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Meller - Rockable


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Artist: Meller

Title: Rockable

Label: Tribal Vision

Format: CD (Jewelcase with 12 page inlay and DJ-insert)

Released: November, 2005





After 3 compilations containing a mix of progressive house and progressive psytrance for both the night and daytime, the promising new Czech label Tribal Vision is ready with their first artist-release: the new Meller album "Rockable", also containing 5 remixes - mostly by some well-known artists from the Tribal Vision roster. Meller consists of the two German DJ's Mel and Scherer, and while it perhaps isn't the most well-known act on the progressive scene, they have a bunch of releases in their biography, including a full length album, "Solar Drums", released last year on AP Records.


So ... 5 tracks from Meller, and 5 remixes of those same tracks - Looks like a quite interesting concept. Let's see if it can live up to Tribal Visions high standard so far.



01. Rockable [140 BPM]

"Rockable" opens the album with a short and very strange intro, which frankly made me consider if my copy was damaged. The bassline kicks in after only 1 second, and is banging psychedelic "German" festival progressive from the start - not really that groovy, and with a few very cheesy guitar-samples and some heavy percussion. Didn't really appeal to me.


02. Fatboy [140 BPM]

Things get a bit darker with "Fatboy", which is less of a daytime festival tune than the opener and more a nighttime progressive stomper. Some gloomy pads set the atmosphere, but the most dominant element is the male theme sample "I am the great thick rockboy...", giving the track some distinctiveness - but not enough to really make me appreciate the track overall.


03. My Favourite Man [140 BPM]

Up next is "My Favourite Man", and to me it's definitely the most interesting of the original tracks. A very corny sample of a drunk guy, which sounds like a cutout from an old live jazz-recording, is the theme of the track, and it really works like a charm, giving the track a nice, humorous touch - add to that some fairly funky and catchy grooves and the result is a quite good outdoor groover.


04. Phase Nacht [140 BPM]

As the title implies "Phase Nacht" takes the album back into the night territory, and it is definitely the most minimal track on the album, with a tight bass and a very static groove. Some of the percussion works quite well, but what is up with that random, out of tune melody? Didn't really like the track, and for me it was a low-point on the album.


05. Aurora [135 BPM]

Things improve a great deal with final original track "Aurora" though, the most laidback and mellow track so far, and one of the standouts. The male "I feel something wonderful" sample seems perfectly chosen for this nice little morning beauty, filled with blissful pads and sweet melodies. By far the most pleasant of the original Meller tracks, and also my favourite.


06. Rockable (NASA Remix) [140 BPM]

First remix is by Danish NASA, who's really established himself on the scene in the last couple of years with releases on Iboga, Plastik Park, DOMO, Com.Pact and Tatsu - just to name a few. His version of "Rockable" has more melodic layers than the original, and can best be described as a fluid mix of progressive and psychedelic full on. Cool remix, although more loyal fans of NASAs sound would like it better than I did.


07. Fatboy (Rinkadink Remix) [140 BPM]

One of South Africas absolutely finest exports, the wacky full on producer Rinkadink, is up next with a remix of "Fatboy". The result is really something special: powerful yet never stressful full on, super funky and groovy, and the theme sample has been tampered to perfection. This is the kind of tune that people will remember when looking back at a party - very quirky and original stuff, I totally love it.


08. My Favourite Man (Tegma Remix) [140 BPM]

"My Favourite Man" is remixed by Tegma from Sweden, and they've given it a more full on approach, not as dark and techy as their latest releases on Tribal Vision and Moonflower, but pretty close to the lighter style on their "002: avant.garde" album. Basically a pumping full on/progressive trance crossover remix, with the groovy and melodic breakdown as my favourite part. Great work.


09. Phase Nacht (Etnoscope Remix) [140 BPM]

Etnoscope is up next with a remix "Phase Nacht", and as usual from these Swedes their version track is very heavy on their trademark: rolling live-percussion. Their remix is much better than the original, with a very organic atmosphere, and a sound very suitable for a nighttime forest set. Not a very surprising or ground-breaking remix, but solid work nevertheless.


10. Aurora (Vibrasphere Remix) [132 BPM]

Last - but certainly not least - we get a remix by one of my personal favourites, the Swedish duo Vibrasphere. They have a very distinct sound, an extremely smooth and caressing mix of ambient and trance, and it's a perfect match to "Aurora", which was already the mellowest of the original tracks. Vibraspheres remix has an even more laidback groove than the original, and generally the sound is very epic and uplifting, almost suitable for a set by Tïesto - but I can't really say that it's a bad thing. Totally amazing and enjoyable remix.



Bottom line:


As a stand alone album, I would have considered "Rockable" a pretty average release. The 5 original tracks are decent, but not much more - the production isn't always as clear as most have come to expect from the best progressive psytrance in 2005, and generally the musical content isn't really that impressive either. The release is definitely saved by the remixes though - all the remixes are of fairly high quality and pretty different from the originals, with especially Vibrasphere and Rinkadink standing out with some truly stunning reworks.


All in all "Rockable" is pretty good - quite diverse, with a mix of morning and night progressive psytrance, minimal, and a twist of full on as well. If you have liked Mellers releases so far, I guess you shouldn't hesitate in picking it up. Otherwise buy it for the remixes.





3, 5, 7 (!!), 8, 9, 10 (!!)










Tribal Vision Records: http://www.tribalvisison.cz

Meller: http://www.meller.de

DJ Mel: http://www.dj-mel.de

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Very nice review Profane!

I almost agree with you completely, the remixes are great and do ADD something to this cd, I liked the Nasa and the Rinkadink remix the most.

As far as the production goes, it sounds nice enough for me, clear and definately with a punch! (as to be expected from the Meller boys :D)

I really liked the vocals too on this album, they are well chosen and mixed into the songs. The downside is to be found within the Meller tracks themself.. I probably expected a bit more (especially after the Solar Drums album which kicks ass), but the cd as a whole is a really nice album.

Favorite tracks: 1,6,7,8 !

Overall mark: 7.5

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I didn't find much electro in this album :)


It's not totaly gone that way of course, but it has 'elements'. Rinkadink remix for instance and distorted electro-style vocals 'Disco... Feel My Bass!' Well, fuck you, mister! I'd definitely not enjoy this one on the dancefloor if I wasn't omfg-wtf kind of a xtc-teen... and I'm not, so I won't. On the other hand it's better to listen to this stuff at random clubs instead of other stuff... but then people will call ›this‹ psytrance. Thank you!

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Meller - Rockable


Posted Image


Hi-res cover: front + back


Artist: Meller (Germany)

Title: Rockable

Format: CD (jewel case w/12 page booklet)

Label: Tribal Vision Records (Czech Republic)

Cat. #: TVRCD004

Distribution: Psyshop.com

Date: November 2005


Track listing:


01. 06’32” Rockable

02. 07’38” Fatboy

03. 05’46” My Favorite Man

04. 08’34” Phase Nacht

05. 08’17” Aurora

06. 10’28” Rockable (Nasa Remix)

07. 06’43” Fatboy (Rinkadink Remix)

08. 08’44” My Favorite Man (Tegma Remix)

09. 07’30” Phase Nacht (Etnoscope Remix)

10. 08’12” Aurora (Vibrasphere Remix)


.m3u-playlist: http://tinyurl.com/d6ntz (all tracks!)




Tribalism ^ Tribalism Remixed


Tribal Vision Records from the Czech Republic are out with the second album from German duo Meller… Marco Scherer & Dirk Herrmann (DJ Mel) released their debut album Solar Drums on AP Records in 2004… I haven’t heard that one, so I don’t really know what to expect here… But it’s Tribal Vision – a label that has yet to let me down, and the roster of remix artists are nothing short of impressive… So my hopes are up!


Let me take you thru the tracks…


#01: Rockable [140 BPM]

“Welcome to the future!”… The title track breaks open with a cut, futuristic voice sample alongside some spacy percussion and tribal beats… The whole thing is seasoned with a cascade of electro-elements making this a very Schiller-like track… This is perhaps a little too housy but generally pretty harmless… Easily cross-over potent stuff!


#02: Fatboy [140 BPM]

The guys up the ante on the second track which is easily much more forceful than the first track… Darker and more pounding… With a naïve fluffy melody thrown in just to freak you out! Also the haunting, repetitive voice samples are among the best I’ve heard in a while… Very original! Yeah, there’s definitely some experimentation going on here… I really like it! Sweet, sweet track!


#03: My Favorite Man [140 BPM]

“Ladies and gentlemen… Ahhhh I know I'm drunk now, I forgot my favourite man sitting over 'dere, his name is...” This is definitely my fav’e track here… Banging, tribal progressive trance – drenched in bubbling electro sounds and dubby beats! Very, very original… Repetitive yes, but so very hypnotizing too – and funny! The vocal experimentation is so very well-executed… And the only flaw this track has is that it’s too damn short!


#04: Phase Nacht [140 BPM]

This is bleak, progressive night trance… More minimal than the previous tracks, but not minimalistic in the 2001 kinda way… Digital-tribal drums and metallic percussion make out the rhythm section and generally this is a very hypnotic track… The soundtrack to a massive stomp-session! A Blechtrommel style stomp fest! A solid track!


#05: Aurora [135 BPM]

“I feel something wonderful!” We take it down a notch for the last original Meller track… This is deep, groovy progressive trance… Rich in texture and with a wonderful old-school synth-melody… Very familiar in all its floating glory… Would mix well with Antix or 12 Moons I’m sure… Nice track, but a little too generic for my taste… I mean – that final run is too Balearic innit?


#06: Rockable (Nasa Remix) [140 BPM]

And here’s the remix by Danish producer NASA .Mikkel Rasmussen (one half of Gnome Effect) has extended the track notably and completely revamped it… Gone are the most commercial pitfalls, and this is leaning more towards progressive morning trance… A hybrid of fluffy melodies and grittier full-on elements… Without the cheese factor! A very mature and constantly evolving track… I dig it!


#07: Fatboy (Rinkadink Remix) [140 BPM]

Open up and loose yourself! The fatboy is remixed by UK-based South African producer Rinkadink (Werner Van Jaarsveld)… I really liked both his albums, and his unique full-on touch seldom lets me down… And sure enough, this is a tranced-up remix which bears very little resemblance to the original… The sampled has been tweaked even more along with the melodies… Funky, edgy full-on – impressive indeed! I like the original slightly more though…


#08: My Favorite Man (Tegma Remix) [140 BPM]

And now for the Tegma remix… Swedish producers Omar Chelly & Jason Orfanidis released their second album 002: Avant.Garde on Candyflip earlier this year and for me that’s still one of the freshest hybrid-trance albums of 2005… And I’m happy to say that this remix is very similar to the style of that album – the balanced blend of teKknoid progressive trance and melodic, edgy full-on… Add the sweet, sweet flavour from the original Meller track, and you’ve got something close to a winner! Yeah – this remix compliments the original track nicely – and they are equally good!


#09: Phase Nacht (Etnoscope Remix) [140 BPM]

And who better to remix the stomp fest tune than Swedish tribal-trancers Etnoscope? Yeah, the drum-trio consisting of Martin Colin, Rasmus Alanne & Ludwig Engelbert has taken the most obvious rhythm section from the original track and added loads more percussion… This is totally funky and instantly dancefloor friendly… Ancient rituals carried out live in front of a dancing crowd! Another sweet, sweet remix to a sweet original…


#10: Aurora (Vibrasphere Remix) [132 BPM]

And to finish things off we’re treated to a remix by legendary Swedish producer duo Vibrasphere (Rickard Berglöf & Robert Elster)… They’ve taken the somewhat commercial original and fluffed it up even more… But! … They’ve done it with style I reckon, and I simply can’t stay grumpy when listening to this… The beats are a little less well-polished, and the groove-factor has been upped a great deal and I tend to wiggle my toes more to this remix than to the original… A great way to end this remarkable album!


Yes – remarkable is about the best damn label I can give this CD… I really, really like it. The original Meller tracks have some really cool vocal experiments going on… Usually I’d quickly grow tired of repeated samples, but for the most part they work really well in this context… The remix concept is pretty damn cool and for the most part, all tracks are good here… There are no bad tracks at all – and it’s not like the remixes outshine the originals… Not at all – they are equally good! I also like the subtle mix of styles here… This ranges from fluffy commercial beach-trance to banging, electro-ridden psytrance… With everything in between!


The woody artwork is neat, and again Tribal Vision Records treat us to a fat, informative booklet with info on all participating artist – and the usual handy, easy-rip DJ slip is still there… Quality all the way! I strongly recommend this album to fans of progressive trance with rich tribal-, full-on and groove-crossover potential! It’s pretty fucking solid! Enjoy!


Favourites: 2(!), 3(!), 4, 6, 7, 8(!), 9(!)



Posted Image


External links:

Meller: http://www.meller.de

Tribal Vision: http://www.tribalvisison.cz

Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/release/558206

Wirikuta: http://tinyurl.com/apfw7

Psyshop: http://tinyurl.com/at4b3

Chaos: http://tinyurl.com/dw8dn

Saiko: http://tinyurl.com/dhlw6

Juno: http://tinyurl.com/d32hm

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meller never attracted me... last album was really annoying imo..


if its too fast, and has guitars, im out hehe


(sorry for the non-constructive criticism)

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At first I wasn't sure about that CD. I got back to it today and realised I enjoy other tracks as well and not only few of the remixes.


Rockable is an intensive techno funky tune, good percussion and synths. Something I would like to groove to on the dancefloor. Fatboy, My Favourite Man and Phase Nacht are very original, analog alike, harsh and kinda funny. They sound not well produced and mediocre. Aurora is the more dreamy one, very nice atmosphere.


NASA Remix is very acidic and synthetic, a good mash up of psychedelic and the more progressive sound. I really love the Rinkadink Remix, this artist is one of the ones I love from the more psychedelic side. Energetic tune, with amazing vocal work as Rinkadink knows how to do. A highlight. Tegma Remix is something to be played on party as well, very massive and fat, cool flanged lead by the end. Etnoscope Remix is tribal like allways, something that carries you inside the forest nights. The last track is my favourite, the Vibrasphere Remix is very uplifting, something to enjoy in the early morning, great work.


Overall its a fresh idea, the remixes are something that most of the usual psychedelic progressive listeners can enjoy, while the originals are definitely matter of taste. The album cover is something I've really enjoyed.




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