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  1. I dont really agree with you aqua mental , There is only one song here that could be comparated with electro dub (manzanilla) but the other one are really progressive.Anyway dub still for me very instrumental like regga without lyrics.So this album is really good and energic.The produvtion is much better than the last album .Im a little bit disapointed though cuz I havent find any track like katapult here .This album is radically not minimal
  2. lespagnol

    Dark Soho - Combustion

    I liiike it so much .It s heavy and dark, violent and something trash. It s the hard rock side of trance, more like Tim Schuldtthan the DElta. Howewer it sounds very german and gothic with a lot of freaky melody. The last of track 1 is so sad and melodic, one of the song I ve heard since delta - the thing. Track 3 is so crazy too with violin and clavecin. For me IT IS the best album of the year just before mr Peculiar. A must ...
  3. lespagnol

    Element - Full Moon

    killer album in my opinion ,perhaps too many lyrics in some songs but thats part of the german trance movement Remember tarsis Melt with those cheesy lyrics in the first song.Anyway that s doesn t disturb me that much .The first album was excellent , the second is ....excellent.That s not really stomping nor slow , its a mix between house and trance hummmm verdict 9,5/10
  4. lespagnol

    GMS - The Hits

    what a shame ,I really don t like those oldstuff compilation.Its not innovative at all .Check the remix of hallucinogen too , it s crap .Anyway all of these tracks are already reviewed somewhere here.This comp is made for newbies that don t know gms .
  5. lespagnol

    Yumade - Klanguage

    I agree with mijis 80%.I like this album a lot cuz the guys from the databass crew ( yumade,paps,snug as a bug)allways find new sounds that make their style impressive.I don t like the first two songs that much ,very minimal and repetitive but then the album begins to become different ,yumad can change the bpm rythm all the time and can do dub psyke or industrial :that make the force of the databass crew (WE WANT A TRIPIATRIK ALBUM !!!!!)
  6. i don t completly agree with you acid punch , raja ram gives us a good album ,each song has his own feeling and even if the titles are idiotic I allways imagine this old man trying each drug in order to make a song.I m a little bit disapointed by the length of the album that lasts only 64 min , and the song dmt has been released 3 years ago...So it s not a must have but I ll give it 8,5/10
  7. Droidlock - High Phonic For A Replicant Artist: Droidlock Title: High Phonic For A Replicant Label: Kagdila Date: 2002 Track listing: 01. 04'22" Intro Then I Begin 02. 06'08" Syncussion 03. 08'02" Origine X 04. 08'21" Life Form 05. 07'32" Black Jack 06. 08'17" Stomp 07. 07'25" Believe In Faith 08. 07'17" Channel 21 09. 06'36" Golden Gun 10. 05'56" Acid Jade Review: I haven t heard the whole cd ,only stomp that is very energic and violent.
  8. lespagnol

    Hallucinogen - LSD

    what a shit ,does twisted want to make the maximum cash with this old school trax that everyone knows since years....
  9. lespagnol

    Hallucinogen - LSD

    what a shit ,does twisted want to make the maximum cash with this old school trax that everyone knows since years....
  10. lespagnol

    Xerox - Frequency Drive

    don t like it that much , it s very repetitive and doesn t explose at any moment.pretty boring ,good to listen one song only.
  11. I really hate this album,Psytrance 2002 at its worst,can wait hearing it open air
  12. Yeaph help us is one of the best tripiatrik song ever.But my prefered will allways still the real wrong.Es muss sein stay too monotonic.Try others song like sans trant,p3,proll the fat troll,pelf the little elf...These are from paps but it s quite the same style
  13. this album definitly sound german from gtn.Check stuff like Tarsis ,element, funf d,Alegria...If you like them you WILL like this.I don't say that it s a copy but this class of sound really has his place in the trance scene Today I fancy listening to it because minimal becomes to be boring and to kill my enjoyment in trance.I dont know very well cass and Slide but now,with the review of acidhive ,I think I will get more interested in them.
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