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  1. Mindblowingly good 11/11, can't believe it, a miracle in sound engineering me thinks !!
  2. Gorgonator

    Indica - Fairy Tales

    Very well produced ibiza style trance with a dash of goa, I really like this, there are no bad tracks and no.3 is my favourite here. Nice one indica 8/10
  3. Here, here, I agree with the above reviews excellent stuff from psydrop and about as original sounding as your likely to get these days. 8/10 from as well !!
  4. Perfect summer party music and a nice blend of Israeli / Euro trance which works for me. Overall this release is much better than I expected. 8/10
  5. This compilation is superb and currently in my top three so far this year, the Dark Soho track is simply awseome. The Mino track is the only clanger but it still gets a firm 9/10 from me.
  6. Nothing left to say on this one ! Simply awesome 9.5/10
  7. Gorgonator

    V/A - Solstice

    Don't be fooled my psychedelic friends, I have Electronic high 2 and this compilation and there is no comparision this new solstice comp is nothing short of amazing, its very fresh sounding and sometimes has a clubby feel to it. Its mostly a morning trance compilation with the best tracks being 4,6,7 9 & 10. IMO this gem gets a firm 9/10. GO FOR IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. WOW, This brings back some fond memories from yester year. I agree with stormbringer its diffiult to classify this one but its very NEW BEAT belgian sounding IMO. Also in a similar vein to early MUSIC RESEARCH releases from 88-93 when they called it NEW ZONE. With this kind of stuff appearing on this site I think a rumage thru my old vinyl is in order !
  9. Gorgonator

    V/A - Inside

    This new 3d vision comp is there second best after program change IMO. All the tracks are good with a very hi-tech feel. Logic Bomb rocks big time. I will give this 8.5/10
  10. Gorgonator

    GMS - No Rules

    We all have different views and to some extent there is an element of truth in the above review,basically this album is in a similar vein to there last two albums with some morning melodies thrown. Personally I think tracks 1-5 remain firmally in the traditional GMS vein so you all know what to expect there and tracks 5-8 are more melodic and in my opinion are the best on this new album especially track 7 AT THE END OF RAINBOW this track is awesome. The last track as with alot of artist albums is more chilled.My overall verdict 8.5/10 and definately worth the bold red highlight as this is better than GMS VS SYSTEMBUSTERS.
  11. I really cannot believe how different our tastes are. As I love both psytrance and clubtrance I had high expectations for this cd and i have to say its very dissapointing. Its very dull and boring, it plods along like an elephant and the melodies are bland and iritating. I can only give this 3/10
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