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1200 Mics - 1200 Micrograms


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Guest Candlejack

GMS all over again.. Just as sad like Alien Project nowadays. I mourn for the

days of cool psytrance like Chi a.d.'s Anno Domini album, or MOS - Bug... This

just doens't cut it for me. Ok, it's good, in fact there's nothing really

wrong with it, save for the fact that's it's just so fucking standard.. Heard

one album of GMS? Heard 'em all. Same goes for Alien Project. Sadly.

Anyway, I won't rate this. Just remember this. If you really really like GMS

stuff, check out their latest album for a bit more innovation. Wanna hear the

same old formula again? Try this one, it's not bad... just so standard.

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Guest Acid Punch

Insejn: I agree with you completely-the samples and the whole idea of this

album is infentile and like you said they are trying to be "cool" but it looks

so idiotic..

whatever....the music is the same old stuff the are feeding us for 2-3 years

now...nothing new..which means its not at all bad and even rather good and

stedy yet regular with absolutly no surprise or inovation.all tracks rock

exept the extazy track that is kinda bad..

3/10 for originality and idea,8/10 for the production.

*nothing new under the sun....*

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1200 Mics - 1200 Micrograms


Artist: 1200 Mics

Title: 1200 Micrograms

Label: TIP World

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. 09'03" Ayahuasca

02. 07'40" Hashish

03. 06'32" Mescaline

04. 07'55" LSD

05. 07'47" Marijuana

06. 05'51" Ecstasy

07. 07'45" Magic Mushrooms

08. 06'34" Salvia Divinorum

09. 05'48" DMT




First of all. This whole drug thingi, with the tracknames and drug-samples


Are they trying to be cool? :-) I think it's super-cheezy. Anyway...Besides from

all the stupid samples this CD is good. We have heard some from 1200 mics before

and this is just like it. Full-on with the taste of GMS. The melodies are


and massive and only moments later some are ruined by an idiot-sample. And

those lame

samples are in every track. But then again...those good melodies are also in

every track so

they take out each other. There is one bad track tho. Number 6 is

clubby/trancey. Can't understand

why they have put that track on this cd. If you like GMS with more changes this

is the one for you.

Final Verdict: 7.3/10

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Guest VBRunner

Ah, yes. Riktam and Bansi (GMS) along with Chicago and Raja Ram have here

produced an album under the name 1200 Mic's. This could have been the

follow-up to the modern classic GMS & Amigos. But as we all know, instead they

released the more innovative and in my opinion best album of the year, No

Rules, under their own name. Anyway, what we have here is 9 very energetic

full-on stompers using little more than GMS' old formula. And it has never

failed so far, so I'm not one to complain, but I'm sure we will get a bunch of

reviews saying this sounds just like all other (pre-No Rules) GMS tracks.

Well, I happen to like all other GMS tracks - and the same with these new

ones. There is, as usual with GMS, not a single bad track on this album. Play

any of these and you're guaranteed to get the dancefloor moving. Excellent

album if you ask me. But you should know what to expect so if you don't think

you'll like it, you might as well stay away.

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i don t completly agree with you acid punch , raja ram gives us a good album

,each song has his own feeling and even if the titles are idiotic I allways

imagine this old man trying each drug in order to make a song.I m a little bit

disapointed by the length of the album that lasts only 64 min , and the song

dmt has been released 3 years ago...So it s not a must have but I ll give it


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Guest for those who dont ge it

as with most psy music you have to be on the RIGHT drug to REALLY dig it. here

its quite easy to find the right one ;)

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Guest Quark-

The album seems to be okay.. BUT the name of the tracks are really bad.. It

sounds like a boy on 13 trying to create some very cool names for his songs..

;o) But anyway, I only heard some few samples, and the DMT track is on the

divi:nation comp. so DMT have I heard. From the samples can I only say.. GO

GET IT.. If you like Full-On and really music with a psysound to be high of..

you gonna listening to this album... Bom Shankar from - Quark-

I'll make a real review when i hear the whole album.. :o)

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Guest mp3 djs are cool

"as with most psy music you have to be on the RIGHT drug to REALLY dig it. here

its quite easy to find the right one ;)"


lol...most people get very picky when on drugs...oh yeah.


Anyway, same sounds as most of those full on artists have been using for the

last few years, complete with all the silly samples you need to have to make

people remember your track.


I agree completely with the reviewer mourning for the days of cool

psytrance...this is just stale and boring formualic neo-Dance music with

"cool" samples and a bit more interesting production.

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This is the album of the year. I LOVE the track names and theme of this album!

If you dont understand the track names, search for 1200 Mics at Saikosounds

where they explain. All tracks have samples explaining something about the

drug. The theme is kept through the whole album. There should be more albums

like this one, with themes. Not compilations of some tracks by that artist...

Anyway this album is full-on style. Evolving from the GMS and Alien Project

sound, but this one has a little more melody. I hope melodies can become more

common in psytrance, that's really a big part of a track. But I dont like that

the tracks are getting shorter. At least 7 minutes is what you want from a

track. Not less than 6, like Ecstasy and DMT. The whole albums is also only

around 64 minutes. There would have been room for a 2C-B and Ketamine aswell

:-) There is not much to say about the tracks, they have all have the same

theme and doesn't sound so different. Best tracks are track 2, 4, 6 and 8, but

they are all killers. All tracks on this album are good, and that makes a pure

10/10 doesn't it? More albums like this one, and maybe we can get rid of that

AWFUL minimal/progressive stuff that doesn't belong in trance. This is the

album of the year, and the best album for a long time. Dont miss it!

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Guest [Anonymous]

my review : dumb voice samples like : "on the seventh day shiva created

hashish" what a crap!!! dmt sounds to old (divinations) mescaline sucks with

those guitars , sounds like a skazy very old song , ayahuasca is ok ,

marijuana has the same dumb sample as the track in alien project aztechno

dreams , salvia divinorum (assasinations) i never liked , almost every song in

this album sounds like gms - shrek i give it : 5/10 if you like this kind of

stuff and 2/10 if you like good music .

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Guest --==1400MiLeS==--

Its another album that celebrates the comeback of melodic psy to the dancefloor

after three years of minimal boredom (cocaine isn't on the tracklist). This is

the psy "Feel good hit of the Summer'; loatsa jumpiness, over-the-top samples,

a high fun factor and a closed eyelid to anything sophisticated. A clever

formula since -1200 Micrograms- is campy enough to storm the Tiesto crowds.

From a musical perspective, the level of the superb 'Salvia Divinorum' is

rarely reached but this one is pretty consistent compared to the 735 GMS

albums. Since this one makes me smile for all the right reasons, i'll award it

8.5/10. Now that we got the melodies finally back in psy, its only a matter of

time 'till the 'Twistedness' also returns. Viva La Revolution...

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  • 3 weeks later...

nice album indeed some great tracks 4 the bush floor...


Ayahuasca - i like this track very much has a nice trippy forest party feel to

it 8/10...

Hashish - liked it alot the first few times i heard but slowly getting a bit

tired off it 6.5/10...

Mescaline - nice psy rock with guitar would be great at 9:00am in the morning

32 degrees and beer in the hand to pound along in the dust 8/10

LSD - nice dance floor peaker that you would expect at high bpms 8.5/10...

Marijuana - good track works well 7/10...

Ecstasy - starts off well with raja's flutes builds nicely then looses it and

becomes clubby and hands in the airish 5/10...

Magic Mushrooms - good track actually sounds good on mushies too 7/10...

Salvia Divinorum - well we all know this one very energetic dance floor killer,

for it's time probably holds it own better than the rest of the tracks


DMT - another we know well from Divinations not much needs to be said that

hasn't already for this track 7/10.


overall a good album that will have ya grooving along when first listened to,

sure it's been played plenty at parties over summer but think it doesn't have

a long last ability listening wise...even if some don't like credit 4

prodution quality..another solid album for tip world...

overall i give it 7.5/10

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  • 2 weeks later...

My initial thought was "oh no, another Riktam and Bansi colaboration"

especially since I do NOT like GMS, OK, I can understand why people like it on

the dancefloor, but for home listening... no thanks. BUT, IMO Raja ads some

very nice melodies to this album, making it sound really good!!! As for the

tracklist... I'm not the kind into drugs, but from what I know about them,

these tracks seem to fit in nicely the "mood" produced by each drug (ie.

Marijuana has a more laid back feeling, Ecstacy has a clubby Ibiza feeling -

hey, after all, most Es are done in clubs-- and so on). So all in all I give

this a 8/10... good, but not great...

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This whole drug thingi, with the tracknames and drug-samples Rocks! , Insejn

... Is it strange - the project named 1200 mics (micrograms) to use these

samples ? I think this is good album , my friends think the same :) at the

last our party ( Psychedelic Panic openair 13-14.09 - Bulgaria look parties

section) ppl went crazy at MESKALINE :) ... other my favourite trax are

Hashish , Marijuana , Ecstasy ... i think if U like GMS or Alien Project this

will be a good album for you

My opinion [8/10]. Peace !

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Guest Le Lotus Bleu

Concerning The concept around drugs with tracknames called with a different

substance, my thought is that is simply a big "T.I.P's promo tip" to make

bigger buzz about 1200 Mic's.


As If T.I.P World was needed to do this to encounter good sells...



BTW, the concept works as everybody talk about it ,even me with this message.


About the music the global content is very close to GMS No rules last album

without the same quality.

The production is good as usual as for the T.I.P World ones, but this release

lacks a bit of originality or real personnality.



I like also 1&6.

Mark: 7,5/10

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Guest Dr Cheroot

Very solid album from the tip crew, a real team effort, just like 13 Crystal


Pros: Nice grooves, in the same style but not too trite, each track definitely

has it's own flavor.

Cons:Samples, samples, samples!!!! can't believe they wasted such good tracks

with such obvious and corny samples. Take this one - In Magic mushrooms, the

only sample is "magic mushrooms, magic mushrooms, magic mushrooms" echoing all

the time.!!! hulllo??? Cmon raja, u know u can do better than this.

Favorite tracks: Mescaline (with the crazy guitars and the album's only

redeeming sample - Let's all take some messsssssssssscaline!!) and Hashish.

Overall: 8/10 You will find use for this CD more than u think. A good buy.

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Guest Redtree

Once again we witness the lack of creativity in the scene. Ok, the production

of sound is good but who cares when the music is shit. Honestly, even back in

-96 we had better tunes than this...

Listen to some good music, people. This music is for kids. Overall: 3.5 / 10.

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One of the most bashed albums of the year, but what the hell... They can't all

be popular... But, for me, this is a great, great album. I dont really care

about people calling this childish or even immature... What the hell? Come on

people, stop taking yourselves so goddam serious! This is nothing but a good

laugh! Just like Raja Rams Stash Bag was! I even kinda like the cheesy cover,

though they could have done better. But who the hell cares about the cover.

It's the music that's important. And this albums rocks my ass! Straighforward

stompers here... Best tracks are: Hashish, Mescaline, DMT, but all tracks are

very nice! Rating: 8.5/10

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  • 2 weeks later...

Been here, done this. More more of the same same, sounds just like you'd

expect. If you have all the GMS records then you're obviously a collector;

you need this one too. If you have only one or two from 2000 forward, you

don't need this at all. If you have none, there's no special reason to check

this out over any other GMS record. Isn't this sound one of the presets on

the $40 CasioTone now? 5/10.

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  • 1 month later...
Guest Dark Light

Impressive stuffs here !

the album worth the money for sure

all the tracks are great

and track number 8 "Salvia Divinorum" is my fav track for 2002 !

well done shit. get it!

rating: 7.5/10

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  • 3 weeks later...

VERY GOOD album...It is very psychedelic with rich patterns and melodies...The

colaboration between Raja Ram, GMS and Chicago is just great...I like all the

songs but the best one are : SALVIA DIVINORUM, LSD, ECSTASY, HASHISH, DMT,


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  • 3 weeks later...
Guest Smarthowie

This album is definately NOT good in my opinion... Typical GMS, even that it is

not better than any of their albums... But I have to admit, I don`t like GMS

at all, maybe I would like them play live, I don`t know, but their music at

home... No way! So, back to this one-Ecstasy is more club and have nothing to

do with psy-music... The best tracks here have already been released long time

ago, Salvia & DMT...

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This is one of my favourite albums of the year. Even if some people have a

problem with thet drug theme, who cares, its only music in the end... Anyway,

the songs are a little GMS like but for me they sound a more melodic (haven't

heard the newest GMS album, maybe it's also more melodic than the older

stuff?) and that's very important for me. But it's not only melodic but also

full-on and most important very psychedelic. I also like the samples, even if

they are psy clichés... My favourite tracks are Ecstasy and Magic Mushrooms.

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Guest JDPatch

This is a top CD cos its all about using hard drugs and thats good for

expanding minds and enlightening folk about possibilities beyonf their normal



its a good party Album , because its about partying and as long as your not too

label fussy / snobby like that then no-one should whinge .I found it

particularly usefull when i was going thru my paranoia . Instead of leading

the double life - i just blasted this CD out really loud untill everyone got

the message at least now the cops should be aware that im not a rapist or

murdering crook or anything and hopefully theyll fuk off now . i hope so , i

feel shit , they gave me a cold , and ruined any prospect of employment with a

respectable job and ive neveer even been convicted !

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