really something that has to be heard, very harmonic yet still there is not much to it... but still so damn perfectly beautiful. The track later on releases more energy through a somewhat more tweaked melody layer.


Spiritual Transgression was later on released on the Limitless compilation on Koyote, but much more polished and up to date... and longer. This version is totally goa in all ways. Energetic tweaked melody layers, accompanied by a somewhat unstable wobbly bassline. They've kept the female voice sample I see for the '97 version '...those eyes adjusted to the dim light...'. Great track.


The track Pleiadians is really worthy of the name. The speed is cranked up, bassline at full throttle and we've got the bleepy melodies. Another blasting high energy goa track.

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The prices that are being asked on Discogs are often times an indication of either how good or how rare a CD is. This one falls into both categories. Three tracks from the Pleiadians, two from Transwave, and quality throughout. A really nice psychedelic surprise for me was the Hiscore Xor track. Very psychedelic.


It can be yours for the low asking price of $180 bucks on Discogs. Let's see, feed my kids or get this CD...that's a tough one.



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I can only hear so much about how great an album is before I cave in and check it out. The resistance to listening to this compilation comes from my lack of enjoyment with most tracks by Pleiadians and with three unreleased tracks on this one that seems to be what most folk focus on. As it turns out, some of my trepidation was justified as I only appreciate one of the three Pleiadians offerings.


I'm not a big fan of wild and hyper Goa, it lacks structure and focus as far as I'm concerned. As such, "Ciberland" is a masterpiece to these ears because it is so non-Pleiadians in structure and focus. It's warm, inviting, absolutely brilliant!


In regard to the other classic from this compilation, Hiscore Xor's "True Freedom" has next to no appeal for me. The chirping effects are annoying and most of the synth lines are too wild, too piercing, there's little available for an enjoyable listen.


Breach of Space's "Two Mad Men" is a lot of fun despite almost overusing the samples.


The highlights, without question, would be the two Transwave tracks. Warm, focused, transporting, vintage Goa. If you are a Transwave fan you cannot miss with either of these offerings.


In conclusion, a very, very solid compilation and definitely worthy of its reputation. Even if the crazy and reckless Pleiadians and Hiscore Xor tracks are not your usual brand (admittedly, I'm talking to the minority here) there is plenty of quality to be found elsewhere.

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